Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Happy Christmas

Christmas is approaching and despite (or maybe because of) the darkness and the cold I am looking forward to it. I hope you do too or at least can have a nice time. I don't have much to tell you at the moment, other than that I will spend my Christmas with redhaired girlfriend and our cat. We will be visiting some relatives and some friends are coming over for New Year. We'll see how much bottom smacking there will be time for but there is always a new year coming.

Take care and be sweet and lovely to yourselves and to your friends and family. A Happy Christmas from Felicia, Bananas (the cat) and me.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Spanking Is Fun!

I guess you knew that already. And I know it too. But what I mean is that it can be fun to do the spanking. I suppose some of you knew that too.

What happened was that yesterday I thought we should switch roles a little. For once there shouldn't be my bottom on the line, if you see what I mean. I told red haired woman that she was in for a spanking. I even said she deserved it. That was stupid. She asked me and I couldn't really say.

I still maintained that she should get a spanking. She looked at me for a while, looking inscrutable. Then she nodded and said that I should go ahead on one condition. That condition was that I was to give her a good one. No fuss, no tapping and gentleness, no, a real spanking, was what she demanded.

Said and done. Felicia was soon lying in my lap, jeans down, knickers down and I was sitting with the hairbrush in my hand. I felt a little nervous and wondered if she ever is nervous. I have done it before but still it felt a little scary.

I began smacking her and tried my best but she wasn't happy. She wanted to feel it, so I smacked her harder. I think she began to feel it, because she was silent for a while.

Felicia has beautiful red hair and quite fair complexion, she isn't the typical freckled redhead but she is quite fair. And when her bottom is smacked it takes on a very nice pink colour. I was (again) fascinated and decided to apply the brush so as to get a nice colouring of her bottom.

I guess I got a little preoccupied with that and forgot about smacking hard. Felicia made some noises that seemed to imply that I was being boring. So I decided to really give it to her.

I felt a little scared but it was also quite fun. I smacked her really hard and I could feel it in her body that it hurt. I had some misgivings but she had told me to do it properly and I knew she would tell me if I hit her too hard.

When I was done her bottom wasn't just pink but had turned into a more fierce red. I knew that colour and I knew how it felt. I knew she would feel this for a while and I was wondering what she would think, sitting there at some seminar or talking with some lecturer, feeling her bottom being a little sore. I was, kind of, proud of what I had achieved.

And so was Felicia. She gave me a hug and told me I had been a good girl. Hadn't it been so silly to say that, I could have been a little annoyed with her, but when she smiles like that, I go for the hug, every time.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Poor Bottom

Redhead woman was in good mood yesterday. I knew it already when she came home. She was very cheerful in a quite worrying way. I shouldn't really say worrying, because when she is in that mood I often end up getting a spanking and you know what I feel about that. Still there is a bit of anticipation beforehand.

When we had finished our dinner she went into the living room and told me, quite arrogantly, that she wanted her tea served. I prepared the tray and brought it in, playing the good servant.

When I had set it down, Felicia told me we wouldn't have our tea, just yet. No, before that I was to stand in the middle of the room, where she could look at me while sitting in her armchair.

I know her well and I was sure this meant she had something on her mind. She had me stand there for some time, while she sat looking at me. Being watched like that is a bit of mixed feelings on my side. And I was, of course, curious, where this would lead.

She even had me turn around, slowly, before she ordered me to take my skirt off. Then I was quite sure where this would end. She had me turn around again before the knickers had to go.

At this time, as you may have guessed, I was blushing. I had to turn around again while she watched. I do get terribly embarrassed, knowing she could know. I am not extremely embarrassed with lovely redhead, but being watched like that, while she was sitting there, fully clothed made me feel it more.

Then she told me to take my top off and lastly my socks (by the way, lovely over the knee, red and black striped socks...). Then I had to put my hands on my head and turn around again.

She knew what she was doing. She had me stand there and pose for her, in the buff, for a while. Then she said that my bottom was in perfect shape.

Although, I know she likes my bottom, she didn't mean it had a perfect shape. No, she was referring to the fact that it was unmarked, smooth and unspanked, and thus, ready for some smacking.

She then had me get the belt. I have mixed feelings about the belt. It is heavy enough to sting but not enough to really pack a punch. She often takes the belt when she wants to smack away with vigour, when she doesn't want to hold back that much.

With the belt in hand she ordered me to kneel on a chair and she began the smacking. Sometimes I think the belt is ok, and not too bad and at first I took it quite well but when she had been doing it for a while it began to be harder.

She is very good at this, she knows what I can and can't take and she noticed I began to be affected. It didn't stop her however, no she just took her time.

I didn't count but I was sure my bottom was quite red and affected when she was done. Then she ordered me into the corner. This is an unusual occurrence. She very seldom orders me into the corner Last time it happened, it also coincided with a hospital soap on telly.

So, there I was, naked, with a well smacked bottom, standing in the corner. I wasn't allowed out until Holby City started (the hospital soap). I could sit with her and watch but wasn't allowed any clothes.

It was then I did something stupid. I said to Felicia that she reminded me of the Naylor (a rather mean character in Holby City). She didn't take it well. My advice is: never compare your beloved partner with a soap villain (of sorts) when you are sitting naked beside her in the sofa, and just have been spanked.

After the programme, she told me to get the hairbrush and I had to go over her knee. A dose with the hairbrush is always much worse when your bottom is prepared with a belt beforehand.

