Friday, 27 April 2007


I was punished yesterday. That may not sound like something odd regarding that this is a spanking blog, but it is. Spanking in our relationship is something that just happens, something for fun and so. It is not unheard of that Felicia punishes me but it is quite unusual.

Anyway, this is what happened. We had planned for lunch together. We most often don't have time for that but this day we had. Of course I forgot. I am sloppy at times but I don't usually forget things like that. And because I forgot I didn't call her and she could not call me since I had not switched on my mobile (good thing to switch off your mobile in a library).

Before I go any further I will have to tell you that Felicia is not that kind of person who expects me to be the perfect partner and get angry with me for not being that. She is more likely to forgive than to do anything else. She is quite humble and does not, really, go around being angry with me for not doing what she wants. She is not a woman who imposes her will on me or anyone else. She is generally a gentle and kind person.

That made her anger even more terrible. I was devastated, I have to say, although I didn't really know why she took it so seriously. It was sloppy of me and I felt bad about forgetting but I knew that another day she would have just shrugged her shoulders.

I was upset because she was so angry when we met in the evening. I felt guilty about it but also a little angry feeling accused of being bad. I did forget and had no intention of standing her up. It really came as a surprise when she told me she was going to spank me. Unlike the usual me, I was about to protest but the look she gave me stopped me from doing that.

She stomped away and returned with the hairbrush. I was trembling now, more overcome with the whole thing than I use to be. She sat down and I took my position over her knee. She flipped up my skirt. Knickers came down and she started spanking me.

And she did it in earnest. She was angry. I felt that and that scared me a little. Like I didn't knew if I could cope. You cope, don't you? But it was painful and she kept on for quite a while. I was angry too but I was, at the same time, determined to stay down.

The whole thing was no fun at all and I started to cry after a while. This didn't stop Felicia from spanking me. I tried to think that I deserved it but I was still angry. I am a very stubborn person and it was that which kept me in place.

When she finally let me up I saw in her face that she was not done yet. She told me to take off my skirt and knickers while she fetched the crop. I was trembling as I complied. The riding crop is terrible.

'Six of the best,' she said and that was kind of an odd thing of her to say. It was almost like a joke but none of us was in the mood for a joke. The crop made me almost protest again but I didn't. And I still don't know why I didn't.

Anyway, she had me kneel on the chair and she gave me six of the best. I was crying before and I was crying after. The riding crop, really, hurts. And I mean, really hurts.

Later as things calmed down, two things happened. Felicia felt really bad about this. She regretted letting her anger out like that. She felt it really unfair and I agreed but couldn't say that to her right then. I did later but that is another thing. She apologised to me and I, kind of, liked that.

The other thing was that I felt not bad afterwards. I was angry and I felt accused but I soon realised that I really had let her down. Having been punished for it made me feel free of guilt. That is very old fashioned. Doing something wrong and paying for it with a punishment is what you think of. Spanking is not like that for us. We are not that kind of people. It did hurt but it seemed ok when I saw that Felicia was not angry any more.

The conclusion is that I think it is a good idea that Felicia takes out some of her frustration on me. I don't want her to be that angry when she does it and I think that was what made Felicia feel bad. Don't get me wrong, she didn't spank me in a rage or anything. She was never out of control. It was just that I felt that it was anger rather than anything else that drove her on. I was never ever scared that she would harm me or anything. And she was wise enough to choose a spanking, something she could control, after all. Still, anger is not a good ground for this kind of thing. I think we have learned that.

And please, don't think badly of Felicia! After all, it was I who let her spank me. If there was anything wrong with this punishment spanking I am to blame, really.

Thursday, 26 April 2007


Did I say this was turning into a spanking blog? Maybe it is turning into a naughtiness blog. There were naughtiness in our household yesterday and I am still a little affected by it.

I work in the mornings this week so I was home early. I started cleaning our flat. I am, generally, a sloppy person but we were expecting guests. A fellow PhD-student of Felicia's was coming for dinner with his girlfriend. Harry is his name, believe it or not and his Merican girlfriend is called Kate.

I was happily plodding along when Felicia rushed in, some two hours before the guests were due. Anyway, she can be quite stressed out by such things so I tried to calm her down but eventually she managed to get me as nervous as she was.

We had got the flat ready in time and I was to start cooking. I do the cooking in our household. Felicia is not very good with such things. They were going to get Chinese style chicken with mushrooms - very nice. Most things I do are some sort of Chinese style (although I am not sure someone knowing any Chinese cuisine would grant me that).

Felicia had something up her sleeve. When I went into the kitchen and she saw me looking for an apron, she just told me not to bother with the apron but instead take my top off. I do not generally argue with Felicia but I had to ask her if she was serious. She was.

I do very seldom wear a bra so there I was, cooking topless. I can't say anything else than it added a certain edge to the situation. And I can tell you that an apron is not only good for keeping your clothes clean. Even tiny, tiny droplets of hot oil hurt when applied on naked skin, especially on tits.

Guests were soon arriving and I had to dress. Felicia had the nerve to choose my very tiny black dress for the occasion. It is a very lovely dress but for a dinner at home...It is very, and I mean very, short, very clinging, quite low cut and with spaghetti straps. It leaves you, one could say, quite undressed while still dressed. No stockings definitely adds to the sensation of being naked underneath your clothes. For your information, Felicia had me wearing string knickers, she didn't want any visible panty lines. I do hate string knickers. I felt tarty but the dress is more stylish than tarty, really. I love clothes but I am not a very fashionable person. This is one of my more stylish outfits I own (chosen by Felicia, of course).

