Friday, 30 November 2007

At Last...

I haven't bought a thingy for Felicia yet. I can't decide what would be best for her naughty bottom. I am thinking about a ruler or a hairbrush, nothing too brutal. She is not used to it. She has a sensitive bottom. Hehe (think evil laughter here!).

Although I haven't bought anything for Felicia I did get to spank her yesterday. Imagine that!! It is not the first time in world history this happens but it is not that common. Felicia is not a girl who enjoys spankings. Not receiving them, that is. As you know, she is quite happy dishing them out.

Anyway, what happened was this: yesterday evening, I came into our very tiny living room where Felicia was watching the telly. I had brought my hairbrush and told her that I was going to spank her. The thing is that I sometimes do this and it often ends up with me over her lap getting the spanking.

This time was different. 'Alright,' she said. I was astonished. There was a confused and slightly awkward moment when I didn't believe my ears but soon I was sitting in the sofa, Felicia lying in my lap (sort of).

She was wearing her pyjamas (that is pajamas for you Mericans out there) that didn't offered much protection for her lovely bottom. I got this urge to touch and squeeze her bottom instead of spanking it but I resisted. Miranda can be determined at times.

So what do you do when you get the opportunity to spank your loveliest friend? Are you going to be gentle to make her not regret it in the hope of repeating it soon? Or do you think you should make the most of the situation and give her a good walloping?

You live only once. Of course I gave her a good walloping. Or at least as good as I am able to. I am not sure she was really prepared for it. She didn't try to kill me or anything but she sounded very annoyed. I told her it was supposed to hurt and for some reason she found this extremely amusing. She didn't protest any more but was lying there chuckling as I started again. I didn't shut her up be it did hurt.

Then it was time to take down the pyjama trousers. Yummy, I liked that. Felicia is a red haired girl and has very fair skin. Now it was a pretty pink.

The sound is very different, don't you think? Pink turned to red and Miranda thought this was quite fun. I have to say that Felicia was quite brave. She is not used to this.

She was giggling when I was done but I thought I saw that glint in her eyes that said; 'just you wait'. But she didn't take the hairbrush and I gave her a hug and we had a great evening. The thing is that, although, I usually am at the receiving end and I think I will always prefer that, spanking is quite fun.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Poor Miranda

You don't have to use terrible tools on Miranda's bottom to get her attention. The vigorous application of a simple hairbrush will do the trick. My dear Felicia proved that yesterday. She maintains that it has nothing to do with a certain bitemark on her bottom (see last blog post if you don't know what I am talking about!).

It was not very dramatic, Miranda across her lap, skirt up, knickers down and some, smack, smack. If you keep on with the smack, smack, it can be quite an ordeal. She kept on for a while and squirm is a word that springs to mind when I describe me in that situation.

I don't know what to think about her reaction. She seemed to immensely pleased about it. I didn't actually hear her laugh but she hummed a little tune for a while and that is pretty close. I like it that she is happy but somehow it makes it a little worse for poor Miranda.

When a very sore Miranda got her hug, Felicia told her that it was not for the bitemark (that is almost gone now) but for Miranda being silly about the images on her blog.

I knew she only wanted an excuse. She was the one who posted the fake (yes!!) image of my bottom. Ok, I started it some time ago but still, it was a little unfair, I think.

Anyway, that was that and Miranda had a smacked bottom. I am strangely pleased when I feel that special warmth that is there after a good smacking. That is how weird I am.

By the way, Bananas has recovered well from her humiliating fall into the bath tub. She is still a little upset but it is nothing that not a lot of food will fix.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Vampire Miranda

I haven't bought anything for Felicia's bottom just yet but I am planning to. I can't believe the fuss about the image she put up on her post. No use in me telling my naughty and suspicious readers that it wasn't my bottom in the picture. To make you happy I have illustrated this entry with a picture of Felicia and me having fun in the kitchen. And it is me in the red tutu.

Anyway, what I am to tell you, happened yesterday. Felicia, Bananas and I were in the loo. As it happened. You know how girls are! For some reason we always seem to gather there.

To make a long story short. Felicia was leaning forward for some reason. I was standing behind her and just happened to be staring at her bottom. She has a lovely bottom (a bottom I am planning to smack in the near future). At this specific moment in time clad only in a pair of white knickers.