Anyway, Felicia was quite cheerful when we went to bed and I, I slept well.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Feeling Sexy?

This is something I have been thinking about lately. I have been asking myself what makes me feel sexy? I know a lot of people take this for granted but for me, no, it hasn't been like that. For a start, when I grew up, feeling sexy wasn't a luxury that was bestowed on me.

When I was really little, before this question arose, so to speak, I was skinny and looked like a stick. A very small stick but a stick all the same. If I wore a short wide skirt I looked like an ostrich. I wasn't pretty or anything.

I remember a period when I found I wasn't looking as much as a stick any more and for a while I was quite pleased. I did have a bosom, although a small one, but a bosom.

Many women grow up knowing that they are sexy. They may be dissatisfied with this or that but somewhere they know that they are sexy. I don't know if they feel it, I mean, if they get the buzz or what to call it, from it, but they know they are attractive, know they are sexy. I never felt that way.

Felicia was a very quirky girl and weird in many ways but she was also immensely confident. She just didn't care. She was her own and didn't give a toss. I admired that and with her I got confidence and allowed myself to be different and a little quirky too.

It never made me feel attractive, not like she did. She seemed to know, inside her, that she was. I have always doubted myself.

With her this has been changing. First step, I guess, was to realise and accept that she found me attractive. I didn't believe her but she made me understand it was true all the same. There was one person to whom I was attractive...and sexy.

Still I didn't really feel it. It didn't made me feel sexy, it didn't give that tingling feeling in my body.

I know there are so much about this that I don't mention here. Touching, kissing, looking at a gorgeous red haired woman, hearing her say she is going to smack my bottom, all those sort of things make me all tingly but now I am talking about feeling sexy, in yourself, maybe when someone look at you or so.

I had this very private thing (I still blush to write it) about dancing. When I was alone, listening to good music (there are some really sexy music) I could dance and when moving my body, I could imagine I was sexy, like I could feel it was nice to be seen like that.

In reality I was stiff as a stick when out dancing, when other people were there. Alright, it worked when I was too drunk to appreciate it or with really good friends, but it never came easy.

My dear Felicia picked up on that and although she is generally cruel and mean she does want to help me. It was a long journey but I kind of got over my worst inhibition and I could dance with her and even allow her to look at me and sometimes I could feel that sensation in my body, I felt beautiful.

One day, some time ago now, she was sitting down, I was on the floor, dancing. She was watching me and she had that gaze that made me know she liked what she saw. I surfed on that feeling and let myself be watched.

Then she told me to stop. She looked at me and I knew she had something on her mind. She said that I should go on dancing, but not until I took my tunic off. I was wearing a kind of dress/tunic thing, that was rather short and now she commanded me to take it off.

It was a special moment and I decided to not listen to the voice that said I was being a silly girl that looked like a giraffe. Said and done, I slipped out of the dress and danced for her, dressed in knickers only.

It was like I was stripping for her, like I was on a stage and she was the audience. It was magic. I danced for her and I threw caution to the wind and let her watch me. I knew she saw me, my body and all that and I wouldn't let myself feel awkward.

It was one of those moments when you do something you are dead scared of and feel quite happy for being daring. I danced for her and I saw she liked it. I liked it too, I felt beautiful. I felt sexy.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Knickerless Dinner

Some of you may have read about how redhead woman sometimes makes sweet and innocent librarian go to work with no knickers on. This is very mean and unusual and doesn't really cause any problems except that a certain Miranda feels like a naked librarian.

This sort of thing is better done during summer when skirts often are not accompanied by tights. Anyway, Felicia has been bad at this kind of meanness during this summer. She blames it on stress and being generally busy.

Now, come autumn, she seems to have regained some of her inherent meanness and has decided that a knickerless Miranda is a hoot. Since it wasn't really appropriate to have her thus at the library it had to be at home. So yesterday she promptly commanded me to take my knickers off when she got home.

Since I am such an obliging and obedient girl I did what I was told. I even accepted to stay knickerless when cooking our dinner.

Felicia wouldn't be the mean redhead she is if she didn't find ways of utilising this state of affairs. She took it on herself to inspect my work in the kitchen and do it often.

Every now and then she popped into the kitchen, equipped with a bath brush, to encourage me and urge me on. This urging on meant lifting my skirt and delivering a couple of hard swats with said brush on my unclad bottom.

She found it quite hilarious and the cat was amused. Miranda, herself, was less keen but since she is so kind and gentle she let redhead have her way.

When dinner was ready and we were about to sit down to eat, Felicia thought I should have a proper spanking before having my dinner. A proper spanking meant, skirt up and some twenty hard smacks with the bath brush.

Then when we sat down, the mean woman had me lift my skirt and sit directly on the chair. This was, however, not such a bad idea. Hot bottom was actually cooled down by surface of kitchen chair.

Well, to be honest, the evening was a rather nice one and since Felicia had time to swat my bottom she also had time for some hugging and cuddling and what that sort of thing may lead to.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Where we live there is this shop that sells clothes and shoes really cheap. It's so inexpensive so you get suspicious, you know, lovely pink ballerinas for a couple of quid and that sort of thing.

Anyway, the other day I found a lovely pair of plimsolls for almost nothing there and took them home to proudly show them for lovely redhead. They were red and very nice, that kind of colour you can't deny yourself, a colour you want to paint something in.

'What a splendid idea,' someone said when they saw the shoes. And it wasn't the cat. I thought it was an odd thing to say but she approved of my shoes and I didn't think more of it.

