Tuesday, 13 November 2007


Cruel Felicia, cruel, cruel, mean Felicia, cruel mean and evil Felicia! And poor and innocent and Tiny Miranda. No comments about the cat at this moment.

Yes, you guessed it. Felicia had some time and inspiration to play with Miranda's shopping. I sensed already as we were waking up Sunday morning that Felicia was in a jolly mood. And jolly mood meant things could start happening in our household. And it did, quite soon after breakfast, really.

Miranda was not fully dressed yet, wearing just knickers and t-shirt (now I have mentioned knickers, it means I can tag this post with 'Knickers'...always a good thing), when Felicia said, 'come here!'

Miranda is not a stupid girl. She may appear quite daft but she is not stupid. She got that Felicia wanted her to come to her and that it should happen immediately. You know Miranda, she is always nice and kind and obliging.

Felicia was holding a piece of the rope I bought in her hand (we chopped it up in, three pieces, already on Friday). I knew she wanted to try it. And it can't be denied that Miranda felt a slight tingling in her body at that. But it could have been just some cold air or something, who knows.

'Top off!' was a very short and distinct command but Miranda is clever so she understands. From being still a little sleepy and dazed Miranda was now very...what should I call it?...attentive.

Top came off and Miranda was suddenly shivering, standing there in her knickers alone. The knickers were pink spotted white ones, quite cute, actually, in my opinion. Miranda was ordered to turn around and to cross her wrists behind her back. Felicia was humming a tune as she tied Miranda's wrists together.

Having your hands tied behind your back is really a quit strange experience. People get that, all the time, in films and such but it is quite strange to be that helpless and defenceless. And being almost naked in the presence of a woman who can't keep her hands away from your body even when you have the ability to fend her off makes you feel a little vulnerable.

She didn't touch me, yet. Instead she went off and got another of Miranda's shopping, namely, the fish slice. And a conversation followed that went something like this:

'I am going to spank you with this,' said Felicia, looking smug.


'Down with your knickers!'

'Felicia, my hands are tied.' (I am not sure I was that witty in real life but I did let her know that my hands, were, indeed tied together).

'Yes, and...?'

Have you ever tried to take your knickers off with your hands tied behind your back? No, really, how come? Anyway, it is not that easy. You can, kind of, slide it down a little at the back but that is almost all. It depends a little on the relative length of your arms but in my case it was not enough. And the size of your bottom, come to think of it. Miranda's bottom is not that big but it was still not easy.

With the help of some of the furniture and some very awkward movements from Miranda the knickers came down a little. Understand that this was accompanied by the cruel laughter of cruel Felicia! She found this hilarious. It is strange how easy it is to almost fall over when you have your hands tied behind your back.

Anyway, Felicia found mercy in her heart and pulled my knickers down completely leaving poor Miranda quite naked. Kind and considerate Felicia helped Miranda lie down in her lap and proceeded to smack her poor unprotected bottom with the fish slice.

I can tell you that is was a good implement if you want a spanking implement to hurt. In the hands of my skilful red haired friend it stung. And I saw later that the slit down the middle of the blade left funny looking marks on my bottom.

Well, naughty Miranda was quite excited by this cruel treatment although the spanking really hurt. Her bottom was, as they say, on fire which made Miranda quite hot. Stop it, stop it! Silly, silly joke.

When Felicia was done smacking her pretty little friend she put the fish slice away and had Miranda sit down on the sofa. That was kind of cruel regarding the fact that her bottom was still quite affected. As I said, Felicia does often have a hard time keeping her hands off her tiny friend and now was not an exception. Remember that Miranda was still tied up and still quite naked so there was not much to stop the red haired and cruel woman from having her way.

I have been tied up before by Felicia but I have never been touched the way I was, while bound. It is a strange sensation not being able to control when and where to be touched. Not that I am sure I wanted to stop her but still.

I will not give any details but I can say that it was very nice, very...hrm...satisfying. And afterwards, when she had removed the rope and she was holding me she told me she had this idea of keeping me tied up for a longer time, not much but like that, hands behind my back but for a much longer time. Tiny Miranda wouldn't be who she is if she wasn't a tinsy-winsy little bit excited by those words.


Dove said...

Oooh, sounds lovely and nice for your both. So glad your shopping expedition did not go to waste. Do you think the fish slice will ever be used to actually cook with? Though it does sound like you got your bottom 'cooked'.


Jim said...

You and Felicia ought to be given your own cookery show on TV. Eat you fanny out Heart & Johnny.

{Ooops! That should have read: Eat your heart out Fanny & Johnny!}

Miranda said...

Dear Dove, can you use it to cook with?...Giggles. 'Bottom cooked' you are witty today.

Dear Jim, 'Eat your fanny out'. That is very naughty...smiles.

amy said...
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