You have to understand. It is very hard to resist the temptation. A girl is just a girl and as Oscar Wilde put it: 'I can resist anything but temptation.' Miranda is only human so she gave in to temptation.

I leaned forward and bit her. I planted my teeth in her right buttock, middle part, a little to the right. I got a good grip with my teeth, I must say. It didn't last for long but it is not to exaggerate to say that the mood in the room changed.

Felicia didn't scream. The sound she made can't be described as a scream. It was quite clear to me that she was quite upset, though. The cat was upset too. She had been monitoring everything perched on top of the cabinet and now she lost her footing and fell into the bathtub. There was no water there but cats, generally, don't enjoy falling off things.

I had no idea my teeth were that sharp. She got a very nasty mark. There was no blood but a very evil looking mark. It was still there this morning.

Felicia jumped around for quite a while and I could but stand there and look at her in amazement. I think you will believe me if I say that she was quite angry.

She didn't try to kill me there and then and she didn't spank me for it. I know some of my readers would think, that could have been a natural progression but we don't do it like that in our household. She looked at me very angrily. I said I was sorry and she calmed down a little. Bananas was still upset but when she got some food she calmed down too.

I will not bite Felicia again, not for a long time. It was good fun though.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


I do have some naughty readers. You don't believe me when I say it is not my bottom in the picture and you want me to put up a picture of it (my bottom) to prove it wasn't (seems quite illogical as I read it but you know what I mean). You will have to wait a long time before there will be any pictures of my bottom on the blog. Ha!

I am still a little annoyed with Felicia for creating this fuss and I think she deserves a spanking. I have even been thinking I should buy her a special thingy, just for her bottom.

I think that is a good idea, to have a thingy reserved for Felicia's, sometimes, very naughty bottom. And I am determined to use it. I wonder what it should be? Something nasty, hehe. Any ideas?

Somehow I have the sense that you, naughty readers, are not on my side in this. I wonder why?

Monday, 19 November 2007

No, No, No...

Let me first make sure that no one believes it is my bottom in the picture in the last blog entry. I repeat, it is not a picture of Miranda's bottom. Not that Miranda would be ashamed of having such a bottom. It is, indeed, a very nice, round, soft and spankable bottom but it does not belong to yours truly.

I think it was quite mean of Felicia to put that image up and let everyone believe it was my bottom. I gave her free hands with the blog and look what she did! I had to attack her with the hairbrush for that. I did get some good smacks in before she overpowered me. She is quite good at that. As I said, she got some smacks from my hairbrush and I wasn't meek, being a little vexed with my friend. You can't she didn't deserve it.

She just giggled but I knew it hurt. I felt good about myself. Not the it stopped her from trying out the new belt on me the day after. On Saturday she had me kneel on the chair, no skirt, knickers down and sticking bottom out.

She thought that she would try the belt on my bottom without any warming up. That is kind of mean but you know how she is, mean and red haired and so. I can tell you that the belt is not the worst thing imaginable but it stung. You know, depending on where it hits it can be ok at times but really bad at times.

On the whole a good gift. Felicia was pleased and you know what? Miranda was pleased too.

I saw what she wrote in the blog but she hasn't taken the fish slice to my bottom again. I am quite sure it will not take that long before she does, though.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Miranda's Bottom

Ok, this is not Miranda speaking. This is her friend, the 'stunner'. I can't deny I am very flattered by Tiny Miranda's description of me but I don't feel like a stunner. Far from it. When I struggle home on my bicycle from work, tired and annoyed I feel like an evil witch or something. Lucky me to have Miranda to come home to.

I would be very evil if I let my bad temper encourage me to take it out on Miranda's bottom. She has a very lovely bottom. But I may have said that before. Most often I am fed when I get home. The lovely Miranda gives me food and that makes me far happier. It is often in this moment when I am no longer angry and annoyed that my thought wander off to a very sweet round little bottom that moves around in our flat.

The fish slice Miranda bought is a very nice little thingy. It is not heavy but not flimsy either. The flat surface seems to be made for Miranda's bottom. It is lighter than the bath brush and is flatter and nicer than the wooden spoon. It is perfect for its purpose. Its new and exciting purpose.