The next day, Felicia came home with a similar pair, from the same shop. My first thought was that I finally had influenced her in her choice of clothes. I was wrong.

She had chosen a black pair that looked very nice too. She wanted to try them at once. I told her to go ahead and try them.

Thing is, she hadn't bought them to put on her feet. No, she thought that a pair of plimsolls was missing in our collection of toys and trying them included yours truly.

You have heard it before. I was soon lying face down, on her knees, skirt flipped up and knickers around my knees, prepared for a 'slippering', which is the correct term for it. I suggested 'plimsolling', which she liked.

It's amazing what impact a brand new plimsolls can have on your naked behind. Although she had never done it before, she showed her immense adaptability and general skill and got in some really bad ones.

She didn't spank me for long, that is true, but she did it with some vigour and she thoroughly enjoyed it, I could tell.

Although they were brand spanking (pun intended) new and clean as anything, it is, kind of, degrading to be spanked with a shoe. This aspect was to the liking of mean redhead. She even said that 'kick arse' got a whole new meaning. She chuckled at that. Personally, I don't think it wasn't very witty. I didn't tell her, not then, anyway.

The bright side of it was that I got a spanking, which was long overdue and that was a good thing. It hurts, indeed it does, but it cheers you up.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A Brilliant Idea

'I have a brilliant idea,' a certain redhead said to me yesterday evening.

'Hmphff,' I said, or something similar. Her brilliant ideas often mean just one thing.

'You had some good response for your delurking post, right?'


'I thought that I should do something too.'


'I think I will go and get your hairbrush and give you, say, ten smacks for each of the comments.'

'What a stupid idea,' I said.

'No, it is a brilliant idea.'

'So I am going to get a spanking because I get comments, and more because I get more comments?'


'That's not fair.'

'I think it is very fair. Your readers have made an effort to comment and it is right and proper that you should do something in return.'

'Like getting a spanking?'



'I'll get your hairbrush while you take your knickers down and then we can begin.'

There is always something very annoying when something like that is said in a very cheerful voice. And I hope you noticed that she called it my hairbrush. She is the only one who use it.

A little later I was lying across her knee, knickers down and skirt flipped up. There was a bit of bargaining, me thinking ten for each comment was a little too much, but lying like that is not a good position for negotiations.

'Do you want warm up?' she then asked.

'Does the warm up count?'

'Of course not.'

'No, then.'

She then began in earnest to make sure I was grateful for all the comments. She smacked me in tens and waited a little in between. The hairbrush is very big and very heavy, at least in Felicia's hand.

When she had come to the sixth comment, and I was thinking that it still was a long way to go, although my bottom thought it was quite enough, she stopped and thought for a while.

'This really cheers me up. I think, there should be one with the belt for each comment too.'

'That's not fair.'

'Two, then.'

'You can't just change the rules all the time.'


'Oh, I'll keep my peace,' I sighed, knowing that she was impossible to talk to when she was in this mood.

She promptly delivered the rest with the hairbrush, and I can tell you that it was far from as easy to take them as it is to write it here.

You can't kneel on a chair with a skirt, at least not when you are supposed to present your bared bottom to be smacked. So it had to come off, along with my knickers.

39 with the belt sounds a lot. I didn't mean the pun when I wrote this, but it is true that it sounds a lot. There is a very special sound, when the belt hits the skin. And the fact that it is your own skin makes the sound even louder.

Anyway, it was quite a thrashing. Felicia was in a good mood afterwards and I would be lying if I said I wasn't. You know how it is. It hurts and it's bad and all that but when it is over it is quite nice, bottom is warm and your friend is happy.

Today my bottom is still a little sore, which makes me think of you, dear readers. I am a very nice person because I actually enjoyed taking the thrashing for you...smiles.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Love Our Lurkers Day

I know, I know, I haven't posted anything for a long time and don't really deserve readers but if you are still out there and haven't commented (or have, come to think of it) I wouldn't mind hearing from you. I really don't want to put any pressure on you so you don't really have to delurk but if you want, your comment will be cherished. If you need an incentive, why not think about a proper punishment for a lazy blogger, something that my redhead won't be reluctant to dish out...smiles.

This idea, of a delurking day, comes from the lovely Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Red Bottom

As you may have noticed, I haven't blogged much lately. My only excuse is that we both have been stressed out (not Bananas, she is never stressed, unless she is in the living room when she hears the fridge door open). Felicia is wrapping up her dissertation, finally. I am glad for her but it means a lot of work.

I am taking a course in Creative Writing at Open University. Felicia doesn't want me to remain a librarian for the rest of my life. We will see where it all ends, I think it is more money in Economics than in literature and writing, but anyway...

We have been busy and not much time for fun, neither with hairbrushes nor ropes. Yesterday something unusual happened, though.

It was quite late and Felicia was sitting with her books and the computer, working. I had been watching telly feeling lonely. I know she has to work and work but it is not good for her. She is tired all the time and doesn't realise it is bad for her to sit hunched over her books all the time.

I don't know what flew into me but I suddenly decided that things had to change. So I went into the bedroom, where we have the computer and where Felicia was sitting.

She looked a little stressed when she turned to me with an expression on her face, saying: 'I know what you are going to say but I have to get this done.'

'Felicia,' I said.

'Have you come to tell me to come to bed?'

'No,' I said, 'I have come to give you a spanking.'

I think I saw her prick up her ears but I can't. Bananas is good at that but Felicia is human so she isn't.

'Why?' she asked.

'Because!' I said.

