Thursday, 15 November 2007

Miranda's Bottom

Ok, this is not Miranda speaking. This is her friend, the 'stunner'. I can't deny I am very flattered by Tiny Miranda's description of me but I don't feel like a stunner. Far from it. When I struggle home on my bicycle from work, tired and annoyed I feel like an evil witch or something. Lucky me to have Miranda to come home to.

I would be very evil if I let my bad temper encourage me to take it out on Miranda's bottom. She has a very lovely bottom. But I may have said that before. Most often I am fed when I get home. The lovely Miranda gives me food and that makes me far happier. It is often in this moment when I am no longer angry and annoyed that my thought wander off to a very sweet round little bottom that moves around in our flat.

The fish slice Miranda bought is a very nice little thingy. It is not heavy but not flimsy either. The flat surface seems to be made for Miranda's bottom. It is lighter than the bath brush and is flatter and nicer than the wooden spoon. It is perfect for its purpose. Its new and exciting purpose.

I do read the blog and she told me what she was thinking. She didn't buy something that would be nice to her, that would be light an easy to endure. No, she bought something she thought would effective and efficient as a spanking implement. And what that means is that is would hurt her delicate little bottom when I use it on her. Isn't that the sweetest?

She is a very sweet girl, Miranda. I suppose you know that, already. She is not only beautiful and kind but she has the most exciting little body imaginable and her bottom is the most soft and vibrating little bottom you can think of.

I get carried away. But, anyway. I think I will take the new fish slice to Miranda's bottom and have some fun with it. I think I will make her regret she called me evil in her last blog.


Dove said...

Hello Felicia, pleased to meet you. I don't think I have posted before when you have posted, so this is a first. I do love to read of Miranda's chastisement as she does seem to enjoy it so, not to mention need it on occasion. Sorry Miranda.

Oh, *pet* for Bananas.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely bottom, Miranda sports! Your license to spank is a real love favour, Felicia1

Anonymous said...

Curtseygirl says: hello Felicia, what a pleasant surprise! I hope Miranda showed you my story for her, and that you didn't mind my naming you after a dodgy Czech form of car. I know when I spank my Kitty, (that's my flatmate Catie, who is Scottish, not some random "cat/pussy" comment), with her wooden spoon she enjoys it very much: I trust Miranda is similarly pleased with you. I am looking forward to hearing about the belt from Primark, although for me and Kitty "the strap" is for punishment and not fun. (Ouch and cry and sob and tears and "oh, oh, I promise I'll be good.) Oh, and I wish I had red hair...I'm a coppery brunette: you are a very lucky girl in so many ways. Give Bananas a stroke for me, and one from Frukost too. Cx.

emily said...

awwww what a very sweet post..

Miranda said...

Felicia replies:

Dear Dove, I thank you for your encouragement. Not only has Miranda a very spankable bottom and one I see as a privilege to be allowed to spank, she is also a scatterbrain and quite sloppy at times. I think, she benefits from a good smacking now and then. Not that I need that as an excuse...wink!

Dear Jim, I consider it as being one of the greatest honours.

Dear Curtseygirl, you say that the strap is not for fun but for punishment. You could say that it is a little of both at our place (talking about belts now), punishment for Miranda and fun for me...How cruel I must sound to say that. I think Miranda is, indeed and on the whole, pleased with me. And I have read your story. It is not the Czech bit that bothers me but the car bit. Maybe I should come over to you and borrow that strap? I liked the story though...smiles.

Dear Emily, sweet post, thanks, ever so much.