Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Have Fun

Life is still busy but I am having fun, we all are having fun. Miranda's bottom is fairly well spanked regarding the amount of guests we have had and Felicia is happy and able to relax a little. Even the cat is well fed and happy.

Just wanted to post this to wish you a Happy New Year and let you know that I am still here, we are still here and we will still be blogging in the future. Have fun and be kind.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Xmas, War Is Over

Alright, I know I didn't come up with that but I have always wanted to say it. Things are a bit busy here so this blogpost will be a short one. I just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas. And so say Felicia and Bananas. Be kind to yourself and your friends and family and, if you are able, to others too.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


I so want it to be Summer again. I long for bare legs and skirts (I do wear skirts in the Winter too but no bare legs) and being outdoors. I tend to go on and on about that and our conversations tend to turn into talk about outdoors spankings.

I do fancy the idea and Felicia said she was more than happy to take me outdoors anytime and give me a good smacking. I told her I wasn't so keen in this weather. She pointed out that this time of year it is less likely to be people out on the walking path that is as close as we get to a secluded kind of wilderness around where we live.

I do have some experience of outdoor spankings. It is not much but not bad. It was this Summer and Felicia and I was walking on said path. She had found this switch she was swinging as we walked. This gave us both ideas.

Suddenly she stopped and told me to pull my knickers down. It came as some surprise, I can tell you, but I knew the reason for her saying this. I was about to say that anyone may come round the corner anytime when Felicia snapped: 'now!' She used that voice that means business.

Believe it or not, I took a firm grip on my knickers and pulled them down. I didn't let go, since I was terrified someone would come. Felicia took my skirt, lifted it and gave me three really hard lashes with the switch. It was over in two seconds or so. When I say hard I mean hard. I really had to bite my lip not to cry out.

She let go of my skirt and I pulled my knickers back up and everything was back to normal. At least on the surface. We did meet a couple walking towards us quite soon afterwards and I wonder what they were thinking. I don't think they heard anything, possible the sound of the switch. I didn't cry out or anything.

Felicia told me I was blushing and I was in shock for long time afterwards but in a way this was really, really exciting. I think, though, I would prefer to be sure no one will see me if I ever will get an outdoor spanking.

There is always a risk I will get one and sooner than I want. Felicia seems way too keen on taking me outdoors immediately.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Cure For Grumpiness?

Hello, this is Felicia writing, the mean redhead. Miranda has had the kindness to let me post something on her blog. She is very generous. Once she even thought it a good idea to have Bananas create a blogpost but her only contribution was to lie on the keyboard purring so it didn't really work out.

I know that Miranda talks about how mean I am to her, smacking her poor bottom and taking her clothes off and that sort of things. I don't mind that. It is nothing to how mean I feel when I do that.

Spanking Miranda is really a strange experience. It is lovely, no doubt about that. She has the sweetest and most delightful little bottom you could imagine and just looking at it makes me happy. Smacking it is such a privilege. I truly enjoy it.

But I know it hurts. I know it is painful, having me smack her. That is weird and it makes me feel mean. She trusts me with smacking her, giving her pain. That is something. That is such a precious gift. I can't really explain. It seems so terribly cruel to reward that trust with spanking her.

I know she likes it. We have been together long enough for me to know that. Still it is something bitter sweet, a combination of feeling mean and feeling happy. I am blessed with the privilege of smacking her sweet bottom and I never ever take that for granted.

Anyway, the other day she was grumpy or sad even. I think it is the winter, it gets to her. She is no longer her cheerful self and is generally quite miserable. Miranda is really the kindest and loveliest person anyone can imagine, silly, alright, and sloppy at times but you couldn't find a kinder and more affectionate person. I trust her with my life.

Generally, spanking is not a good idea when Miranda is in that mood. Really, you don't want to anger her. It doesn't happen very often but an irate Miranda is nothing you want to come across.

For some reason Miranda dared me to spank her. We had some tiny little argument about something. We weren't angry or anything, just discussing. For some reason I took her up on the challenge although I feared it was a bad idea.

I could sense how not in the mood she was for that but she complied and soon she was across my lap and I had the hairbrush in my hand. One thing followed another and I started to smack her. I have to admit I got a little carried away and soon she was squirming a little.

Then something happened. She cried out, almost in anger, and I stopped immediately. Then she sounded very angry when she told me to go on. I did and she endured her spanking.

I have to admit that I was a bit worried I had been too cruel to her and when she turned to me she was crying. We hugged and she cried on my shoulder. I know those tears. They are not angry tears, not even sad, they are the tears she cries when tensions go away, when she feels better.

Believe it or not, something happened that made her feel better. I don't think spanking is a remedy for winter blues but maybe she got something else to think about or something.

It was good to see her smile again, afterwards. And I did ask her permission to write about this. Winter gloom doesn't disappear with a spanking but it was something unusual that happened and I felt privileged to be in on it. Take care and be kind to each other!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Grumpy Miranda

It is one of those days. It must be the winter darkness that has descended upon me. Miranda is in a terrible mood. People annoy her and she feels like being unkind and unpleasant to everybody.

It is a good thing I don't have a lot of power when I am this grumpy. If I had I would have put all my colleagues (at the library) and most of our visitors in a row, have them drop their skirts and trousers and knickers and briefs and whatnot. And then I would run along that row equipped with some nasty thing, like a bath brush or an old fashioned whip and hit every buttock in sight.

Sorry for being so mean but this is how I feel today. Maybe it will be better when Felicia gets home and she can give me a big hug. Hugs are great against grumpiness.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


I feel that my friend, the lovely Felicia, my love and my life gets a bad press here. I tend to tell you only of when she smacks my bottom or thinks of something mean to do to me. I am sure you know that she is not a mean person, she is the best there is and not because she smacks my bottom and keeps me in line or some stupid thing like that. No, because she is my love and she loves me and she is my support and life.

Now that I have said that, I can tell you about how mean she was yesterday. Felicia doesn't punish me when I am bad or anything, most often she smacks me because she wants to and sometimes to get my attention. Lately, however, she has begun to smack my bottom because she is annoyed with something I have done. It is not as bad as it sounds. It is more like she comes home and finds that I have forgotten something and she says she has to spank me for it. To be honest, it is more like a game and for a bit of fun.

Yesterday she asked me if I had watered the plants which I hadn't...of course. She said that this, of course, called for a severe punishment. Try to imagine a sweet red haired woman trying to stay serious when she says this.

Anyway, I went along and begged forgiveness and all that. Mind you, we don't roleplay and stuff like that, no naughty schoolgirls in our household and that sort of thing. But this was almost like a roleplay.

Felicia was merciless and soon I had got the dreaded bath brush and was preparing to kneel on the chair to get my bottom smacked. You can imagine that there is a kind of excitement in Miranda at this point. It is kind of fun but the bath brush is really scary too, so there is this mix of feelings.

