Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Red Cheeks

Who could have known that England would give France such a thrashing. 34 to 10, that is amazing. And the word thrashing leads me to what this post is about. I will just tell you, briefly about the 24 whacks with the board that Felicia got for backing the wrong team.

Felicia was a little reluctant but I persuaded her to take them in two gos. The first one to be delivered on her lovely bottom that instant.

I don't know what annoyed Felicia most, the fact that she was to be smacked or the fact that she had calculated it so badly, that France was, after all, such a weak team.

One thing that honours my Felicia is that she is not one to fret or try to avoid what is coming her way. No, she obediently dropped her trousers and her knickers and climbed the chair. She even meekly stuck her bottom out for me.

She has such a lovely bottom and it is really a shame to smack it when you really want to caress it instead. But, alas, a bet is a bet and a girl had a duty to perform.

The first whack is always a little hesitant. The sound was tremendous, though. It is amazing how much sound a little wood against soft skin can produce.

I gave her the next one with a little more force and she jumped. I almost chickened out then. I braced myself and got on with it. It was quite fun around seven and eight but I could see on Felicia that she thought me too soft hearted.

The last set I really tried to smack her good. And she jumped every time and looked a little impressed afterwards.

First half was over and you can't blame a girl for wanting to put lotion on a very pink and sweet bottom afterwards. We both enjoyed that...

Next instalment was to be on the Tuesday, yesterday, that is. And the same procedure was repeated. Red haired girlfriend soon knelt with no trousers and no knickers on the chair. Her bottom was quite recovered so I shouldn't really have to feel any pity.

Still it was much harder this time. The sound was terrible and although I am sure our neighbours can't hear it, it still scared me. And knowing how much it hurt didn't help.

In fact, Felicia was quite annoyed with me afterwards, a little disappointed. She wondered what the meaning was with a bet like that if I couldn't deliver the strokes. She even threatened with a spanking. A girl can be tempted but, sigh, nothing came of it.

It is true however, that a Miranda spanking is long overdue. And keep your fingers crossed for Wales to win on Saturday. However much I love to get a spanking, I hate to lose the bet.


jim said...

I don't see why you can't caress Felicia's bottom between spanks. Do you have some rule against that? In my bottoming experience, punctuating the harsh strokes with tender touching is absolutely exquisite.

Anonymous said...

It's so funny how you both are! One doesn't know whether you prefer winning or losing. *LOL* Probably you both prefer it when Miranda loses, mm?

I've noticed that you frequently use a chair for doling out the swats. Can I ask why that is? I'm just curious. My personal favorite position is over the knee (both giving and receiving), but perhaps it's because you use a paddle, which is harder to use OTK?


Miranda said...

Dear Jim, I am not sure I said I can't.

Dear Alyx, we like over the knee too. But the chair is special too. Anyway you like it...that is how it should be.