She looked at me and then she nodded. Up till that moment, I hadn't been sure what would happen but when she actually nodded I knew she had accepted it.

Anyway, I took her by the hand and led her into the living room. I took a chair and placed it by the sofa. I then went and got my hairbrush. All the while, Felicia just stood there. I have to admit, I was feeling rather weird.

I sat down on the chair and told her to take down her jeans and she meekly obeyed. I took her in my lap and then I spanked her. Believe it or not, I smacked her bottom and she squirmed but said not a word in protest.

I have to admit there was a bit of frustration coming out in my smacking her bottom. It's not the best way, I know, but I do trust her to say 'no' when something is wrong.

It felt really good to smack her. I am sure she felt it. I am a small person but with a hairbrush in my hand, I can make an impression.

It was, kind of, weird to spank her, just like that, just because I had decided she should have a spanking. I knew I did it to get her mind of her books but I think I did it for me too, to show her I was there.

Her bottom became red and she showed all signs of being a little uncomfortable. I smacked her for some time and felt quite good about it. I feel that from time to time, when I do the smacking, that I can understand the appeal.

When I was done, she stood up and caressed her bottom. Then she turned to me and said:

'Thank you.'

'For what?'

'For reminding me what's important.'


'No, silly, you.'

Then I undressed her and put some lotion on her bottom, undressed myself and got into bed (yes, of course we brushed our teeth first!).

Felicia was relaxed and fell asleep in my arms. I, on the other hand, was quite agitated and couldn't sleep. However fun it is to spank someone, it isn't good for your sleep. I much prefer to get the spankings, at least at that time of the day. Anyway, I think it was a good thing, on the whole.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Silly Ideas

What a certain redhead promises she always keeps. She told me she would try the infamous crotch rope on me and so she did. I have to admit I wasn't too keen on the idea but I am also a very kind person and wouldn't deny her anything...smiles.

Equipped with her new ropes, Felicia commanded me to remove my knickers. She thought it best. Off went my skirt too. She first tied a rope around my waist, rather tight and not so very nice. Then she applied the dreaded rope. I gather you know what it is I am talking about. Anyway, it runs between the legs and in the middle of it all, so to speak.

Alright, it was a bit of giggling when she had to make sure the rope was in the correct position. Then she insisted on pulling it tight and secure it in the, not so nice, rope around my waist.

It wasn't as painful as I had imagined but it was very intrusive. And quite uncomfortable.

Then we had no idea what to do. I have told you before, I am not very adventurous and Felicia is a little cautious at times, although she has a lot of ideas. She took command and ordered me to keep the rope on (in?) for a while.

She looked at me and agreed it made me look silly.

Anyway, I went around for a little while, tied up, so to speak. Then she took it off. She asked what I felt and I told her it was intrusive and quite intimate and a little brutal. She liked that. She told me she wasn't sure she liked the idea of being harsh with such a sweet part of me. Yes, she said that. On the other hand, that was exactly, what intrigued her.

I told her I preferred old fashioned spankings and she said she could provide one at the instant. So I got one. Not a long and hard one but short and stinging.

Felicia is still in two minds about these rope things. She began immediately to talk about what she would do the next time. I told her I wasn't sure there was going to be a next time. When she asked me why, I told her I thought it silly and embarrassing. She thought that a good thing and smiled her wicked smile. She wondered if she should put something inside me, before applying the rope.

I kind of like the idea of being rendered helpless by ropes, even to the extent of it being humiliating but I also find it quite silly and I feel stupid. We'll see.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Learning the Ropes

The love of my life, the fiery redhead has developed a certain interest in ropes and other fetters. Not just as such but on me. I kind of like that but I have always been more of a spanking and embarrassing nudity girl. But who could deny such a person as my Felicia?

We aren't really hardcore when it comes to kink, far from it, but now Felicia has started looking at pictures of tied up women and finds it very interesting. She is something of a purist when it comes to ropes and thinks too elaborate things are just silly. She says that ropes should look good on a girl. That's how she says it, 'a girl'. As if I was just a girl...hmppff.

She has bought some rather soft and nice looking ropes and on Sunday she was keen on trying them on. That is, trying them on me.

Around noon she told me she wanted naked lunch. Naked lunch means having lunch while I am naked. It is kind of flattering that she wants to see me naked. It really boosts my confidence. So there I was stripping off preparing to go into the kitchen to cook for us.

Felicia wasn't satisfied and pulled out her ropes. She tied a length of it around my knees and then she got another of her new things, a rather long wooden spoon. She gave me a couple of really hard smacks on my bottom to send me off to work.

You feel kind of silly walking around with a rope around your knees. You have to take very short steps and you know you are making a fool of yourself. It doesn't help being naked and I am sure you look even sillier trying to get away from a grinning redhead with a wooden spoon.

Luckily our kitchen is small so it wasn't that hard to cook. Felicia made visits now and then with her wooden spoon to make sure my bottom wasn't unattended. That spoon is evil. It really hurts. And it brings out the devil in evil red haired woman. Every time she smacked me she gave me two or three smacks, five at the most but they were really hard ones. So hard that I don't think I would fancy a real spanking with that kind of smacks.

But when she gives them quick and hard it is easier, in a way. Still they smart a lot afterwards.

Enough of that. We enjoyed our naked lunch, although my sitting down was a tad awkward.

Felicia is very enthusiastic about ropes and want to do it more. As I said, I haven't thought about it a lot but I kind of like the idea of being helpless, at least being at the mercy of evil redhead woman.