Then Felicia turns to me and says: 'Oh, I think I'll have you take all your clothes off.' Yes, she said that. I think she became some kind of very strict headmistress or something at that moment. I had to giggle but my clothes came off.

For some reason, a bath brush looks far more menacing when you stand there stark naked looking at it. This didn't stop Felicia and soon she had ordered me up on the chair.

Anyone who has been there knows that this is a very special moment, a moment of excitement and dread and anticipation and tension.

What does she do, you think? The mean woman takes the bath brush, holds it out, puts it on my bottom, taps it a few times, as if to take aim. Then she removes it and says: 'I think I will let you off this time.'

I just gasped and stared at her. There I was, naked, kneeling, waiting for a spanking and she just lets me off the hook.

Of course my bottom was grateful but I was really disappointed, or what to call it. I couldn't believe it. In a way, this was more humiliating than if she had smacked me. Can't really explain why it felt like that.

But I have to admire her ingenuity.

And to let you know, I got a bedtime smacking with the hairbrush later so all wasn't lost.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Polka Dot Knickers

In a way it is good when you partner still can surprise you. You think you know someone completely and then they suddenly say something that you had no idea about.

The other day Felicia told me that I had spankable knickers. Or rather she was more tempted to smack my bottom when I wore certain knickers. Especially a pair of polka dot ones.

I must admit that I stared at her. I asked her if she really fancied to spank me more when I was wearing my polka dit knickers than, say, my grey ones with bears. She told me that the bear ones were a bit too childish, and thus a little of a put off, and that the polka dot ones were her favourite.

They are very sweet, I have to admit that, they are red with white polka dots, part of a set but this girl don't often use the bra so it is more often the knickers alone.

Felicia told me that when I am wearing those her fingers itch with a desire to pull them down and smack my bottom. Not that I would object (too much, anyway) but it surprised me and fascinated me that she felt this way.

I had to ask her what made her feel that way and she couldn't explain. She said they looked so sweet and innocent that she just had to spank me. I do have some really girly, childish ones, with bears and that sort of thing but she said that those were not so inspiring. She actually preferred a pair of plain grey ones before the silly ones. But the polka dot ones were her favourites.

I have some nice black ones that are a bit silky. She likes them too but they make her want to take the riding crop to my bottom and have me take them down myself. They are stylish and makes her want to be a little cruel.

I do own a couple of string ones but I don't like them and Felicia only insists on me wearing them when she wants to make me feel a little exposed. Those make her want to smack my bottom, because she can see it, but since she enjoys the removing of knickers, the string ones are sadly unsatisfactory.

No, her favourites are the polka dot ones and she finds them 'sweet' and 'innocent' but not childish. She told me something I hadn't thought of and that was that whenever I wear them and is to be spanked, she always removes them herself.

In fact, her eyes were really sparkling when she described the pure joy of pulling those knickers down to reveal my 'tiny little spankable bottom.' Yes, she said that. It is nice to have a tiny little spankable bottom but it made me blush, for real.

I know she sometimes prefer to pull my knickers down herself and sometimes tells me to do it but I had no idea it was connected to the knickers I was wearing.

Now, the big question is, should I wear the polka dot ones more often or should I avoid them? Besides inspiring my red haired friends I like them and they make me happy.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Love Our Lurkers Day

Hello out there! I know you aren't that many but I know there are some lurkers out there. Why don't you come in and comment? You don't have to say anything special, just a simple hello will do.

But if you don't want to comment, I won't seek you out and spank you. Really spanking and blogging is fun so there is no pressure.

So, people out there, hello to you and a great big thank you for reading. It means a lot to me...and to Felicia and to Bananas. No, that last thing may have been wrong. Bananas, the cat, really cares only about food.

And don't forget to visit Bonnie, at My Bottom Smarts, after all she was the one who came up with this brilliant idea. Thank you Bonnie!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bonfire Night

Did you watch the Brasilian Grand Prix? I almost fell of my chair. It was almost too exciting. There were two things at stake, the race itself and the whole championship. And since both those things render the loser a spanking, one of us (Felicia and me) could face two spankings.

Lewis Hamilton needed to finish in p5 or better to wine regardless of what Felipe Massa did. The Brasilian was on his way to winning, putting pressure on the gorgeous Lewis Hamilton. Until the last few laps he managed to stay there (in fifth place) but was overtaken by the hotshot Vettel and thus on his way to losing the championship.

In that moment Felicia had a very mean smile on her face, enjoying the thought of giving her dear friend two spankings. But then, in the last corner, almost, Hamilton overtook Timo Glock and managed to snatch the fifth place in the last seconds of the race.

He didn't win the race which meant I was in for a spanking but he did win the whole championship meaning Felicia was in for a smacking. I insisted that the race spanking should go first.

Felicia agreed and soon after the race I was in her lap, knickers down receiving a good smacking with a hairbrush. It was really a very strange sensation. Felicia did her best to make me take notice but I was so chuffed that gorgeous Lewis Hamilton finally got his championship that I hardly felt the smacks.

Felicia is a very persistent woman and finally she got through to me and after a while I was squirming. She really made an effort and my bottom was really smarting when she was done. I kind of enjoyed the whole thing though, sharing the joy with my lovely red haired friend...chuckles.

The championship spanking had to wait till the next day. I really wanted to make something special of it. I had decided to use the hairbrush. Strange thing that it seemed even more menacing when I was holding it, planning to use it on Felicia's bottom than when she was brandishing it.

Miranda can be quite mean. Felicia knew she had to do as I pleased so I thought I should take the opportunity. I had planned it well. I sat down on the chair, the one she often use when smacking me and told her, not just to take down her knickers, but to strip off completely. She did raise her eyebrows but she complied.

When she was naked I told her to get the hairbrush. I was really doing it by the book. Not that I didn't enjoy the sight of her. She is really beautiful! And she knows how to move with dignity despite being stripped naked. I truly envy her. But it was a delightful sight watching her lovely body, all naked. Not that it is very unusual for me to see her naked but it was still very special seeing her move like that, being naked at my command.

She gave me the hairbrush and took her place in my lap. It was kind of weird to have her there, naked and all ready to be spanked. Anyway, I didn't let that stop me. I began smacking her.

She is a stubborn woman and she didn't say anything but I noticed a certain discomfort and after a while her very fair skin was turning pink. I felt a little awkward first but I smacked along and soon I started to enjoy it.

Felicia endured, even the final hail of harder smacks. She is stubborn and very brave, I have to say.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

500 Seconds

This is really, really silly. I know that. My blog had 50,000 hits the other day. I know it isn't much. Some pass that before lunch is being taken (spot the sporting reference here, if you can...chuckles). But for me it is a milestone.

