Tuesday, 25 November 2008


I feel that my friend, the lovely Felicia, my love and my life gets a bad press here. I tend to tell you only of when she smacks my bottom or thinks of something mean to do to me. I am sure you know that she is not a mean person, she is the best there is and not because she smacks my bottom and keeps me in line or some stupid thing like that. No, because she is my love and she loves me and she is my support and life.

Now that I have said that, I can tell you about how mean she was yesterday. Felicia doesn't punish me when I am bad or anything, most often she smacks me because she wants to and sometimes to get my attention. Lately, however, she has begun to smack my bottom because she is annoyed with something I have done. It is not as bad as it sounds. It is more like she comes home and finds that I have forgotten something and she says she has to spank me for it. To be honest, it is more like a game and for a bit of fun.

Yesterday she asked me if I had watered the plants which I hadn't...of course. She said that this, of course, called for a severe punishment. Try to imagine a sweet red haired woman trying to stay serious when she says this.

Anyway, I went along and begged forgiveness and all that. Mind you, we don't roleplay and stuff like that, no naughty schoolgirls in our household and that sort of thing. But this was almost like a roleplay.

Felicia was merciless and soon I had got the dreaded bath brush and was preparing to kneel on the chair to get my bottom smacked. You can imagine that there is a kind of excitement in Miranda at this point. It is kind of fun but the bath brush is really scary too, so there is this mix of feelings.

Then Felicia turns to me and says: 'Oh, I think I'll have you take all your clothes off.' Yes, she said that. I think she became some kind of very strict headmistress or something at that moment. I had to giggle but my clothes came off.

For some reason, a bath brush looks far more menacing when you stand there stark naked looking at it. This didn't stop Felicia and soon she had ordered me up on the chair.

Anyone who has been there knows that this is a very special moment, a moment of excitement and dread and anticipation and tension.

What does she do, you think? The mean woman takes the bath brush, holds it out, puts it on my bottom, taps it a few times, as if to take aim. Then she removes it and says: 'I think I will let you off this time.'

I just gasped and stared at her. There I was, naked, kneeling, waiting for a spanking and she just lets me off the hook.

Of course my bottom was grateful but I was really disappointed, or what to call it. I couldn't believe it. In a way, this was more humiliating than if she had smacked me. Can't really explain why it felt like that.

But I have to admire her ingenuity.

And to let you know, I got a bedtime smacking with the hairbrush later so all wasn't lost.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Polka Dot Knickers

In a way it is good when you partner still can surprise you. You think you know someone completely and then they suddenly say something that you had no idea about.

The other day Felicia told me that I had spankable knickers. Or rather she was more tempted to smack my bottom when I wore certain knickers. Especially a pair of polka dot ones.

I must admit that I stared at her. I asked her if she really fancied to spank me more when I was wearing my polka dit knickers than, say, my grey ones with bears. She told me that the bear ones were a bit too childish, and thus a little of a put off, and that the polka dot ones were her favourite.

They are very sweet, I have to admit that, they are red with white polka dots, part of a set but this girl don't often use the bra so it is more often the knickers alone.

Felicia told me that when I am wearing those her fingers itch with a desire to pull them down and smack my bottom. Not that I would object (too much, anyway) but it surprised me and fascinated me that she felt this way.

I had to ask her what made her feel that way and she couldn't explain. She said they looked so sweet and innocent that she just had to spank me. I do have some really girly, childish ones, with bears and that sort of thing but she said that those were not so inspiring. She actually preferred a pair of plain grey ones before the silly ones. But the polka dot ones were her favourites.

I have some nice black ones that are a bit silky. She likes them too but they make her want to take the riding crop to my bottom and have me take them down myself. They are stylish and makes her want to be a little cruel.

I do own a couple of string ones but I don't like them and Felicia only insists on me wearing them when she wants to make me feel a little exposed. Those make her want to smack my bottom, because she can see it, but since she enjoys the removing of knickers, the string ones are sadly unsatisfactory.

