Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Where we live there is this shop that sells clothes and shoes really cheap. It's so inexpensive so you get suspicious, you know, lovely pink ballerinas for a couple of quid and that sort of thing.

Anyway, the other day I found a lovely pair of plimsolls for almost nothing there and took them home to proudly show them for lovely redhead. They were red and very nice, that kind of colour you can't deny yourself, a colour you want to paint something in.

'What a splendid idea,' someone said when they saw the shoes. And it wasn't the cat. I thought it was an odd thing to say but she approved of my shoes and I didn't think more of it.

The next day, Felicia came home with a similar pair, from the same shop. My first thought was that I finally had influenced her in her choice of clothes. I was wrong.

She had chosen a black pair that looked very nice too. She wanted to try them at once. I told her to go ahead and try them.

Thing is, she hadn't bought them to put on her feet. No, she thought that a pair of plimsolls was missing in our collection of toys and trying them included yours truly.

You have heard it before. I was soon lying face down, on her knees, skirt flipped up and knickers around my knees, prepared for a 'slippering', which is the correct term for it. I suggested 'plimsolling', which she liked.

It's amazing what impact a brand new plimsolls can have on your naked behind. Although she had never done it before, she showed her immense adaptability and general skill and got in some really bad ones.

She didn't spank me for long, that is true, but she did it with some vigour and she thoroughly enjoyed it, I could tell.

Although they were brand spanking (pun intended) new and clean as anything, it is, kind of, degrading to be spanked with a shoe. This aspect was to the liking of mean redhead. She even said that 'kick arse' got a whole new meaning. She chuckled at that. Personally, I don't think it wasn't very witty. I didn't tell her, not then, anyway.

The bright side of it was that I got a spanking, which was long overdue and that was a good thing. It hurts, indeed it does, but it cheers you up.


jim said...

My trouser seat was slippered so much at school that my bum often stayed red all day, and smarted all week.

Miss Lindsay's preffered "weapon" was a size 12 plimsoll, especially purchased for the purpose of spanking her naughty charges.

It is important not to use the designated slipper for any other purpose.

My felicitations to Felicity; and may she wear your knickers threadbare with that slipper!

S. in Dallas said...

Congratulations on a new "toy" for you both! I hope you get many years of enjoyment from it.

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Anonymous said...

I've never commented on a blog before, but I wanted to say I have just spent my sunday reading the entirety of your blog, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I am very envious of your relationship, and hope you have a wonderful time continuing it.

Miranda said...

Dear Jim, I am sorry to hear about your ordeals...smiles. I think she will use the plimsolls only for my bottom but I am sure they will not affect my knickers that much, though.

Dear S. in Dallas, it is good with some new stuff, from time to time, don't you think?

Dear Richard, link added...and thanks.

Dear Anonymous, reading my whole blog! That sounds like a punishment, maybe you would have preferred a dozen with the plimsolls...smiles. Thank you for the compliment, it warms my heart.



Alyx said...

I've always wondered what a slippering would be like. Thanks to your blog, I can experience it vicariously and never have to find out for myself. *g*

Miranda said...

Dear Alyx, you are welcome...smiles.