Thursday, 23 September 2010

Funny Games

Gosh! I haven't been blogging for a while. I am so sorry. My only excuse is that my life has been quite boring, you know, work, work, and more work and not much of fun.

Today, at least, my bottom is sore. It is, actually, very sore, to the extent that it isn't very easy to sit down. We had a bit of a marathon yesterday.

We were both in agreement that there has been very little action lately. This had to be remedied. Felicia was quite keen and she asked me if I was up to it.

Alarm bells should be ringing by now. Felicia doesn't often ask me if I want to be spanked. It is part of our agreement, that she merely decides. Asking me meant she had some idea that could be a tad harsher than usual.

It was very kind of her to ask, but I was up to it, of course. I trust her.

Felicia had invented this spanking game, played with dice. It is very silly but what it does is that it adds an element of inevitability to it all. At least the kind of game she came up with.

I will explain. First you throw a die to decide how many different implements should be used and how many times you should be spanked. The four I got may not seem as a real marathon. If you are really evil or brave you may always add two dice.

For each of these times you are going to be spanked you throw one more to decide which implement. We had a range of hairbrush, bath brush, belt, cheese board, fish slice and bamboo stick (I know they are dangerous but if you are careful and check so they don't split they won't cut you...they are evil still).

Then for each implement you throw three dice and multiply to calculate the number of whacks. The clever ones have realised there is a range between one and 216. Bamboo stick only got two dice...there is some limit to evil.

You get the idea. What this does to you is that it introduces a certain amount of fear into the proceedings. You don't know what will come next.

My first was the belt and I got 45. So, I climbed the chair but not before taking my skirt and knickers off (what do you think? of course it has to be on the bare!). It was a bit scary to know that it was 45 to come, no more, no less.

Anyway, the belt isn't that bad, but when you know it is only the beginning. Felicia does take her task very seriously so I can assure you I was left with a certain stinging and burning sensation after the session with the belt.

The next was twelve with the hairbrush. That was almost a disappointment, but I was happy. Felicia tried to make the most of them, though.

Then came the real horror. I got the bamboo stick. Eighteen with the bamboo stick can be terrible.

Obediently (what else would you expect from me?) I knelt on the chair and stuck my, still bare, bottom out. Ouch! I can tell you it took some time. There was a lot of wriggling of bottom, flailing of hands and wailing, I can assure you.

Felicia had me look at my bottom in the mirror and it looked, how should I put it, affected. She looked really proud, the evil woman.

One more to go. I wouldn't have minded four with some flat implement, but instead it was 90 with the belt, again. Ouch.

The belt isn't the worst kind of spanking you can get. The belt isn't too heavy but on an already whacked bottom, it hurts.

Evil red haired woman was actually quite fascinated by the state of my bottom afterwards. In her defence, it has to be said that she was really proud of me for having endured.

Anyway, this new game is silly but it adds something, I think. My bottom doesn't like it at all, but maybe I least a little.