Thursday, 24 January 2008

Good Things about Miranda

There is a rule now. I do feel a little stupid for bringing this up and even without knowing what I wanted. Anyway, we have agreed on a rule, for a start. The first rule for Miranda is that Felicia will punish her severely if she speaks badly about herself.

The thing is that Felicia thinks I put myself down too much and have too low self esteem and beat myself up for things I do. I think she is right, at least about the self esteem...smiles. So my rule is to be kind to myself and remember the good things about me. And when I say something bad about myself, Felicia has the right to punish me for it.

So, for a start I will try to say good things about Miranda. This is not easy but I will do my best to turn this blog into a bragging about Miranda blog.

Here it goes; first am tiny, most of me is tiny but that also means that I have a rather tiny bottom. The first thing is that Miranda has a very nice little round bottom. Actually, I have looked at it in the mirror and I think it is, rather, nice. It can be a little, how should I put it, pale, in the winter but there is a good friend who is more than willing to put some colour on it. It is a very smallish and round bottom and it looks quite nice when a little pink...blushes.

Miranda has good hands with cats. She is quite well loved by cats and that is not entirely because she feeds them. I am quite convinced that Bananas high appreciation of me depends entirely on my feeding her but I do get along well with cats even without the food.

I am a very loyal person. I am very loyal to those I love and care about but I am also loyal to my work and in most other situations as well. It can be a little silly at times but I think this is a good thing to say about Miranda. She is loyal.

I will try not to make this into something silly. I will tell you one thing that I have come to realise about myself that I feel is like bragging to say. Here it goes: Miranda is quite clever. She does well in tests and has come out top of her class at the university in some subjects. The thing is that she has no idea what she wants to do with all that cleverness. Felicia thinks I should go on studying. In fact, she almost suggested that as a second rule, that Miranda has to do something with her life and not waste it in a library. I am not sure I waste it. Libraries are nice.

Next good thing: I like books. I love books and I read a lot. I do love all sorts of silly books, romantic books but also Science Fiction and adventure stories. I do work in a library so it only comes naturally. Mind you, I am not a librarian, just a simple library girl...giggles.

This is much harder than I thought, so I will stop now. I will end this by saying that another prominent feature of my personality is the immense silliness that I harbour within me. It is kind of nice to be as silly as I am but most people, I think, will see silliness as something bad. I don't know if this means I am talking badly about myself now. If I do, Felicia has to punish me for it. But the good thing about that is that it makes my cute little bottom look even cuter than it does already...told you, I was silly!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


This is rather confusing. I thank you for all your advice. You people have brilliant ideas. What makes me confused is that I realise I hadn't thought this through, really. Felicia is right, I have to admit, that between us it would be, rather, silly to have rules. We could have rules for fun. I don't know. I will have to think about what I really meant by it.

I think I had this idea of being punished. Having to bow to the inevitable, to have no choice but to accept a punishment, to, really, surrender to it. It is a little strange because I would only surrender to Felicia because I trust her with my life and because I want to and that doesn't make it inevitable but voluntary. I guess you can't just forget the free will and the fact that slavery is not allowed. And that slavery would be really horrible if it was.

I am a little silly at times and I started all this because I had an idea I wasn't sure what it was. And now I am getting quite close to breaking the one rule that Felicia told me she would accept. She told me that the rule number one would have to be that I was forbidden to speak badly about myself. I am quite good at that...but that is not so strange...I am very silly...oops!!

Anyway, if you read Felicia's post you know she wrote about a hairbrush and a bottom that needed attention. I can tell you that it was my bottom and it got quite a lot of attention. I don't know if her rantings on the blog made her in a good mood but she was very enthusiastic.

Very enthusiastic means a very red bottom for Miranda. She kept on smacking for quite a while and she was very happy about it. It is something really annoying about being spanked by someone who seems to truly enjoy what they are doing. Have you ever been spanked by someone who is humming a tune while spanking you? I have. I can tell you that it is a little humiliating.

But enthusiastic also means a lot of attention and I am a little like Bananas in that sense. I do love attention. In fact, that sense of humiliation actually added to the situation and I was, in the end, quite happy about it. I didn't sit on my bottom the whole evening, though, but that is kind of nice. I was lying there in the sofa, watching tv, with only half my pyjamas on (yes, you can guess which part!) and I imagined that if you turned the light off my bottom would light up the room with a warm red glowing light.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Silly Rules

I asked Miranda to post something on her blog and she kindly accepted. No, I did not threaten to not spank her this evening if I wasn't allowed. Not very much, anyway.

