Thursday, 19 August 2010

In the Wild

Holiday was long and nice, that is true, but the way we spent it meant very little action, if you know what I mean. There is one event I thought I should tell you about, though.

For about a week we borrowed a car from Felicia's uncle and went around exploring the countryside. Yeah, we are that boring. This particular day we were driving along a rather small road with almost no traffic, believe it or not.

Suddenly Felicia pulled over and turned into a small dirt road. As it happened it was more like a crescent that ended back on the road again, but where we stopped we were hidden from the road by a lot of trees.

I don't know if she knew about this place or if she just saw it and chanced on it. Anyway, I didn't know why we had stopped.

'Too early for a break, innit?' I said.

'For tea and biscuits, yes,' she replied.

I should know her by now but the place and the occasion made me not read her face. She went out of the car, went over to the boot, rummages through it and came round to my side. She opened the door.

'Come on now.'

'Wha'?' I wondered, of course, but I stepped out of the car.

It was a lovely day, one of the really lovely days this summer. Felicia went over to a kind of boulder by the road and beckoned me to come forward.

It was then I saw that she had my hairbrush in her hand. I may be slow, but I am not stupid. Still I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Felicia put her foot on the boulder and tapped her thigh. In any other circumstance this would have been a clear signal. I had to check the environment. In fact, we weren't completely hidden from the road. There was a small gap between the trees, where someone passing by could see us. Obviously this made me less reluctant to understand what she was saying.

'Come on now.'

I am a very nice girl, you know that, and with Felicia's supreme ability to convince me, I complied. I did, actually, lean over her knee.

'Knickers,' she said.

'You can't be serious,' I replied.

'Come on.'

So, there I was, knickers down, skirt up, leaning over her knee, in the middle of the day, by a public road, getting a spanking.

I was very nervous, thinking that a car passing by, with someone turning their head at the right moment, would get a glimpse of my bottom.

It wasn't the worst spanking of my life. But surely one of the most exciting. And scary. We both laughed and giggled as we returned to the car. There is something abut outdoor spankings that cheers you up.

Felicia had another card up her sleeve (although she wore a spaghetti strapped top with no sleeves, wonder how she managed that??). Before we returned to the car, she had me take down my knickers completely and give them to her. She put them in the glove compartment and we went on with me knickerless.

She even had me pull my skirt up, just like that scene in Story of O. She is clever, my Felicia. She knows how it makes me feel.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Back Again

Hello, I am back, we are back!! Have had a brilliant time and hope you have had a brilliant time, as well. The only downside with visiting relatives and friends is that there is not much opportunities for the smacking of bottoms. There is a clear deficit in that department at the moment, although redhaired friend has made an effort, since our return, to address this issue. I will tell you more soon. Take care and be happy.