No, her favourites are the polka dot ones and she finds them 'sweet' and 'innocent' but not childish. She told me something I hadn't thought of and that was that whenever I wear them and is to be spanked, she always removes them herself.

In fact, her eyes were really sparkling when she described the pure joy of pulling those knickers down to reveal my 'tiny little spankable bottom.' Yes, she said that. It is nice to have a tiny little spankable bottom but it made me blush, for real.

I know she sometimes prefer to pull my knickers down herself and sometimes tells me to do it but I had no idea it was connected to the knickers I was wearing.

Now, the big question is, should I wear the polka dot ones more often or should I avoid them? Besides inspiring my red haired friends I like them and they make me happy.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Love Our Lurkers Day

Hello out there! I know you aren't that many but I know there are some lurkers out there. Why don't you come in and comment? You don't have to say anything special, just a simple hello will do.

But if you don't want to comment, I won't seek you out and spank you. Really spanking and blogging is fun so there is no pressure.

So, people out there, hello to you and a great big thank you for reading. It means a lot to me...and to Felicia and to Bananas. No, that last thing may have been wrong. Bananas, the cat, really cares only about food.

And don't forget to visit Bonnie, at My Bottom Smarts, after all she was the one who came up with this brilliant idea. Thank you Bonnie!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bonfire Night

Did you watch the Brasilian Grand Prix? I almost fell of my chair. It was almost too exciting. There were two things at stake, the race itself and the whole championship. And since both those things render the loser a spanking, one of us (Felicia and me) could face two spankings.

Lewis Hamilton needed to finish in p5 or better to wine regardless of what Felipe Massa did. The Brasilian was on his way to winning, putting pressure on the gorgeous Lewis Hamilton. Until the last few laps he managed to stay there (in fifth place) but was overtaken by the hotshot Vettel and thus on his way to losing the championship.

In that moment Felicia had a very mean smile on her face, enjoying the thought of giving her dear friend two spankings. But then, in the last corner, almost, Hamilton overtook Timo Glock and managed to snatch the fifth place in the last seconds of the race.

He didn't win the race which meant I was in for a spanking but he did win the whole championship meaning Felicia was in for a smacking. I insisted that the race spanking should go first.

Felicia agreed and soon after the race I was in her lap, knickers down receiving a good smacking with a hairbrush. It was really a very strange sensation. Felicia did her best to make me take notice but I was so chuffed that gorgeous Lewis Hamilton finally got his championship that I hardly felt the smacks.

Felicia is a very persistent woman and finally she got through to me and after a while I was squirming. She really made an effort and my bottom was really smarting when she was done. I kind of enjoyed the whole thing though, sharing the joy with my lovely red haired friend...chuckles.

The championship spanking had to wait till the next day. I really wanted to make something special of it. I had decided to use the hairbrush. Strange thing that it seemed even more menacing when I was holding it, planning to use it on Felicia's bottom than when she was brandishing it.

Miranda can be quite mean. Felicia knew she had to do as I pleased so I thought I should take the opportunity. I had planned it well. I sat down on the chair, the one she often use when smacking me and told her, not just to take down her knickers, but to strip off completely. She did raise her eyebrows but she complied.

When she was naked I told her to get the hairbrush. I was really doing it by the book. Not that I didn't enjoy the sight of her. She is really beautiful! And she knows how to move with dignity despite being stripped naked. I truly envy her. But it was a delightful sight watching her lovely body, all naked. Not that it is very unusual for me to see her naked but it was still very special seeing her move like that, being naked at my command.

She gave me the hairbrush and took her place in my lap. It was kind of weird to have her there, naked and all ready to be spanked. Anyway, I didn't let that stop me. I began smacking her.

She is a stubborn woman and she didn't say anything but I noticed a certain discomfort and after a while her very fair skin was turning pink. I felt a little awkward first but I smacked along and soon I started to enjoy it.

Felicia endured, even the final hail of harder smacks. She is stubborn and very brave, I have to say.