She showed me a picture of the infamous crotch rope. I guess you all know what it is. I told her it looked silly and that since I am so ugly as I am it would look even worse.

She actually spanked me for saying I was ugly.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Back to Basics

I am back! We came back on Friday, having been visiting parents and old friends and such. It was very nice but it isn't always easy to behave. You can't really get a spanking from your girlfriend when you are sleeping in your parents house.

By the way, both our sets of parents are ok with Felicia and me. Her parents are really fine with it, they seem genuinely happy to see me. My parents are bit old fashioned and I think they are still disappointed that their daughter didn't come home with a handsome man. They really like Felicia so I think they are coming to terms with what I am.

Returning on Friday night was odd. We were both tired and awkward and wasn't really happy coming home. The cat was still with the neighbours and it was too late to get her. I felt disappointed that I wasn't feeling good for coming home and I noticed Felicia felt the same.

In the morning she made us breakfast and that sense of awkwardness still remained. It was better when we got out of bed. We got the cat and unpacked and had lunch.

Some time after lunch, Felicia told me she couldn't wait any longer. I knew what she was talking about. I didn't reply but got her the hairbrush and we went into the living room. Without a word I took down my knickers and lifted my skirt and leaned over her knee.

This was familiar. It felt odd and unusual at the same time. I jumped when she smacked me, surprised how much it hurt. She started out softly and after a while I began to feel at ease with it all. I knew I had been longing for this. I felt really silly for being such a spanko, for wanting it so badly.

Felicia knows me and when she noticed I was happy with the pace and force so she increased both. She gave me some really hard slaps and I jumped again. It was then I felt this strange urge for her to smack me harder.

I felt as if she should spank me really hard, like I wanted her to make it real, like the pain would bring me closer to reality.

I actually told her. I asked her to smack me harder and she hesitated a little but then she smacked me. I really had to focus to go through with it but at the same time I liked it. It wasn't like I found any pleasure in the pain but rather that I wanted to feel it, to become present and real. It was rather strange...strange but good.

Afterwards my bottom was really smarting but I felt relaxed and calm. I wasn't exactly aroused by it but I felt warm (not just in my bottom) and there was like the tension had disappeared. Imagine that! Spanking as a remedy for being tensed and worried.

Anyway, now I feel happy being home. Things are good and I am back blogging and that is not such a bad thing.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A Smack

A smack on the bottom is just a smack. It can be hard or it can be soft, it can hurt or just tease you. But it is just a smack, it doesn't mean much, not in itself. It's what it does to your head that is meaningful.

I have been thinking a lot about what and why and that sort of thing. One thing I think I know is that one of the reasons I want my bottom smacked is that I want someone to be stronger than me. I am not a weak person, I have strength and power in me but I don't want to have to be in control all the time, I want to lose that control, if only for a brief moment.

When I am being spanked I am subject to that spanking and I yield to it and I dare give myself over to it because I only allow people I trust completely to spank me. There aren't that many who are allowed. And with my love, my red haired Felicia, I trust her so much so that she get to decide when and where.

When we were away we met our friends, Kate and Fiona. They are not our only friends but they are our only spanko friends and that is why they are the only ones who are mentioned here.

Anyway, we sat at the pub and the strangest conversation took place. Felicia, Fiona and Kate began talking about spanking me. We sat in a corner and the people beside us were chatting quite loudly but there was still that scary sense that our conversation may be overheard.

There I was listening to these three women talking about spanking, but not spanking in general but about spanking me. Fiona asked if I was spanked often and how, and Kate butted in with some suggestions, like Felicia should use the bath brush more often and they all agreed that I could take this and that many with the belt or so.

I didn't say anything and it was all very absurd. I am sure they know exactly how loudly they spoke and they did it just to unnerve me. Thing is that it really made things with my mind.

It would be so easy to say that I was just excited or even aroused. I was much more. There was this sense of being quite intimidated by it, scared of it, overwhelmed and overcome with it and a quite soft sensation of wanting to yield to it. 'Let them do it, come on and give it to me good. I surrender.'

Later Kate and Fiona got to smack my bottom a little but it was nothing compared to what I felt when we sat there in the pub, almost talking in public, although, I am quite sure no one heard us. Or just fragments.

I will end this post with telling you that for various reasons I don't think I will be able to blog that much for a while. I will definitely be back in August. I will not just stop blogging, when I have had enough I will let you know, not just disappear. Take care and be kind to yourself.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Busy May

Why does springs have to be so busy? When the weather is getting better and you really could enjoy life more you always end up being busy. It is quite annoying. Felicia has millions of deadlines and has no time to keep me in line. Even greater errors go unpunished.

I am joking, we don't really do punishments and that sort of thing but it is true that it hasn't been much bottom smacking in this household. I know, it is easy and doesn't take much time but you need to be in the mood.

There was some action on Monday evening, though. As it happened Felicia was in the kitchen and I just happened to be there equipped with a wooden spoon. Who can blame me? Her bottom really begged for it.

I tried to resist, I really did but what can you do? There I was, spoon in hand, there she was, clad in jeans, leaning forward, bottom on display.

She has a very sweet bottom, my Felicia and when I had started staring at it, there was no turning back. I had to do it.

It was only one smack, but a good one. And you should have seen the look on her face.

Anyway, I soon found myself leaning over the kitchen table, skirt flipped up. Not even my very sweet knickers with monkeys on could persuade Felicia to give me any mercy. No, they had to come down.