Felicia thought it was a milestone too and a cause for celebration. Bananas just wanted food but she is like that. And celebration for Felicia often means a very special kind of celebration. Yes, you've guessed it: a spanking.

So, she came up with the brilliant idea of transforming the 50,000 hits to another kind of hits. A spank for each hit would be very much too much so she toyed with the idea of giving me one smack for every 100 hits. That is 500. That is really a lot.

I wasn't too keen so she thought about it and decided that each set of 100 hits should be transformed to one second of spanking Miranda. 500 seconds equals 8 minutes and 20 seconds.

To make it more memorable she took the hairbrush. So Miranda had to take her skirt off and pull down her knickers and position herself in the lap of her friend. The timer was set and smacking began.

8 minutes and 20 seconds can be a very long time when a determined woman smacks your bottom with a very hard hairbrush. It never ended and my bottom started to burn. Miranda was squealing and squirming but do you think that stopped Felicia? No, it certainly didn't.

At last, after an eternity the timer signalled the end to my ordeal and a very sore Miranda could pull up her knickers.

It all ended well. Felicia had bought me a very nice chocolate cake from the French Boulangerie. It was very nice and we had a slice each with tea. Actually, I had two slices. I was allowed. It is after all my blog and my bottom that was smacked.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Red Haired Gets Her Bottom Smacked

Did you watch the Chinese Grand Prix on telly? I did and Felicia did, even Bananas did. And you know what? Sweet Lewis Hamilton won. So red haired girlfriend had no other option than to offer her sweet bottom for a spanking. Six of the best is not much of a spanking but I tried to make the best of the situation.

Felicia had to take down her trousers and her knickers to receive her spanking and I had equipped myself with a hairbrush. She draped herself across my lap and it was time for smacking.

She has a very nice bottom. Girl's bottoms are really nice. When I sat there staring at this little wonder, I thought that those girls who prefer men lose out on this.

Felicia's bottom is very round quite fair and really soft without being too wobbly. It is a bottom made for spanking.

I proceeded with my task and smacked her. Since I could only give her six I thought that I should really put my heart into the ones I had.

I think Felicia thought I managed. She squirmed and jumped as I smacked her sweet bottom. I am generally a very kind person and don't really want to hurt her but this time I felt that I shouldn't hold back. I didn't.

It was fun. Felicia is of another opinion but a bet is a bet and she lost. Anyway, she took it well and didn't complain. She told me however that Hamilton will lose the next and last race of the season and then it will be her turn again.

I know he will win and I know he will win the whole championship and the bet says that if he does I get one occasion to spank her as much as I want. There is, of course, the slight risk that he will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, like last year and then it will be Miranda's bottom that will be very sore.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Japanese Sharking

You know what it is? It is a Japanese pastime that means you sneak up on some unsuspecting girl and pull down her knickers. Now you can film this and post the film on the Web. As many other Japanese peculiarities, like Teriyaki, Seppuko and Buto, this has, of course spread to other parts of the world.

Some think this is fun but others are not so happy about it, especially those being sharked. I for one wouldn't be very happy having my bottom bared in public, filmed and then out on the Web. This is really quite abusive and I do hope that those films are staged.

Although Felicia and I share our objections to the sharking of innocent victims she is quite happy to do that to me. It happens, from time to time, that when I am busy with something, like putting something on the top shelf of a cupboard or something, she sneaks up from behind and pulls down my knickers. There is always the risk that I will drop that priceless crystal bowl I was putting away but most often I keep my cool.

I am an easy target since I am most often dressed in skirts. Jeans are not good for sharking, I can tell you.

Anyway, the other day, I was busy standing outside our flat unlocking the door when Felicia decided that this was a good moment for some sharking. I can tell you that it is not easy to protect yourself when you are holding a key that is in a lock and at the same time are balancing a bag or two.

Felicia thought it was hilarious and I really had a go at her, because she did it outside out door and what had happened had some of out neighbours watched? She told me that the thought had been on her mind and that she thought it would cheer up most of our neighbours to be allowed a glimpse of my bottom.

I was not quite happy with her view so I decided to take revenge. For this purpose the dreaded fish slice came in handy. She wasn't so keen so I had to chase her through the flat and I didn't catch up with her until we came to the bedroom.

Jeans are not good for sharking and neither when preparing a objecting victim for her well deserved spanking. So I had to settle for some good smacks on her clad bottom. I am quite sure I got her attention.

The downside with living with Felicia is that she is stronger than me. I am not called Tiny for nothing. She wasn't at all happy with her punishment. Instead she decided to deprive me of the fish slice and use it on me.

I objected, I can assure you I did. But soon I was held fast by Felicia and positioned in such a way that she could use the instrument on my poor bottom.

Skirts are better for sharking and far easier when preparing victims for smackings. It didn't take her long to get my knickers down so she could assault my very naked and exposed bottom.

The fish slice is mean. Felicia is very determined. This combination and the lack of knickers makes for a very painful combination.

But afterwards she applied some lotion to my smarting bottom and I found that, after all, it was worth it.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Testing, Testing

I am really, really depraved. I think I am. Something happened yesterday and it made me think.

You may have noticed the I am something of a submissive kind of girl. I can't explain it but there is a kind of cosiness in having my Felicia run the show. In the beginning it was the spankings, that was really everything to it. It was a bit of fun. But more and more, through the years I have come to enjoy the surrendering to the spankings.

In fact, I am so thrilled by it so I like Felicia to do things to me that I don't enjoy. In a way it has always been like that with spankings, both horrible and good, but sometimes I do long for being a little provoked so I have to struggle with the surrender bit.

I will tell you what happened. Felicia sometimes does things to me that are plain mean. I know she wants to provoke a reaction, take away some of my meekness and test where the limits are.

I do get terrible angry at times and Felicia has told me that this makes her proud of me. She is a strange creature, indeed. But sometimes the reaction is different.

I was standing in the kitchen washing dishes when she came in. I didn't look at her. Instead I continued with what I was doing. I sensed her coming up to me and I wasn't sure if she was to hug me or tickle me or something. That is as much thrill I can cope with.

I was a little surprised when she lifted my skirt. For a second I got this idea of her touching me in some naughty way. I had just started to blush when I realised what she was doing.

She gave me a really hard smack with the dreaded fish slice on my thigh. She managed to hit me on the inside, a good hit, some may say. It really, really hurt. I jumped. I even dropped the plate I was holding.

When I looked at Felicia she had that expression of curiosity and worry. She has that when she isn't sure about my reaction, I think.

Everything in my mind told me I should be angry. I should really have a go at her for being so mean to me. I should really let her have it, all my anger and irritation.

What happens? I stare at her. And then I feel proud. Can you believe it? I feel proud of her. She dared something mean to make me react and I was proud of her for it. And I felt how much I loved her for it.