I want to say a word about rules. I think the idea is quite silly. There is a number of reasons for that. Firstly I don't think I have the right to set up rules for Miranda and then punish her for breaking them. I am as sloppy as she is and as much a scatter brain as she is and I am far meaner than she is, so what remains?

Secondly, it wouldn't work. If I set up rules and spank Miranda when she breaks them she would just follow the rules and there would be no spankings. That would be boring and it makes no sense to have silly rules that she breaks just because she wants me to spank her. No, I prefer to do it on a voluntary basis.

Thirdly, the question about improving her character. I don't think that is a very good idea. Who am I to try to make her more humble or obedient? I have to tell you that there are few people I have met that are kinder and more considerate and humble than Miranda. I am a pompous and arrogant witch compared to her. And I don't want her to be obedient. I want her to be herself. I love her the way she is so I don't want her to change.

I know I am ranting and that this is Miranda's blog but I wanted to tell you what I think about her ideas. Still I know that this is something she has been thinking a lot about and that it means something to her. We will figure something out and I am not going to stubbornly refuse to do what she wants. Still I think the idea is silly but I think a person like Miranda has the right to be a little silly. We all have, come to think of it.

Anyway, I don't really have time for this blogging. I have a hairbrush by my side that is gathering dust and there is a very sweet little bottom not far away that needs some attention. Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Naughty, Naughty

Those of you who have read my blog know by now that Miranda can be a prude. For all the talk of knickers and nudity and spanking Miranda is a prude. She lives with a gorgeous red haired stunner and they are not just friends. They are lovers and they do it. But are there any naughty, there isn't. I will not turn this blog into the sex blog of the Naked Lesbian (yes, I have been called that...giggles) and her Stunner Friend. No, but it struck me that I may be a little more honest about what this is all about, spanking and being with Felicia.

Maybe that is a rule for me. To tell you more honestly about what this is all about.

Alright, first thing, spanking is about sex. Or at least sexual feelings. Now I can see you all roll your eyes, sigh and say that Miranda is the most stupid person to have to say that...everyone knows that. The thing is that I know that but I forget it too. I was reminded yesterday.

Miranda blushes now. I will tell you what happened. I was in for a trip across Felicia's knee. It was nothing unusual about that. So there I was, skirt up and knickers down with my usual mix of dread and excitement. I was, kind of content that I was, at last, going to be spanked. I had longed for it for some days. I do long for it more when Felicia is busy and neglects me and the cat.

So, I got my dose with the hairbrush and I was beginning to wonder if this was really a good idea. I go through those stages and when Felicia lays on the hairbrush I tend to regret that I longed for it. Anyway, I was lying there when she was done, a little overcome with emotions but generally happy that it was over and that I had been spanked. Then it happened. Now I blush again. She touched me.

You know, when you are lying like that in someone's lap and especially when your knickers are down you are in a very vulnerable position. It is only for the spanker to reach out her hand and...well, touch you. And put her fingers in you. Miranda is blushing now, for real.

Don't think that we don't know how to touch each other. We do. We really do. But this was unexpected and I felt, how should I put it, both surprised and quite intimidated by it. Now, I blush again for I have to tell you this (I don't have to but I have decided I shall). I do, very much, enjoy being touched by Felicia. To some extent, that is what it is all about...or at least a very important part of it. So there I was, being touched and experiencing this mix of feelings.

But more than anything, I was terribly aroused. The thing is that I was like turning on a switch. Her touch was, really electrifying. I will not go into details but I can tell you that it included the taking off of clothes and being very naked on the sofa in our living room and cruelly ignoring a hungry cat for some time and it was very nice. Nice is like an understatement.

My point with this is that it brought it home to me how terribly arousing I find spankings. I tend to forget that. Usually it means, mostly, that Felicia cares for me and some fun we do together but in truth, it turns me on like few other things can do.

I haven't been able to let go of that thought and library work was a chore today as I was thinking of Felicia, her hairbrush and her finger and how very vulnerable you are when you are in someone's lap, like that.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


I like the idea of rules, rules and punishments for breaking the rules. That should be rather obvious, knowing me...smiles. I think I am intrigued by the idea of a punishment being inevitable, something that has to be done. Something I have to endure.

Spanking among friends like Felicia and me...and our other friends in on it, has always been for fun. And for being a little naughty. I know what you are thinking and I don't mean it as a punishment for being naughty, rather that we want to be naughty doing it. I trust Felicia with my life and if you have read my blog you know she has the right to spank me whenever and wherever she wants. I have to say that would she do it too often in too public places I may consider that.