Ten smacks on the bare for a good one on her behind, that is a fair rate. And I am doing her an injustice by pretending she was angry. I think she just realised that there had been too little of bottom smacking for a while.

We are taking the weekend and half of next week off to go visit friends and relatives. Lovely Fiona and Kate will let us stay with them for a couple of nights. Hopefully something interesting will come of that. Take care and be kind.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


What can you do when your love is a little grumpy, overworked and generally stressed out and in a bad mood? You have to try to cheer her up. And best way is of course to do something you like yourself, for mutual benefit.

Anyway, we were sitting in the sofa waiting for Holby City (best ever hospital soap, ever). Oops, I needed to look in the paper that was lying on Felicia's side of the sofa. Oops, I ended up lying across her lap. What a strange coincidence that I wore a very short skirt. And even more strange that I happened to wear my polka dot spanking knickers. Oops!!

This was all very, very silly but I wanted to cheer up so I wanted it to be very, very silly.

She got the hint. 'You are a very naughty girl, Miranda,' she said. And you know we don't do that 'naughty girl' stuff but she actually said it. I think she meant it.

I was sort of expecting a slap on my bottom when Felicia decided she wanted to take action. Instead of a well placed palm on my bottom I got a finger in my midriff. This made me jump and cry out.

'Hairbrush,' she said and then I was sure she had really got the hint. She got the brush and I was soon back in her lap. This time my skirt was turned up. She didn't, however, pull my knickers down before she began to apply the hairbrush to my fair skin.

My polka dot spanking knickers don't protect me much, I can tell you. Felicia says they are an inspiration for her. That is why she let me keep them on while smacking my bottom.

The prude in me was grateful for this modesty but the perv that is living side by side was not happy with this. Spankings should be on the bare, we all know that.

Anyway, Felicia smacked along quite vigorously and this means some discomfort for me. I was still thinking that my silly, silly plan had worked out fine. I was quite happy lying there struggling with the spanking I was receiving. Felicia kept on for so long that I was thinking that those knickers were not coming down.

I don't know about you but there comes a point when you think that a spanking has gone on for long enough. At that very moment Felicia stopped smacking me. My bottom was quite warm and sore. As I said, spanking knickers don't protect that much.

'The rest on the bare,' she then said and started to take my knickers down. I think I even protested but she has this evil laugh I sometimes hear when she is getting in the mood, the mood for being cruel to her Miranda.

I was in for another dose of the hairbrush, this time on the very bare and very sore bottom of mine. Ouch. It did hurt. I was squirming soon and realising I had to brace myself to cope. The mood changes, you need to stay focussed but relax in a way, accept the situation.

Afterwards she stroked my bottom and told me it was hot before commanding me to stand in the corner. Have you heard? We don't usually do that but now I had to stand in the corner, knickers around my knees and holding my skirt up. Felicia was watching Holby City when she didn't look at my bottom and chuckling.

I stood there for some time, trying to listen to the soap. Then she told me she wasn't done with me yet. I was a little concerned. My bottom had received two quite lengthy smackings and wasn't really ready for more.

It was clothes off and across the armrest of the sofa for Miranda while Felicia got the belt. She had decided on the broad, heavy belt. The upside is that it has quite a big surface. The downside that it is rather heavy.

I soon forgot what was happening in Holby City when the leather began to come down on my very sore bottom. It was an ordeal, it really was.

It is strange what happens to your mind when you are receiving a spanking like that. You have to brace yourself for every lash (smack?) of the belt and it hurts, there is no denying that. Still you kind of welcome the pain, and get excited by it, sort of high on it. And proud you endure, that sort of thing. Mixed emotions to say the least.

Bottom really on fire when she was done and I took a deep breath. She told me she had one more thing to do. And this is really evil. She got the riding crop and told me she was to end it with eight of the best.

Strange what you let your lover do to you when you are lying naked across the armrest of a sofa. The riding crop, or horsewhip which I like to call it, is really evil. And Felicia wanted to make an impression.

It wasn't fun. It really hurt but my pride made me stay. It was a relief when it was over. Felicia was really proud of me, I was really proud of me, and of her. It takes some courage to smack your lover like she did. We didn't watch tv, there were other things more urgent.

My bottom is still sore today, hard to sit down. But there is a kind of joy in that too, knowing that it really cheered her up...and me.

Saturday, 18 April 2009


My mind is slow these days. You may have noticed I haven't blogged that much lately. To be honest I don't know what to write. I feel I am repeating myself, telling the same story over and over again. And that is because that is how we are, doing similar things every day.

I have seen the hit rate drop and I understand you, or rather those who have already left and no longer read. I know there are some who read and care and I can't say how grateful I am. But I don't know what to write about. Any suggestions? Where can I take this blogging thing without saying the same things over and over again?

Sorry for sounding a little blue but I don't really have much inspiration. Maybe it is still some winter blues hanging in there...or not. Take care, Dear Readers. Love you!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

How It Is Done

Just a short notice, Ireland got the Grand Slam by beating Wales 17 – 15 and this meant two swats on my poor bottom. Not too bad, I can tell you.

Anyway, it was said in a comment that I often write about spankings, doled out while kneeling on a chair. This made me wonder whether we have a preference for that or not.

I don't think we have a set way of doing spankings but it made me think. First and foremost, spanking is for fun. I know I have written about how other feelings seep in, like the odd occasion when Felicia has spanked me because she is angry with me or (something I haven't written about) when there is a kind of guilt in me that is relieved by getting my bottom smacked.