I do read the blog and she told me what she was thinking. She didn't buy something that would be nice to her, that would be light an easy to endure. No, she bought something she thought would effective and efficient as a spanking implement. And what that means is that is would hurt her delicate little bottom when I use it on her. Isn't that the sweetest?

She is a very sweet girl, Miranda. I suppose you know that, already. She is not only beautiful and kind but she has the most exciting little body imaginable and her bottom is the most soft and vibrating little bottom you can think of.

I get carried away. But, anyway. I think I will take the new fish slice to Miranda's bottom and have some fun with it. I think I will make her regret she called me evil in her last blog.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007


Cruel Felicia, cruel, cruel, mean Felicia, cruel mean and evil Felicia! And poor and innocent and Tiny Miranda. No comments about the cat at this moment.

Yes, you guessed it. Felicia had some time and inspiration to play with Miranda's shopping. I sensed already as we were waking up Sunday morning that Felicia was in a jolly mood. And jolly mood meant things could start happening in our household. And it did, quite soon after breakfast, really.

Miranda was not fully dressed yet, wearing just knickers and t-shirt (now I have mentioned knickers, it means I can tag this post with 'Knickers'...always a good thing), when Felicia said, 'come here!'

Miranda is not a stupid girl. She may appear quite daft but she is not stupid. She got that Felicia wanted her to come to her and that it should happen immediately. You know Miranda, she is always nice and kind and obliging.

Felicia was holding a piece of the rope I bought in her hand (we chopped it up in, three pieces, already on Friday). I knew she wanted to try it. And it can't be denied that Miranda felt a slight tingling in her body at that. But it could have been just some cold air or something, who knows.

'Top off!' was a very short and distinct command but Miranda is clever so she understands. From being still a little sleepy and dazed Miranda was now very...what should I call it?...attentive.

Top came off and Miranda was suddenly shivering, standing there in her knickers alone. The knickers were pink spotted white ones, quite cute, actually, in my opinion. Miranda was ordered to turn around and to cross her wrists behind her back. Felicia was humming a tune as she tied Miranda's wrists together.

Having your hands tied behind your back is really a quit strange experience. People get that, all the time, in films and such but it is quite strange to be that helpless and defenceless. And being almost naked in the presence of a woman who can't keep her hands away from your body even when you have the ability to fend her off makes you feel a little vulnerable.

She didn't touch me, yet. Instead she went off and got another of Miranda's shopping, namely, the fish slice. And a conversation followed that went something like this:

'I am going to spank you with this,' said Felicia, looking smug.


'Down with your knickers!'

'Felicia, my hands are tied.' (I am not sure I was that witty in real life but I did let her know that my hands, were, indeed tied together).

'Yes, and...?'

Have you ever tried to take your knickers off with your hands tied behind your back? No, really, how come? Anyway, it is not that easy. You can, kind of, slide it down a little at the back but that is almost all. It depends a little on the relative length of your arms but in my case it was not enough. And the size of your bottom, come to think of it. Miranda's bottom is not that big but it was still not easy.

With the help of some of the furniture and some very awkward movements from Miranda the knickers came down a little. Understand that this was accompanied by the cruel laughter of cruel Felicia! She found this hilarious. It is strange how easy it is to almost fall over when you have your hands tied behind your back.

Anyway, Felicia found mercy in her heart and pulled my knickers down completely leaving poor Miranda quite naked. Kind and considerate Felicia helped Miranda lie down in her lap and proceeded to smack her poor unprotected bottom with the fish slice.

I can tell you that is was a good implement if you want a spanking implement to hurt. In the hands of my skilful red haired friend it stung. And I saw later that the slit down the middle of the blade left funny looking marks on my bottom.

Well, naughty Miranda was quite excited by this cruel treatment although the spanking really hurt. Her bottom was, as they say, on fire which made Miranda quite hot. Stop it, stop it! Silly, silly joke.

When Felicia was done smacking her pretty little friend she put the fish slice away and had Miranda sit down on the sofa. That was kind of cruel regarding the fact that her bottom was still quite affected. As I said, Felicia does often have a hard time keeping her hands off her tiny friend and now was not an exception. Remember that Miranda was still tied up and still quite naked so there was not much to stop the red haired and cruel woman from having her way.