It is nothing wrong with that and it spices up my life, trust me...giggles. I don't want us to live in a kind of domestic discipline relationship. I don't want Felicia to be the head of the household (well actually, I wouldn't mind but it wouldn't work) or anything. It seems silly to think that she should tell me what is right and wrong and punish me for doing this and that. Some people have it like that, having someone spank them for speaking up or being angry or such things, or buying too much shoes or being bratty and things like that. Come on! We are friends, we nag at each other all the time and banter and rant and quarrel and hug and scream and shout and kiss and do all sorts of things that are...well, equal...or between friends and lovers and people that are level.

Felicia is stronger and more dominant than me but it would be daft to have her be the head of the household all the time or I would be some kind of slave or servant or anything. That wouldn't work and it would be silly. And again, I feel the need to point out that I am talking about us and not in general. I know people are perfectly happy living as slaves to one another and things like that and that is absolutely fine as long as they are happy with it. It wouldn't work for us, that is all I am saying.

I am still very attracted by the idea of having rules about what I should or shouldn't do and a punishment for breaking those rules. Like trying to have limits for me, that I should know what happened if I didn't do that or did this. Maybe it is just me wanting to feel a little submissive, like I want to bow to the rules, to the order of things, to her, to Felicia, my lovely red head.

Anyway, the punishment has to be harsh, something I really want to avoid. Like I get some whacks with the riding crop or the bath brush, something that really hurts.

what should the rules be about? It should be, perhaps, that I have chores, like doing things in the house at certain times. I know we share the responsibilities but perhaps I have to wash the dishes before a certain time or something like that. I think that would be interesting. To have to obey a rule. It may even improve me...giggles.

And I am talking with Felicia about this, of course. I wouldn't post this unless she knew my thoughts about it...Hm...maybe there could be rules about blogging.

Monday, 7 January 2008


What else? Did you expect anything else from me? Anyway. Someone kindly pointed out that the bath brush is very brutal. I know that. Although our older bath brush, the one used on my bottom is slightly lighter than the new one I bought for Felicia, I know it can, as they put it, pack a punch. That is, it should never be used for lengthy wallopings of Miranda's bottom but at times, for, say, six of the best. I have no intention of harming my dear red head and when I hold the new brush in my hand I, kind of, regret buying it. I know it will hurt. At the same time am I intrigued by the idea of giving her, say four with it or something.

I have not blogged a lot of lately and that is because I haven't had much to report. This weekend there was a little skirt up and knickers down for poor Miranda. Nothing really bad but some hairbrush smacking. I kind of liked it. I had waited a while for it so it was most welcome. The thing is that I tend to regret feeling like that quite soon. The smacking was soon done so the real ordeal was not that bad. The ensuing warmth in my bottom was very nice indeed.

Am I starting to sound like the real spanko now? I am not sure I ever will enjoy the spanking as such but everything around it makes me excited. Anyway, I enjoyed it, Saturday evening, I can tell you and I think Felicia did that too.

The thing is that I am becoming a real pervert (please take this from the light side, I don't mean to be judgemental about people who really enjoy this...believe me, that would be the last thing I would want to be). I have this idea that I could do with some really bad punishments for being sloppy and such. The idea thrills me and maybe it's because it is very far from how we live.

We are very...equal. We share everything, including each other, giggles. Still I have this idea about being smacked for not doing what I should, like blogging or things like that. I know you readers would like that.

We have talked a little about having rules, for me and consequences for breaking them. It sounds rather daft in our modern day world but I kind of like the idea. Felicia is more reluctant but we do talk about it.

Anyway, I am still waiting for a good opportunity to use my new bath brush. Felicia will not like it.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Cat, Christmas and Bath Brush

If Bananas wasn't such a cute lite cat I would consider spanking her. During this Christmas she has perfected the art of climbing Miranda's legs. As you may know, by now, Miranda is a skirt wearing girl and at home she doesn't always wear tights...or if she does they the name suggest, tight. Anyway, this means that Bananas has to put her claws in my legs when she is climbing them.

More than once when Miranda has been standing in the kitchen preparing something yummy Bananas has been there, curious as ever. She arrogantly survives her curiosity and often decides she wants to have a look and maybe eat some of what is being prepared. This means she has to climb to the work surface and that is easily done.

Christmas has been nice. We have done very little besides eating good food, watching tv and reading books. And, yes, Miranda did get her bottom warmed. Not as much as she may have desired but still. I got a Christmas spanking from Felicia. Isn't that nice?

And finally I found the thing to spank Felicia with. During the sale we went to Body Shop and I found a very menacing looking bath brush there. It is, I think, a little more than a foot long and it is very sturdy. I bought it and told her I was going to spank her with it. The strange thing was that she didn't protest. Not that I spanked her right away but she could have just laughed...or demanded to try it out on me or something. She just looked at me and nodded.

I am looking forward to this.