Wednesday, 29 April 2009


What can you do when your love is a little grumpy, overworked and generally stressed out and in a bad mood? You have to try to cheer her up. And best way is of course to do something you like yourself, for mutual benefit.

Anyway, we were sitting in the sofa waiting for Holby City (best ever hospital soap, ever). Oops, I needed to look in the paper that was lying on Felicia's side of the sofa. Oops, I ended up lying across her lap. What a strange coincidence that I wore a very short skirt. And even more strange that I happened to wear my polka dot spanking knickers. Oops!!

This was all very, very silly but I wanted to cheer up so I wanted it to be very, very silly.

She got the hint. 'You are a very naughty girl, Miranda,' she said. And you know we don't do that 'naughty girl' stuff but she actually said it. I think she meant it.

I was sort of expecting a slap on my bottom when Felicia decided she wanted to take action. Instead of a well placed palm on my bottom I got a finger in my midriff. This made me jump and cry out.

'Hairbrush,' she said and then I was sure she had really got the hint. She got the brush and I was soon back in her lap. This time my skirt was turned up. She didn't, however, pull my knickers down before she began to apply the hairbrush to my fair skin.

My polka dot spanking knickers don't protect me much, I can tell you. Felicia says they are an inspiration for her. That is why she let me keep them on while smacking my bottom.

The prude in me was grateful for this modesty but the perv that is living side by side was not happy with this. Spankings should be on the bare, we all know that.

Anyway, Felicia smacked along quite vigorously and this means some discomfort for me. I was still thinking that my silly, silly plan had worked out fine. I was quite happy lying there struggling with the spanking I was receiving. Felicia kept on for so long that I was thinking that those knickers were not coming down.

I don't know about you but there comes a point when you think that a spanking has gone on for long enough. At that very moment Felicia stopped smacking me. My bottom was quite warm and sore. As I said, spanking knickers don't protect that much.

'The rest on the bare,' she then said and started to take my knickers down. I think I even protested but she has this evil laugh I sometimes hear when she is getting in the mood, the mood for being cruel to her Miranda.

I was in for another dose of the hairbrush, this time on the very bare and very sore bottom of mine. Ouch. It did hurt. I was squirming soon and realising I had to brace myself to cope. The mood changes, you need to stay focussed but relax in a way, accept the situation.

Afterwards she stroked my bottom and told me it was hot before commanding me to stand in the corner. Have you heard? We don't usually do that but now I had to stand in the corner, knickers around my knees and holding my skirt up. Felicia was watching Holby City when she didn't look at my bottom and chuckling.

I stood there for some time, trying to listen to the soap. Then she told me she wasn't done with me yet. I was a little concerned. My bottom had received two quite lengthy smackings and wasn't really ready for more.

It was clothes off and across the armrest of the sofa for Miranda while Felicia got the belt. She had decided on the broad, heavy belt. The upside is that it has quite a big surface. The downside that it is rather heavy.

I soon forgot what was happening in Holby City when the leather began to come down on my very sore bottom. It was an ordeal, it really was.

It is strange what happens to your mind when you are receiving a spanking like that. You have to brace yourself for every lash (smack?) of the belt and it hurts, there is no denying that. Still you kind of welcome the pain, and get excited by it, sort of high on it. And proud you endure, that sort of thing. Mixed emotions to say the least.

Bottom really on fire when she was done and I took a deep breath. She told me she had one more thing to do. And this is really evil. She got the riding crop and told me she was to end it with eight of the best.

Strange what you let your lover do to you when you are lying naked across the armrest of a sofa. The riding crop, or horsewhip which I like to call it, is really evil. And Felicia wanted to make an impression.

It wasn't fun. It really hurt but my pride made me stay. It was a relief when it was over. Felicia was really proud of me, I was really proud of me, and of her. It takes some courage to smack your lover like she did. We didn't watch tv, there were other things more urgent.

My bottom is still sore today, hard to sit down. But there is a kind of joy in that too, knowing that it really cheered her up...and me.


jim said...

What a scrumptious story! It has all the thrilling elements I adore: hairbrushes; polka dot knickers (on then off!; unmerciful spanking with heavy leather and swishy wood; a red, red bottom. Lovely !

S. in Dallas said...

Wow! When you decide to come back, you do so with a great post! You have done it again.

Anonymous said...

this is lovely, Miranda, you are very erotic and capture all the joy spanking should bring. Have a happy if slightly uncomfortable bank holiday.

Dave said...

Lovley indeed! Polka dot panties? YUM.

Are there ever any spankings, by the way, on the TV show/soap opera you mentioned "Holby City" ?

Anonymous said...

welcome back x

Alyx said...

Wow, that was quite a session! But I'm glad it cheered you both up. Funny how a spanking can do that. ;)

Mina said...

Hello Miranda

I know I have been absent for some time but I am pleased to see Felicia still keeps you in hand and that you are both well, if stressed a little.

You are very kind to Felicia as the spanking will help her as much as you.


Miranda said...

Dear Jim, I don't know why some say I am preoccupied with knickers. The polka dot ones are really pretty...and inspirational. Thanks...smiles.

Dear S. in Dallas, I am glad, yes, chuffed, that you liked it, thanks.

Dear Bob, it was a bit of both, a happy heart and a sore bottom...giggles.

Dear Dave, no, unfortunately there are no spankings on Holby City, it is a good soap anyway. Come to think of it, not much spanking at all on telly. Polka dot knickers are nice...thanks.

Dear Anonymous, thank you so much...and for reading.

Dear Alyx, it makes an impression, to say the least...chuckles. Thanks for the comment.

Dear Mina, thanks for the comment, I am not so sure I was thinking of Felicia...smiles.

Hugs to you all


Anonymous said...

badlittleboy2467 says : That was hot! I would love to have my bare bottom badly paddled like that, then strapped so hard with a heavy strap, then be bent over, helpless and wiggling and crying while having my bare bottom badly blister whipped! The horse whip was sexy, but next time take the whipping first, then those sweet bare bottom cheeks will be whip welted all over; paddling and strapping whip welted cheeks hurts so much more and is more fun! I would love to have both of you whip my bare bottom, hard, at the same time, to see who can whip harder!

Miranda said...

Dear Badlittleboy, thank you for your compliment. I am afraid I am more into girls and more into getting my own bottom smacked.



amy said...
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