I really love my wicked, evil and mean and wonderful red haired friend. That is how depraved I am. I love her for being mean to me.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Blogging Fatigue

Hello there! Blogging doesn't come easy these days. I seem to be busy with other stuff all the time and can't think of what to put here. I have loved blogging but now it seems slow. Maybe I should be honest enough and say that I will not be able to blog as frequently as I have done. I will try to do it, on a regular basis but with longer time in between. I am sorry for this but that seems to be the only way.

So, what is there to report. Felicia is ok, Bananas is ok, she is well fed. I am ok. I had my bottom smacked for Italian Grand Prix and yesterday for the Hungarian one (Hamilton's appeal was denied). But who could live on racing spankings alone? Not Miranda, anyway.

Saturday was quite intense when it comes to smacking. Felicia told me she wanted to have fun with the fish slice. 'Fun?' I said. 'Fun!' she said. And so it was. Miranda found herself, knickers down, over the armrest of the armchair getting her bottom smacked. The fish slice really stings. And in the hands of an expert...ouch!

But then the strange thing happens. Miranda is happy. It stings and it hurts and her bottom is on fire but then, afterwards, she is kind of happy. That sense in her bottom, of heat and soreness, is really like a nice touch and she feels really happy being with a girl who knows how to handle a fish slice...and a girl like Miranda.

Take care, readers! I am sorry for being so slow.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Racing Results

As you know, things has been a little upside down lately so there has been no racing spankings for a long time. As you may remember, Felicia and I have a bet, if Lewis Hamilton wins a F1 race I get to smack Felicia's bottom otherwise it is my bottom that gets smacked.

Anyway, since Silverstone there has been one Hamilton win and two losses and one undecided. Friday we negotiated what to do. Felicia insisted that I should spank her first so she had hers left.

You can't argue with that woman so she got her six of the best on Friday night. Although I knew I had mine left I did my best and it was quite fun. She squirmed. This means I least a little.

Mine were left until Saturday. Our bet is a little uneven. She is not restricted to six of the best so she could have me over her knee as long as she wanted. This means two rather long ones during Saturday.

She is quite good at doing that. Long spankings, keeping me just where I can endure it but still scared it will be too much.

If you have got a good one in the morning, the second one is quite special. A certain bottom was already quite sore.

So Saturday was an ordeal but at the same time it made me feel good. Like we were back on track and things were stable and good again.

I am still hoping for the stewards to hand the victory back to Lewis Hamilton in the Hungarian Grand Prix...sigh.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Resmacked Bottom

Hello! You write such nice things to me. I get tears in my eyes and all that. I have to tell you that I am ok. I am fine and Felicia and me are fine. It was just that for a while everything seemed so gloomy around me. A couple of friends are breaking up from long time relationships and we had to be there for them and that made me think. It scared me that this happened. I know, it is not rational. It happens all the time and we can't be sure of anything but it was still, kind of, upsetting.

It may seem like a silly thing to allow to get to you but I have been frustrated workwise too and Felicia is on about me getting a new job or studying instead.

And spanking has been no fun. It didn't work, was no fun and no excitment.

Things are changing. I am feeling better now. In fact, Felicia smacked my bottom yesterday and it was good. It was bad, of course, but it was good. You know what I mean.

She suddenly recalled that I am not allowed to cross my legs. We had both forgotten about this rule or task. But now she recalled it and caught me out with my feet crossed.

I know she just did it to cheer me up but there was no negotiating allowed so Miranda had to go over girlfriend's knee and get her bottom smacked.

And it was good. I liked it. I am improving.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Hello, readers. I am really sorry that I haven't had time to blog. I understand if you begin to lose interest. It is understandable, nothing new to read for a long time.

Things have been bad. And it has taken a lot of time and effort so there has been very little for me to write about. Felicia and I are fine. Actually, I really get to know how important it is to have someone like Felicia to support you when other things are bad.

We have had very little heart for smacking of bottoms or other such things. In fact, when we try it really doesn't work. It is supposed to be fun. I know some manage to use it as stress relief but that is, obviously, not for me.

The bad thing is that I am not sure when I will be blogging again. I hope I will be back to normal soon. I am sorry for letting you down.

For those who want to know. Bananas is in good form. She is fed properly and doesn't really care about human troubles.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Home Again

Hi, I am back, we are back. Holidays are good but sometimes they are very exhausting. We have visited millions of relatives and that is not always easy.

We spent some time with my parents. They are very old fashioned but they are completely cool about me living with Felicia. I was really scared to tell them (that was a long time ago) but they knew Felicia as my friend before they got to know she was my girlfriend and they just said it was good I was with someone nice like her. There I had been worrying about my parents taking it hard that their daughter was a lesbian.

We spent some time with Felicia's mother. Her father passed away many years ago (Felicia's father, that is). She (the mother) never says a negative word about her only daughter, her only child being with another girl. Still I know she is disappointed and not happy about it. I feel awkward being there but I can't really be angry with her. She is doing her best.

During all this time Felicia and I hardly had a minute to ourselves. We spent two days in a B&B. It was very expensive and I would have stayed longer if we could afford it. There was a neat little beach there but no weather for swimming.

The bottom line (no pun intended) is that there was no time for holiday spankings...sigh. I am glad we are back. In fact, both Felicia and I have a spanking waiting, for Lewis Hamilton's win in Germany and loss in Hungary. Life can be hard sometime.

Anyway, today it is 63 years since the Merican's dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima. There you can talk about WMD. I am not going to turn political but it sometimes scares me how stupid and evil mankind can be.

Sorry for being so gloomy. Maybe I will be more cheerful tomorrow.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Go Lewis, Go!

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the rain is pouring down. What more could you ask for? Of course that the gorgeous Lewis Hamilton would win the race. And guess what! He did!

Not only does this make Miranda unusually cheerful, in addition, she gets to whack her red hair stunner girlfriend's bottom with six of the best with the bath brush. Alright, Miranda is usually the spankee and will remain to be that but on occasion she enjoys wielding the thingy.

There wasn't much to say for Felicia. She had to take it. And I was a little cruel and let her wait an hour for it. I am not sure she suffered more than I did because I was itching to get on with it.

Anyway, girlfriend had to kneel on the chair with trousers round her ankles and more importantly knickers some distance away from a very lovely, round and fair bottom. I wouldn't dream of letting anything get in between my sturdy bath brush and that bottom.

If you are not that used to smacking bottoms there is a certain hesitation in doing that so the first smack was a bit weak. I have to admit that but the next was a good one. I could tell. Imagine, now, an evil grin on Miranda's face!

I soon got into it and smacked on. Fair bottom turned pink even if it was only six of the best. Well, actually one rather meek one and five much better. I could tell that I wasn't that bad at it, though.

When the sixth was done I got it in my head that since Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix in such a style I should really give her one more. Which I did. You can imagine red haired girlfriend's reaction.

