Monday, 17 November 2008

Polka Dot Knickers

In a way it is good when you partner still can surprise you. You think you know someone completely and then they suddenly say something that you had no idea about.

The other day Felicia told me that I had spankable knickers. Or rather she was more tempted to smack my bottom when I wore certain knickers. Especially a pair of polka dot ones.

I must admit that I stared at her. I asked her if she really fancied to spank me more when I was wearing my polka dit knickers than, say, my grey ones with bears. She told me that the bear ones were a bit too childish, and thus a little of a put off, and that the polka dot ones were her favourite.

They are very sweet, I have to admit that, they are red with white polka dots, part of a set but this girl don't often use the bra so it is more often the knickers alone.

Felicia told me that when I am wearing those her fingers itch with a desire to pull them down and smack my bottom. Not that I would object (too much, anyway) but it surprised me and fascinated me that she felt this way.

I had to ask her what made her feel that way and she couldn't explain. She said they looked so sweet and innocent that she just had to spank me. I do have some really girly, childish ones, with bears and that sort of thing but she said that those were not so inspiring. She actually preferred a pair of plain grey ones before the silly ones. But the polka dot ones were her favourites.

I have some nice black ones that are a bit silky. She likes them too but they make her want to take the riding crop to my bottom and have me take them down myself. They are stylish and makes her want to be a little cruel.

I do own a couple of string ones but I don't like them and Felicia only insists on me wearing them when she wants to make me feel a little exposed. Those make her want to smack my bottom, because she can see it, but since she enjoys the removing of knickers, the string ones are sadly unsatisfactory.

No, her favourites are the polka dot ones and she finds them 'sweet' and 'innocent' but not childish. She told me something I hadn't thought of and that was that whenever I wear them and is to be spanked, she always removes them herself.

In fact, her eyes were really sparkling when she described the pure joy of pulling those knickers down to reveal my 'tiny little spankable bottom.' Yes, she said that. It is nice to have a tiny little spankable bottom but it made me blush, for real.

I know she sometimes prefer to pull my knickers down herself and sometimes tells me to do it but I had no idea it was connected to the knickers I was wearing.

Now, the big question is, should I wear the polka dot ones more often or should I avoid them? Besides inspiring my red haired friends I like them and they make me happy.


Anonymous said...

Souds like a great "hint" when you are in the mood!

Have fun with it!

Mina said...

I agree with anon, if Felicia likes them so much then it is a good way to 'get your way' when in the mood.

Though, my initial response was not only should you wear them more you should make sure you have seven pairs!


jim said...

The seat of polka dot knickers are such fun to give a spanking to, because it's somehow like having Minnie Mouse across your knee.

I would take the part of Mickey here; and wear white gloves to do the deed; three fingers and a thumb, spanking Miranda's bum.

Miranda said...

Dear Anonymous, yes, I will have to start using it...smiles.

Dear Mina, maybe I could develop a signal system, the green ones means a light smacking, while the red ones mean, 'do your best!'

Dear Jim, 'taking the Mickey' gets a new meaning...giggles.