I have been tied up before by Felicia but I have never been touched the way I was, while bound. It is a strange sensation not being able to control when and where to be touched. Not that I am sure I wanted to stop her but still.

I will not give any details but I can say that it was very nice, very...hrm...satisfying. And afterwards, when she had removed the rope and she was holding me she told me she had this idea of keeping me tied up for a longer time, not much but like that, hands behind my back but for a much longer time. Tiny Miranda wouldn't be who she is if she wasn't a tinsy-winsy little bit excited by those words.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Miranda Goes Shopping

Miranda really went shopping yesterday. Contrary to popular belief, all girls don't love shopping. Miranda is the odd exception. She is not happy in big crowds and she never finds anything that she likes. Despite this aversion she went shopping for something to spank with.

It was, kind of, fun to go searching for things to spank with. It added something to it to think that it was my own bottom on the line, so to speak. I had a lot of mixed feelings as I looked at wooden spoons and different things that could be used on my very own bottom. It is strange to hold a wooden spoon and think it is too light and flimsy for to be useful. How stupid can you get? Flimsy means nicer, so Miranda should be happy with flimsy. Still, that is not the point with spanking, is it?

I even had my hands on a very nasty looking bamboo stick. Its purpose was to hold plants up but it struck me (no pun intended) that it would be a very painful stick to take to poor Miranda's bottom. It scared me but then I sensed that it should be like that. A whipping is supposed to be bad, isn't it? So the stick seemed a good choice.

I decided against it because I had read somewhere that bamboo can break and be very sharp and there is risk for injuries. We don't want injuries so no bamboo stick. Still there was this strange thrill that I, kind of, enjoyed.

In the end I went to this ironmongers place that has everything and bought a kind of wooden fish slice thingy with three slits in it. It was not heavy, nor light and in the hand of an expert it will deliver a certain sting, I believe. And the slits will leave interesting patterns on Miranda's bottom.

I went to Primark and found a belt. I know, Felicia, already, has got a belt but this would be for my bottom alone. It is an inch wide and quite heavy. Not too much but not light either. We will see how it works.

Oh, I almost forgot. I saw some rope at the ironmongers. I just saw it there and I suddenly realised that Miranda wants to be bound. We have some ropes but they are not really good for that. It happens that Felicia uses them but they are not very good, too stiff and unpleasant. I found this soft, white and smooth rope and decided I wanted it. I bought some three meters of it, thinking that Miranda would not escape three meters of rope.

I wondered if the clerk realised why I was buying a wooden thingy and some rope. He didn't look like he got the connection but who knows? Anyway, I thought about it and felt very naughty.

I gave the wooden thingy, the belt and the rope to Felicia. She was really touched and I think she realised what I tried to say. There was no real time for them but I got a couple of swats with the fish slice thingy on my knickers but I could feel it.

I think, on the whole, it was a successful shopping trip. I can't wait for Felicia to try out the rest of the things.

By the way, the image is not of the one I bought but it looks a little like that.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Am I becoming boring? Weekend was terribly spankfree and naughtinessfree. What is a girl supposed to do? The Stunner was busy with her work. Damned be research in all its forms! Even the cat was busy chasing birds.

Oh, I know I am unfair. I am happy Felicia has an engaging job (if it is called a job). And I am happy Bananas finds something she can try to kill. It is just that Miranda had to entertain herself. Not that she is without friends but all of them seemed busy, busy, busy.

I am not usually like this. I am actually quite good at entertaining myself but this weekend I had no inspiration at all. Weekdays are a little better. I have my work.

I know what I will do. Tomorrow I will go shopping for something to spank me with.

Friday, 2 November 2007


So you didn't think I went to work in the nude? Perhaps that was a little too much. Anyway, the picture was very nice, I think. Good to see a naked girl with glasses and whose hair is not blond or black. She looks like a very ordinary girl but a very nice looking ordinary girl. And with a very lovely figure...mmm.

I have nothing really to write about today. My bottom is ok now and no spankings this week. Today is Friday and weekend is here. That is good. I am doing this post, mostly to let you know that I have not abandoned my blog. I will be back. Maybe something nice will happen this weekend.