But then something happened. I looked sternly at her and told her that since it was such a great race she would get three more, to a total of ten. And then something really odd happened. She nodded. Imagine that! She nodded.

I was trembling as I got on with it and delivered three more good ones, the last two really good ones. Pink was almost red and it looked very intriguing on a very fair stunner like her.

You could imagine that Felicia would explain to me the importance of keeping to an agreement and that I had broken it and that this, really called for some serious bottom warming. No, she would never do that but she could have been upset or angry with me. I sort of counted on that. Instead she looked at me when she arranged her clothes and hid that lovely bottom of hers. And what I saw in her eyes was pride. She was proud of me. She thinks I am a little too meek in life and urges me on to assert myself more. I think she thought I had learned the lesson, just a tad and she was proud.

I will not tell you what happened next. Anyway. I am sad to tell you that we will both be away for some time so there will be very little or no blogging for some weeks now. I will be back in August and will write some more. Hopefully there will be some holiday smackings to report.

Have fun!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Remote Control Girlfriend

Yesterday, at home after work, I got a text message from Felicia. It said: 'Coming home – naked!' I had to admit that my heart started to beat harder. The message did not mean, as you may think, that Felicia was coming home naked. No, it meant that she was coming home and she expected me to be naked when she did.

This is her new idea of fun. And perhaps a way of making this commitment a bit more intense. It started this Saturday but the only reason I got her meaning was that we had toyed with the idea before. She sent me a text when I was at home and she was at her department. It said one thing and that was 'spanking.'

I sort of got it anyway and it got my pulse up. It meant simply that I was going to get a spanking when she got home. It came like a surprise while I was just being there, sitting in the armchair, reading a book with bananas on my lap. Suddenly I knew I was going to be spanked and it changed things.

Felicia confirmed my interpretation when she got home and Miranda's bottom was smarting when she was done. I liked it and I don't know if the anticipation made it a little should I put it, exciting, but I didn't make her dinner because I was busy in our bedroom, if you know what I mean. She was as busy as I was, in the same place so she couldn't cook either...chuckles.

Anyway, yesterday my heart started beating as I understood what she meant. I felt, kind of humiliated by this short statement, which wasn't even a statement, just a word – naked.

Anyway, Miranda was naked when Felicia got home and she got a great big hug in the hallway. There is something immensely exciting being naked and hugging a red haired stunner who is very much still clothed. Makes you feel a little vulnerable and...well, naked.

Enough of that now. Yesterday became a tad busy too, I can tell you. And Miranda has a smile on her face while writing this.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Monday Spanking

Miranda was in for a spanking again. Lewis Hamilton had finished in tenth position...sigh. And you can bet that Felicia would make the most of that. There were really no extenuating circumstances, he had brought it on all by himself.

Thing is, Felicia was away until late Sunday evening so she postponed my spanking to Monday. How I have having to wait for a spanking! I should be used to this now but all Monday was kind of strange, me thinking of little else than my upcoming bottom warming.

To add to it all, Felicia was late home Monday evening so I had to spend some hours at home waiting. I don't know why I was so affected this time, but I was. I was even a little grumpy when she finally got home.

Anyway, we had dinner and then it was time. I had almost lost all desire for a spanking when it was time so this time it was almost for real. I was quite jittery as I took my place in her lap. In our house there is no smacking of clad bottoms so my knickers were already gone when she flipped up my skirt.

I have to give it to her that she was quite gentle in the beginning, sort of warming me up. But she used the hairbrush from the very beginning and that can sting. And you can both be kind and cruel with it and as time went by she geared towards being mean to me. After a while she was smacking away in earnest and Miranda's bottom was quite warm.

Miranda never pleads. She squeals and pants and growls and squeaks, but she never pleads or protests. So there I was, letting out tiny sounds of distress as Felicia smacked away at my bottom.

After an eternity when she thought that my bottom had the right shade of pink she stopped. I knew it was more red than pink because it was really smarting. Felicia was not done, however. She pointed out that Hamilton didn't even get a point and this called for some harder measures.

So Miranda had to strip off her clothes and kneel on the chair for some treatment with the bath brush. Ah, the dreaded bath brush! It really hurts. It took some determination for me to stay in place but after a while it was done and a very trembling Miranda had been smacked.

Felicia gave Miranda a very long and very good hug and Miranda felt again that she couldn't really be angry with her friend for smacking her bottom. It was rather something she liked.

I had to stay naked for the rest of the evening, though. It is something very annoying with red haired women leaning back in comfy armchairs staring at your very unclad body as you go by and smiling as if this is really the best entertainment possible.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Nothing Much

What are you supposed to write in your blog when nothing interesting had happened. My life is really boring at the moment. I wake up, go to work, work at the library, go home, cook for Felicia, give the cat her food and then watch some tv and then go to bed.

The best thing is that it is summer, and that it is not raining. Summer is good. In England this means that there is not cold rain and really horrible weather and on a good day you can go out in skirt with no tights. I know what you are thinking. But no, I usually keep my knickers on.

What do you do to spice up your life when spanking are few and far between? I trawl the Web. That can be both boring and quite amusing. The other day I found this clip of a very cute French singer. You may have noticed I added a link to YouTube there so off you go and watch! She is called Alizée and is very cute, has a good voice and is a good dancer.

I know some of you may find this clip a little silly but that is only to be expected of me. I think it is nice to see a singer on stage that doesn't just try to look immensely cool and seem to be telling you to bugger off unless you want to be killed. No, I think she looks very sweet indeed.

People who are working on their PhDs, do they ever take a break? I know my stunner, Felicia, is a very clever girl and she will be a fine Doctor when it is time but right now I think she should have more time for her girlfriend and girlfriend's bottom.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Sad Day for McLaren

...and for Miranda. As you may know, the Canadian Grand Prix was held yesterday. Miranda had high hopes, since her hero, Lewis Hamilton was on pole. The start went well and everything looked fine for another win and another smacking of girlfriend's bottom. Then some incompetent driver parked his car in a very bad position and safety car was deployed. This is a sad story but Hamilton ended up in the back (his car, of course) of Räikkönen's and both driver had to retire.

You know what this means! No win for Hamilton means smacking of Miranda's bottom. Red haired girlfriend was eager to point out that Hamilton did not just not win but he caused himself not to win by his own mistake and at the same time ruining the chances of his main opponent.

Felicia thought that this called for an extra harsh smacking of Miranda's bottom. So, soon, I found myself in her lap, skirt up and knickers down and with her smacking away on my bottom equipped with the evil hairbrush.

She was kind enough to take it a little easy at first. It was not so bad in the beginning but then she started in earnest and she is very good at this, keeping me on the brink of feeling that I can't cope. That is a strange sensation because she keeps me there, sort of balancing and when I start to feel a little sure that I am able to cope she is there with some hard smacks.