The bottom line (hehe) is that it is for fun, it is something we do together. It is strange to say that, since I am not the kind of person who enjoys pain and smacking my bottom isn't just some gentle slapping to get the mood up. No, Felicia spanks me for real. It hurts. I don't like the pain. It is still fun, something we share. There you have it, I can't explain it.

It's not foreplay. I know I have written about how we get into touching mood after a spanking and one thing leads to another but it is not the purpose for spankings. It is just something we do, and like.

How is it done? Most spankings are over the knee. It may not seem so in the blog but that is the truth. Over the knee, skirt up, knickers down and then smack, smack. Those spankings are for hairbrush spankings. I don't like her to hurt her hand. She becomes sore after a while. No, hairbrush is much more efficient. There has been some wooden spoons and ruler spankings over the knee but most often our favourite hairbrush.

The kneeling on chair, why is that? Sometimes she uses something she needs to swing. It's much better if we keep a distance then. And there is something grim about kneeling on the chair, adds something to it. Especially if you are naked.

We have an old sofa with a very hard armrest that is useful but you need to put a pillow on it first. The old fashioned pillows under hips, lying on bed can be good too.

All spankings are delivered on the bare and that goes for Felicia too. Can't explain, but it is not the same if you are wearing something. There are the odd knickers spankings but they are the exceptions.

When kneeling on the chair it is not very good if I am wearing a skirt, it will fall down, gravity and all that. So often skirt has to be removed first and knickers too. For some reason I have to remove my knickers completely before kneeling. Sometimes Felicia wants me stark naked. There is something special with being naked when being spanked, makes you feel that little extra vulnerable.

I like it when she is a little cruel to me. It's very special when she is. I trust her completely so I can really enjoy that thrill I get when she wants to spank me. Perhaps she tells me I will be smacked with the belt or the riding crop. And then I have to prepare, placing the chair and stripping off and that.

We don't have rituals and we don't do that silly, 'have you been naughty?' stuff but we seem to follow a pattern, often. And when Felicia does things to me I know she does just because she wants to be cruel to me, it really gives me a buzz. That is how twisted my mind is. But she does it for me, in a way, and for herself, it works out quite well.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Red Cheeks

Who could have known that England would give France such a thrashing. 34 to 10, that is amazing. And the word thrashing leads me to what this post is about. I will just tell you, briefly about the 24 whacks with the board that Felicia got for backing the wrong team.

Felicia was a little reluctant but I persuaded her to take them in two gos. The first one to be delivered on her lovely bottom that instant.

I don't know what annoyed Felicia most, the fact that she was to be smacked or the fact that she had calculated it so badly, that France was, after all, such a weak team.

One thing that honours my Felicia is that she is not one to fret or try to avoid what is coming her way. No, she obediently dropped her trousers and her knickers and climbed the chair. She even meekly stuck her bottom out for me.

She has such a lovely bottom and it is really a shame to smack it when you really want to caress it instead. But, alas, a bet is a bet and a girl had a duty to perform.

The first whack is always a little hesitant. The sound was tremendous, though. It is amazing how much sound a little wood against soft skin can produce.

I gave her the next one with a little more force and she jumped. I almost chickened out then. I braced myself and got on with it. It was quite fun around seven and eight but I could see on Felicia that she thought me too soft hearted.

The last set I really tried to smack her good. And she jumped every time and looked a little impressed afterwards.

First half was over and you can't blame a girl for wanting to put lotion on a very pink and sweet bottom afterwards. We both enjoyed that...

Next instalment was to be on the Tuesday, yesterday, that is. And the same procedure was repeated. Red haired girlfriend soon knelt with no trousers and no knickers on the chair. Her bottom was quite recovered so I shouldn't really have to feel any pity.

Still it was much harder this time. The sound was terrible and although I am sure our neighbours can't hear it, it still scared me. And knowing how much it hurt didn't help.

In fact, Felicia was quite annoyed with me afterwards, a little disappointed. She wondered what the meaning was with a bet like that if I couldn't deliver the strokes. She even threatened with a spanking. A girl can be tempted but, sigh, nothing came of it.

It is true however, that a Miranda spanking is long overdue. And keep your fingers crossed for Wales to win on Saturday. However much I love to get a spanking, I hate to lose the bet.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Who is the Stronger?

This is Felicia, the mean redhead, who is speaking. I just wanted to say something and Miranda let me do it. She is very kind.

I have wondered a lot about who is really the stronger. You who read this blog know that it is the evil red haired woman who dishes out the spankings and decides this and that. But sometimes I wonder if I am really the stronger of us two.

Sometimes I wonder what it is that make me want to spank Miranda and order her around. Alright, it is fun to spank her. No one can deny that. To have her there, in my lap or kneeling on a chair, sticking her bottom out, is really a something delightful, a lovely sight and to smack that sweet bottom is fun, exciting and yummy.

She is like a sweet you can't resist and sometimes I just want to unwrap her and see what is under those clothes she is wearing.

It is a real buzz to just tell her to take her clothes off and she does it. Or to order her to prepare for a spanking and she does it. It makes me feel powerful, like a queen. She obeys me and I am all powerful. It is scary but enjoyable.

Why does she do it? Why does she obey me? Because she wants to, that is the only true answer. She wants it and she does it. There is no secret behind it. There is even a kind of competition between us.

I try to provoke her to do something she can't and she tries to endure whatever I tell her to do. She endures when I spank her – she can be very stubborn. She obeys when I try to shame her a little.

