Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Knickerless Dinner

Some of you may have read about how redhead woman sometimes makes sweet and innocent librarian go to work with no knickers on. This is very mean and unusual and doesn't really cause any problems except that a certain Miranda feels like a naked librarian.

This sort of thing is better done during summer when skirts often are not accompanied by tights. Anyway, Felicia has been bad at this kind of meanness during this summer. She blames it on stress and being generally busy.

Now, come autumn, she seems to have regained some of her inherent meanness and has decided that a knickerless Miranda is a hoot. Since it wasn't really appropriate to have her thus at the library it had to be at home. So yesterday she promptly commanded me to take my knickers off when she got home.

Since I am such an obliging and obedient girl I did what I was told. I even accepted to stay knickerless when cooking our dinner.

Felicia wouldn't be the mean redhead she is if she didn't find ways of utilising this state of affairs. She took it on herself to inspect my work in the kitchen and do it often.

Every now and then she popped into the kitchen, equipped with a bath brush, to encourage me and urge me on. This urging on meant lifting my skirt and delivering a couple of hard swats with said brush on my unclad bottom.

She found it quite hilarious and the cat was amused. Miranda, herself, was less keen but since she is so kind and gentle she let redhead have her way.

When dinner was ready and we were about to sit down to eat, Felicia thought I should have a proper spanking before having my dinner. A proper spanking meant, skirt up and some twenty hard smacks with the bath brush.

Then when we sat down, the mean woman had me lift my skirt and sit directly on the chair. This was, however, not such a bad idea. Hot bottom was actually cooled down by surface of kitchen chair.

Well, to be honest, the evening was a rather nice one and since Felicia had time to swat my bottom she also had time for some hugging and cuddling and what that sort of thing may lead to.


Anonymous said...

Miranda, I haven't commented on your lovely blog before but I feel that I must say how much I enjoyed today's post. What mean Felicia did to you was wonderful....especially given you a good spanking just before you sat down to eat the meal you had just prepared! Although the kitchen chair may have had a cooling effect on your well-smacked bottom I suspect that you were still squirming about whilst you ate your meal.

Tell Felicia 'thanks for giving me some good ideas of how to deal with my wife when she's working in the kitchen'!!!


Alyx said...

Hm, gives new meaning to the phrase (un)dressing for dinner! :)

Glad to hear Felicia continues to "inspire" you.

Miranda said...

Dear Aristotle, She is ingenious, isn't she, my redhead? Thanks for the lovely comment. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Dear Alyx, good to hear from you. Yes, it was nice. She actually does that sometimes, have me undress for dinner. It is very naughty.