Anyway, it was not done with that. She changed to the dreaded fish slice and she explained that this was for Hamilton causing all the mayhem. It was dreadful. The fish slice really packs a punch and I didn't cope, or perhaps I should say, I was overwhelmed. Felt a little heroic though for taking it for my hero...sigh.

Felicia was done after a while and said that she had been lenient (evil woman). She said that next time Hamilton acts this recklessly she will add the riding crop to the selection of tools.

Anyway, my poor bottom was rather hot and red when this was done so red haired girlfriend had to apply some soothing lotion. So, the evening wasn't that bad, after all.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Smacking of Bottom

Well done, Lewis Hamilton! The Sunday before the last, he won the Monaco Grand Prix. And you know what that means! Yes, you are right, Mirandas gets to spank Felicia's bottom. Oh, glorious spanking. I truly enjoyed it. At least up to a point.

You know how I get spanked, skirt up (if not down and off) and knickers down and then smack, smack. So there was no escaping a bare bottom for Felicia. Six of the best it was and evil Miranda chose the fish slice.

So there she was, my lovely stunner, in my lap and with knickers down. She has a gorgeous bottom and I sat for a while staring at it. But then I thought it was time to get down to business. If you are free to smack for a some time you can start easily and then increase the strength but when you have only six of the best you have to make the most of them.

Thing is that Felicia finds it extremely embarrassing lying in my lap with knickers down. I have to say that that is only appropriate, it is supposed to be bad, isn't it? I am embarrassed too when I am in that situation but she has less experience of it. Anyway, I didn't let that stop me.

I will never be a really good spanker. When I gave her the first smack I almost jumped. It is, kind of, scary to smack someone and realise that it hurts. By the second I got over the worst and found that she could take it...*smiles wickedly.

I truly enjoyed three and four but then I started to feel sorry for her and sort of, almost regretted number five. I had to brace myself for the last one but it had to be a good one.

I have to say that she took it with grace. No complaining and no threatening to send Miranda shopping without knickers or waving of evil spanking implements in front of her eyes. No, Felicia smiled as I was done and admitted that it was only fair. She was sure she had the better deal anyway, since she was convinced that Hamilton will not win the majority of the races to come. I am afraid she is right.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Good Morning

I hope red haired stunner will not make this a habit. Miranda is not too keen on that. But it was, still, kind of nice. What am I talking about? The Good Morning Spanking I received this morning, of course. You don't know what a Good Morning Spanking is? It should be self evident. It is a spanking you get from someone who says good morning to you.

That is exactly what happened. Felicia was on her way to work and I could stay in bed a little longer. What's wrong with that? Anyway, I fell asleep again while she was rummaging through our flat. So when she came in to say bye she found her very own Miranda snoring away. I don't snore but it sounds nice to put it like that.

What does she do then? Do you think she felt compassion and tip toed out from the bedroom? No, you think wrong. She pulled down the sheet from her poor sleeping girlfriend who didn't realise what was happening. And who didn't really get it even when she was pulling down her pyjama bottoms. I don't usually sleep in pyjamas but I have done that of lately, for some odd reason.

I can tell you that Miranda woke up, startled as red haired girlfriend planted a smack on her bottom. No on can say that Miranda took it with grace. She was soon squealing and trying to wriggle away from the relentless smacking of her bottom that was going on. She wasn't exactly amused when she heard the evil laughter of said red haired girlfriend.

She was a little puzzled when she heard Felicia say something like, 'this will not do.' She put two and two together and realised that a hand was not enough, when the dreaded hairbrush began to fall on her pathetically exposed behind.

Anyway, I got a good spanking and was wide awake as Felicia said goodbye and left. She was chuckling as she left. She thought this a very funny idea. I was less impressed but I have to admit that it was a kind of nice warmth spreading across my bottom. Pink, rather than red, I could see when inspecting it in the mirror.

And it is not such a bed feeling, cycling to work on a newly spanked bottom. Maybe Good Morning Spankings are not such a bad idea, after all.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Why Do I Like It?

That is a really a good question and I am not sure I can answer it, not in one blogpost, like this. I will try to say something about it though.

Where to start? I do like to be spanked. This is not easy to admit, really. It hurts and it is not always nice. Some smacking can be quite nice, that is true and sort of makes you warm rather than anything else. Thing is that I like other kinds too, when it hurts and when it is bad.

How can I like being smacked when it really hurts? Yes, I get excited but that is not all. It is not something I endure in order to be aroused. There is this other kind of thrill, that is so hard to express, the one that you sense when your stunner tells you are going to be spanked. You know, deep down, that you allow it yourself, but in that moment she is in charge, she decides it and you have to accept it. There is something fascinating and exciting in bowing to that power, to accept it, and to know that she decides, not you.

Alright, I have to return to being excited. Yes, it is exciting to be told I am going to be spanked. I am a little scared of the pain, that is true but there is something exciting about it all. I have to admit that it is, kind of, arousing to have your own stunner watching you when you prepare and when I say that I mean take down your knickers or take off your clothes and that sort of things. I suppose there is an exhibitionist in me and I like to show off but that can't be the whole truth.

But it can't always be special and sensational. There are a lot of spankings that are quite ordinary. I mean, me in Felicia's lap, skirt up and knickers down and some smack, smack, smack. I like them too and that is not easy to explain. I don't know if they have become part of our life and tell me that she is there with me and for me. That we do this together. That is reassuring. That is a little odd, isn't it?

Now I have to stop and continue thinking about the question, why do I like it?

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Losing Again

No win for Hamilton in the race but a good second. This didn't get me off th hook, though. I had to get spanking for losing the bet. Thing is that Felicia thought that Hamilton really did a brilliant job of it and should have deserved to win. She didn't follow this reasoning to the point that she should be smacked by me but she gave me just a few, very light swats.

Miranda was lucky this time. It was a good race, after all. This will not mean that she will be lenient, next time, when Hamilton wins.

Someone coined the expression 'greedy bottom.' And as I understood it, it means you bottom wants to be smacked. I can tell you that Miranda has a greedy bottom. She realised this after the race, Sunday evening. She felt quite disappointed really for not being smacked properly. Life can be hard sometimes.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Smacked Bottom

There should be some kind of rule against red haired girlfriends' reading your blogs, especially if those girlfriends have the right to smack your bottom. I said something, in my last blog post, about keeping my knickers on unless forced to. I can't really say I had to go out without knickers but a certain red haired girlfriend kept Miranda without her knickers for a long time yesterday.

Anyway, it was time for me to get my F1 spanking, so when Felicia got home in the evening she immediately got my hairbrush and ordered me to get over her knee. I had some mixed feelings about that but I knew I had it coming so I wasn't, really, surprised. Anyway, skirt came off and knickers came off. She wanted it that way and Miranda is not disobedient.