This makes me toy with really naughty ideas. Like telling her to undress in her library and meet the people in the buff and that sort of thing, or to strip naked in the street or something, or that I should sit down and spank her on the stairs of a museum.

The great horror would be if she really did it. I wouldn't put her through something really shameful but you can always have fantasies.

Don't be too worried about Miranda, now. There is a limit to what she will do. When Miranda says 'no' it is no. There is no room for negotiations. If she doesn't want to do it she doesn't. The silly thing is that she obeys me when I tell her to serve tea in the nude when Fiona and Kate are here but she says no when I suggest that we should go shopping for shoes to her.

Miranda is really the sweetest thing. She is never ever moody, believe me, she isn't. She can be sad sometimes but never moody. She says she is grumpy but she isn't, really.

She can be angry, however. She may not seem to be that kind of person but she can be really furious. It doesn't happen often but when she is nothing can get in her way. Bananas is scared of Miranda when she is irate. The cat never fears me when I am angry but when Miranda is, she does a runner.

Mostly Miranda is cheerful. Actually, she is one of the most cheerful people I know and she really can pick me up when I am down.

And she is beautiful, did I say that? She is. The loveliest, prettiest person you can imagine and she doesn't know it herself. But I will make her see it, even if I have to use her hairbrush.

Now I will stop and just tell you that my team is France on Sunday and Miranda has England. I decided to go with France, believing them to be the better team at the moment but we will see. The fate of our bottoms is in the hands and feet of 30 strong men who without doubt will be both sweaty and muddy on Sunday...sigh. And yes, just because you fancy girls you are allowed to have fantasies about the rugby team.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Tale (Tail?) of two Spankings

I did have high hopes for Wales beating France and it was so close, so very close. But, alas, as it is now, France won by 21 – 16. Wales being my team in this match meant only one thing. Miranda's bottom was up for a rugby spanking. Five of the best.

Felicia, the mean woman, decided that we should wait until Saturday and so we did. Five with the dreaded cheese board is bad but not bad enough for me to lose sleep over. Still I was quite eager to get it over with the next day.

But there was no hurry. We went shopping and even had lunch out and all that before it was time. We returned home around three and then Felicia thought it was a good idea to spank me.

Sometimes I am really upset and sometimes eager but now I was just, not so very keen. I sighed and took my skirt off and climbed the chair and stuck my bottom out. She had only five but she decided to make the best of them.

She does have a good swing, that woman. She managed to set my bottom on fire in just five smacks. You have to admire skill when you see it...or rather feel it.

But that was not enough. Felicia was in one of her moods and told me how pretty I was and how immensely sexy my body is and that sort of things. Having read my last blogpost you know that this is nothing given for me and I really like hearing those things. But this time there was a certain menacing something to it.

Felicia told me to take my clothes off. It was Nude Saturday, she claimed. And she wanted to see my red bottom. What can you do? When your friend really wants something you do it. So there I was, stripping off all my clothes.

Then she insisted on continuing as usual. So there I was, in the sofa, with Felicia, reading the paper, having tea, chatting, all naked. Time and again she looked at me and smiled.

You don't really forget that you are naked but sitting there makes it more acceptable. I concentrated on the paper and a certain cosiness descended upon us.

This changed when it was time for dinner. No clothes were allowed poor Miranda when she was cooking. And no clothes when we were eating. Felicia had her evil grin on her face as she watched me clear the table.

All this is rather silly and when you know each other it is not a big deal but since she had ordered me and made no secret of ogling me it became a little tense. I was embarrassed but also a little flattered that she wants to look at me like that. I know you are supposed to feel all sexy and that going naked will end up in steaming sex. At our place it doesn't work like that. But it was still quite intense.

Then we watched a little telly until we realised that there was nothing worth watching. Felicia declared she was bored and she wanted to do something. This something turned out to be connected to my bottom. She told me that seeing me parading around the flat, all naked and with my bottom on display made her inspired.

It didn't take long until I was lying across her lap, she holding a hairbrush in her hand. Before she started she held it out and gave a long speech about how much she loves the hairbrush, how handy it is and how useful it is.

Then she started smacking me. She began with a steady pace of medium stinging smacks. I could tell that she wanted to keep on for a while. She did.

Your mind goes through all sorts of emotions when you are being smacked like that. Sometimes you think: 'this is ok, not too bad, I will cope'. Other times you think: 'oh, oh, this is beginning to be bad'. Then 'No, no, I am not sure I can cope with this'.

I have to blush now but I have noticed, sometimes that when she keeps up the spanking like this and my bottom begins to really warm up I tend to warm up too, the rest of me. That squirming and struggling makes you a little in the mood, so to speak.

And when you are like that, you begin to reconsider things. You start to wonder if not a very intrusive touch could be something nice and that if a certain hand would decide to touch certain body parts there would be no saying no.

The evil woman then ordered my up on the chair again. This time she got her belt, not the evil one but a lighter one. So instead of being naughty, Miranda had to get some more smacks on her poor bottom.

It was, kind of, weird. When you admit to yourself that you want to be naughty then being smacked becomes very intense. I don't usually get close to mixing pleasure and pain but this was as close as I have ever been.

I am happy that Felicia is as twisted as I am. She was in the mood too. She hugged me afterwards and there I was, naked against her clothes, bottom on fire but very much in the mood.

One thing followed another and redhead's clothes were disposed of and it was all very nice...although nice only covers half of it...smiles.