Anyone who knows this kind of thing knows that there is a very special thrill you get when you place yourself in the lap of someone you love, who is equipped with a hairbrush. And especially if you aren't wearing that much clothes. You know what is coming and you are scared but also excited. That kind of sensation is very special. And I can't really describe how it feels when that sense of anticipation turns into realisation, or what to call it. That is, when hairbrush starts to smack your bottom.

She kept on for a while but Miranda was in such a state that she rather enjoyed it. That is to simplify things but it was kind of good to be smacked like that.

My bottom was a pretty pink as I got up and went out into the kitchen to cook for us. Naughty girlfriend didn't allow Miranda to put on knickers or skirt. She said she wanted to enjoy the sight of my pink bottom while cooking. She does that only to embarrass me and it works.

Not even when it was time to eat was I allowed to dress. Instead she gave me some more smacks on my already smarting bottom. So there was Miranda eating her dinner on a very bare and very pink bottom.

But she wasn't done with that. No, after dinner we went out into the living room and another trip over the knee. This time it was more unpleasant since my bottom was already a little tender. But Miranda can be resilient and she endured. Can't really explain the sense of pride that goes with enduring something like that.

No skirt or knickers after that either and now Miranda's bottom had started to turn red. Felicia looked at me and smiled her most wicked smile. She really enjoyed this and she looked at my bottom and said it had a nice colour.

Not that Miranda dislike this kind of attention but it was a little cruel. Although I have to admit that it was, rather, nice to have her look at me like that.

I wasn't really prepared to the goodnight spanking that was to follow. Before we went to bed I was taken on another trip across her lap and another go with the brush. Miranda was rather unkeen on this and there were tears. It is, kind of, nice to start crying when it hurts like that.

Don't get me wrong! Don't think Felicia is cruel and brutal with me! I do, really, really, enjoy letting her have her way with me. I want her to do this, making me cry and making me surrender to her. We are just ordinary people, not like I am her slave or anything but it is good to be hers like that, have her smack my bottom till I cry, let her be the boss, completely. That is what I want.

Miranda's bottom was bright red when she went to bed. I am not used to that. I very seldom get bruises and most often my bottom is, well, just pink. But now it was red.

There is a new race on Sunday. Please, please, let Hamilton win it!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Still Waiting

Yes, Miranda is in for a spanking for having her racing hero not winning the last F1 race...sigh. Being away and being busy is bad since Miranda has to wait. She doesn't at all like having to wait for a spanking. It is very...not nice. She gets a little worried when she thinks about it.

Good thing, though, is that red haired spanker promised it would be before next race, which will be on Saturday. Bad thing is that she said it would be something special. Something special usually means a very long spanking or a spanking with some special equipment.

However much I long for some bottom attention right now this talk about 'something special' makes me a little worried.

Anyway, weather is shaping up here in the United Kingdom (at least the part where I am) so today Miranda was tempted to go outside without tights. Oh, scary!! Actually, it was really weather for that sort of frivolities. Miranda will, however, keep her knickers on – unless ordered to go without them.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Being Busy

So, Miranda will be busy next week, visiting friends and family and that sort of thing. She will not blog as much as usual so you have to wait for a while. But she will be back.

Anyway, while you think about that I can tell you that friend Fiona, really, did visit us. She arrived on Tuesday and stayed the night and we had a great time. We went to the pub, had a pint or two and then home. I had hopes that red haired girlfriend would treat us both but as it turned out it was Tiny Miranda who treated Fiona.

Anyway, Fiona is a red head, like my own stunner so you would have expected her to be leaning more towards dishing out the spankings rather than receiving them. How silly is it to say something like that? As if the colour of your hair makes any difference? Miranda is silly and someone should really spank her for being prejudiced like that!

Anyway, I spanked Fiona. She is very sweet and very beautiful and very red haired and sexy. Giggles, it was a pleasure smacking her bottom. She has a nice round and firm bottom. It seems to be made for smacking. I used the hairbrush and my hand on her.

I think I can become a spanker. I am beginning to realise the pleasure of smacking a bottom like that. Fiona was quite happy being smacked as well, although she made quite a fuss of it at first, but that was part of the game. And it had nothing to do with those pints we had, no, not at all...smiles.

Anyway, a very unspanked Miranda went to bed on Tuesday night but she was quite happy anyway. Fiona is such a great friend and I really wish she could visit more often...sigh.

I am off to bed now and tomorrow I am off to see my parents. Have fun and be kind to each other and spank only those who want to be spanked! While I am away you can enjoy yourself by looking at the picture above of two very Naked Lesbians...chuckles.

Monday, 21 April 2008


I am sorry that it took me so long to get back to our blog. Time flies and I have been busy, nothing fun but still busy. And you should blame Felicia for this too. She has not been good at keeping me in line lately. She should really use my hairbrush to make me realise how sloppy I am...sigh.

I know we don't really do this discipline and punishment thing, even if I have one rule now, and that is not to speak badly about myself. I said I was sloppy, I wonder if that counts. No, spanking in our household is mostly for fun and now I miss having fun. Friend Fiona is coming to visit tomorrow and perhaps Felicia will stay home then and take care of us...smiles.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that this ropes business, I wrote about in my last blog post, is also about having fun. I am, on the whole, a very nice and obedient girl but I am only obedient to my Felicia and I don't need to be tied down to be obedient. No binding me is just for fun and for me to feel a little helpless...smiles.

I am silly, I write about being obedient. I am not, really. Felicia is not my mistress or anything of the kind. She is the one who decides things around here but that is just because I let her. And she is the one who does the spankings and that is also because I let her. And it is because I trust her with my life I let her rule and spank and do all sorts of things to me. It is all about trust...and love.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


So, there is not much action going on at home for the moment, so Miranda has time to think about naughty things. One thing she has been thinking of lately is ropes. So, we are more into spanking, right, but that doesn't exclude ropes. I do have a lot of fantasies regarding ropes and things of that kind.

And it is not unheard of that my friend has tied me with ropes. It is a very strange experience, I can tell you. First you start thinking about the fact that your nose is itching and you can't do anything about it (provided you have, for example, your hands tied behind your back). I, at least, become very frustrated by that. You start to fight the bonds and your frustration grows as your pathetic struggle is met with evil laughter. But you know this is part of the game.

Then there comes a point where I give up. If I can't reach my nose I can't do anything about it. So, there I am, bound. Something odd happens with you then. At least I become very aware of the fact that I am no longer in control. I accept being bound and relax, knowing that I will have to wait.

I start to feel safe. This is an interesting point in the whole being tied up thing. Because part of the game is that my dear friend, who is the one who put the ropes on me, will do things to me that makes me regret handing over the control. It shouldn't be too much, I can't handle completely losing control but the odd tickling and the disrespectful squeezing of bosom and even the odd pinching the nipples actually works in favour of some sort of sense of having lost control. And believe me, if you are as depraved as I am, then you enjoy that.

This takes me to the issue of clothing. Ropes more than spanking for me is play time and this would suggest that some of your, or rather my, clothes will disappear. A clever binder (is that a word?) will have thought about this before getting down to tying up a friend. There is nothing that contributes to that delicious sense of helplessness than being undressed while bound.

This rules out shirts and t-shirts and that sort of things. You can't get them off your body without untying hands. Bad idea! If I hadn't hated tube tops as much as I do, that would have been an option. Bikini tops are good, if they are of the kind with ties. Halter neck tops can be removed easily.

It is a little easier with trousers and knickers in the sense that you are still quite unable to defend yourself with hands bound although your feet are still free. Skirts are no problem at all. If you want to tie the feet first then trousers are out and ordinary knickers too. One thing that can be good is tie side bikini bottoms. No problem there.

Alright, this is boring but I couldn't miss an opportunity to write about knickers.

So, naughty Miranda is now thinking about being properly dressed and then tied up by her red haired friend and then teased a little and that sort of thing and then being cruelly stripped leaving her poor body open for all sorts of abuse (or should I say use?).

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Sore Bottom

Yeah, right! So, Lewis Hamilton didn't win, he didn't even score a point. And my bottom was shaping up just fine.

Well, so there was some spanking, Sunday afternoon. Not too bad, a little, smack, smack with the hairbrush and that was all. Felicia can be very kind.

Now, when I sit here on my own, red haired stunner busy with work, work work, then I almost miss the attention my bottom got on Sunday.

I have to go now, Bananas wants food. And she is too small to spank me...sigh.

Thursday, 3 April 2008


Felicia has her own ideas about what is fun. Yesterday was one of those days when we met up after work and went for some shopping. You know how I hate shopping but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do...or whatever. I found this lovely striped top in a shop with lots of people in it. The top turned out to cling a little too tightly in my opinion but Felicia liked it – on me.

Never mind, we were standing in queue for that top and just when it was my turn Felicia whispered in my ear. She said something like:

'Let's go home, I am going to spank you so you can't sit down for a week.'

Then she giggled.

A girl may be forgiven for losing her focus in a situation like that. I was very confused when I paid for my top and I think I blushed as we walked home. I so wonder what the girl behind the counter was thinking.

Felicia doesn't say such things unless she means it so directly after dinner she started. Miranda found herself, once again in the knee of her friend, skirt up and knickers down and being smacked on her bottom with the hairbrush.

Felicia kept on for a while. It is strange what happens to your mind when you lie there. It does hurt and I keep thinking: 'I don't like this,' but there is some other part of my mind that kicks in and sort of keeps me there. This is the thing we do and Felicia is now spanking her Miranda and Miranda is not going to make a fuss. That sort of thing. But I can tell you, it is hard to lie there and get smacked for such a long time.

And she wasn't done when she stopped smacking poor Miranda's bottom. No, she had her take off the rest of her clothes and kneel on a chair. I think Felicia has watched too many pictures on the Web. I can understand the need to take off the skirt when kneeling like that, it falls down and gets in the way but the top, that is just...I don't know.

So there was a very naked me getting smacked with the leather belt and that on a very sore bottom. One thing I have thought of is that if you have a big bottom you have more bottom to smack and that would be better for you. If you are, like me, equipped with a rather small one there is not so much bottom to spread out the smacks over. The attention becomes more concentrated one might say. This is kind of unfair.

She was right in one thing, at least. I didn't want to sit on my bottom after she was done with me. We'll see how long this soreness will last but I can tell you that I can still feel it today.

'Any particular reason?' I asked her afterwards.

She just smiled and replied:

'So you don't forget me.'

As if!

Monday, 31 March 2008


Celebrate with me! This is my 100th blog post. I can't treat you to champagne or anything else, really, but you can do as I do, dance around shouting on top of your lungs to celebrate. Or anything else if you prefer that. At least if you want to celebrate.

Anyway, you know this image people have of lesbian couples, that kind of butch-femme thing, where one is a short haired very male woman and the other one is extremely feminine. The reality is very different, I can tell you. I do love skirts, that is true but very feminine, I am sure some would not think so. And Felicia is far from being very manly. There is no doubt about who is wearing the trousers in our household but she is not like that at all. And I know how silly this is but I couldn't resist it. She wears the trousers although she often wears a dress...chuckles.

This leads to the rest of this blog. When I said she wears the trousers I sort of meant that there is no doubt who is in charge. She made this very clear yesterday. I can tell you that the heading on the last blog post would be quite suitable for this one too.

I stayed at home yesterday. Sunday is a typical stay at home day. Felicia was not at home, she had to work on her research...hmpf!! So it was just me and Bananas and although she is lovely she isn't very useful in conversations.

Around three o'clock Felicia called on the phone and I could tell she was in a very peculiar mood. I don't know why but maybe she was fed up with her work or having to work on a Sunday or something. Anyway, she asked how I was and chatted for a bit. Then she, out of the blue, told me to take all my clothes off. Just like that. I don't know what I said but something along the lines of 'don't be silly!' or 'why on earth should I do that?' She was persistent and Miranda knows when her friend is in commanding mood.

Yes, Miranda stripped off her clothes, there and then and continued talking over the phone. No, there was no silly phone sex thing that followed. She told me to go on with cleaning the flat (as if I had even started) but I was not to put my clothes back on. She told me to make dinner too (as if she needed to tell me, I always cook for us when she is away like that). Then she said she wasn't to come home for at least two hours.

It's not that bad being naked in your own flat, really, but when you are cleaning and preparing a dinner it feels a little more strange. And there is this dread that someone will call at the door and you will have to decide whether to disobey your friend or open the door in the nude.

It puts you in a certain mood, I can tell you, cleaning your flat in the buff. Makes you think all sorts of strange thoughts, like you are this meek and naked servant or even a slave or something like that.

Miranda was, as you can imagine, in a very strange mood when red haired girlfriend came home, not two, but three hours later. And if you manage to forget or disregard being naked while you are alone, the enthusiastic smile on partner's face makes you very aware.

I cooked for her but was not allowed any clothings. She sat down in front of the telly like some sheik of the harem and let me do all the work. She even entered the kitchen while I was busy doing something very important cooking and 'accidentally' happened to put her hands on her meek servant.

So Miranda's mood was even stranger as she sat down to eat. It was not easy, really, to concentrate on the food. All sorts of strange thoughts entered her head.

I know what you think! You think that Felicia got out her hairbrush and smacked Miranda's bottom. No such luck. No spanking this evening. But no clothes either for Miranda. And girlfriend's hands had easy access to her and that was both frustrating and very nice.

We had a very nice time later on, I can tell you, though