I have learned to appreciate my appearance much more than I used to, thanks to Felicia. Still I don't find me beautiful. I am ok, quite slim, almost everything is small on me, my bosom, my hips, my hands and feet...well everything. Felicia said I looked gorgeous. I love it when she says I am gorgeous. I don't believe her but it is a very nice feeling. She, herself, looked fantastic in an orange linen dress (knee length and far less revealing than mine, of course) that matched her hair. It sounds odd but it works on her.

Guests arriving and Harry, for one appreciated my outfit. He could see almost everything of me so I suppose the animal in him took over. He seemed to be the kind of man that spots when a girl is not wearing a bra (perhaps all men are of that kind). It is kind of flattering getting that kind of attention but I get immensely embarrassed as well. The fact that I blushed and couldn't look at our guests did not detract from his attention. Maybe he likes shy girls. But why would he then be together with the feisty Merican Kate (also dressed in black, although far more modestly)?

They liked the meal and seemed to have a good time. Felicia and Harry did the talking and that was fine with me. I am not very good with conversations when I am blushing. Kate participated at times, when she did not stare at me.

I was relieved when they went home. They were nice, I have to admit that but I felt such a display object. I know it is part of Felicia teaching me not to be a prude but it was kind of embarrassing. Still, Tiny Miranda has to admit that there is a certain tingle in that embarrassment that is not altogether bad.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

A New Day a New Blog Entry...

I don't know where this blogging will take me. I thought it was going to be a blog about the naughty life, or rather the naughtiness in the life, of Miranda and her friend Felicia. I will try to stick to that because it is far more interesting to read about naughtiness than the everyday life of someone like me.

But life is not all naughtiness, it is full of getting up, going to work, buying food for the cat, watching tv, washing dishes and such things. I had an ambition to try to blog every day but I am not sure I am able to do that. I will try, though.

Yesterday was not very naughty so there is actually not very much to report. So what to blog about? I have just decided that I will tell you about something that happened a couple of years ago, long before Felicia and I moved in together. We were already a couple then but lived in separate places.

Anyway, we were at my place, studying together (very good and very much not naughty, I dare say). We needed crisps (studying brings strange cravings, you know) and I had none so I volunteered to go down to the corner shop to get supplies (very nice of me, don't you think?).

Before I had time to leave Felicia looked at me with that kind of look that meant she was thinking of something. She was. She 'suggested' that I should go down to the corner shop with no knickers on.

Felicia is not to be denied (don't worry I am not scared of her, she just makes me want to do what she tells me to do), so I slipped off my knickers and went shopping without them. I did have a knee long skirt and you can't possibly see that I was not wearing anything underneath it. Still I had this feeling that there was written on my forehead, 'here is a girl with no knickers'.

She said it was for my education, to teach me not to be such a prude but I think she just enjoys embarrassing me. Anyway, I complied and went shopping with a very red face.

My admission is this, I was not only embarrassed, I found it quite exciting as well and the memory of this little 'incident' stayed with me for a long time (well, it is still here, as you can see).

The Cherry Red Report

There is a new (I believe) and very prolific blogger out there whose name is Dave. His blog is called The Cherry Red Report and features something that seems to be an obsession of Dave's, namely girl's bottoms. Well it is not just bottoms that interests Dave but a certain way of treating them. Sorry for being silly. The Cherry Red Report is a blog about spanking with lots of naughty and lovely pictures of beautiful girls getting their bottoms tanned. Go read!

And more than that, the lovely Dave has made a feature on my blog and said some really nice things about it. We all blush and curtsy and cheer and dance around in joy (even the cat, although she seems to think it is a fun way of preparing for food).

So my advice is that you should visit The Cherry Red Report and look at the pictures and read the postings and enjoy it. It is worth it although a girl can be a little envious of all the beauties that are featured there.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

About spanking

'Why do you like being spanked?' Felicia asked me the other day and I found I couldn't answer. I thought a lot about it and I am not sure I have an answer. I talked with Felicia and she said I should blog about it.

So, why do I like being spanked? I don't know. It started as a silly girl's thing way back when. When I met Felicia I found that we shared a lot of silly interests, such as horrible monsters, poor heroines imprisoned in dungeons, cruel and mean knights living in haunted castles and such things. Anyway, it was inevitable that our discussions should touch upon spankings. None of us had any experience of it, lucky us! I suppose it was because of that we found it so immensely exciting.

We had to try. We just had to and with a good friend like Felicia I dared to do it. It was scary, horrible, terrifying and immensely exciting. We spanked each other as much as we dared and it was our little silly secret.

We found, soon, that we both liked spanking me the best so after a while our roles were quite set. It developed from that and so did our friendship. We became more daring and other feelings entered into the equation and another kind of excitement as well.

Anyway, here we are and Felicia is not just a friend but a lover and a house mate and a lot more now. Spanking is still part of it, but although I write mainly about it, it is not the only thing that happens in our household.

I don't like the pain. I have never liked it and I still don't like it. That is part of it, that it is horrible, something you don't want. And because of that I long for it. I still think it doesn't count as a spanking if it doesn't hurt.

I don't like the word erotic spanking because that is not the reason, I think. Ok, I do get aroused but it is not part of, what should I say, lovemaking (lovely word, isn't it?). But there is this other kind of excitement that is there and it has something to do with Felicia wanting to spank me and I letting her do it. It is fun in a strange way and I like that she wants to do it and as long as she wants it I want it.

Monday, 23 April 2007


Today is S:t George's Day and it has been an interesting weekend. No spankings Friday night and that was fine with me, especially with my bottom. Anyway, come Saturday and lovely weather and a mischievous Felicia. She has those moods when she likes to think of something to dare me with. It was a lovely morning and we had breakfast in bed and, lo and behold, Felicia treated me to it this time.

We had no special plans for the day so we decided to go to the very tiny city centre in our fairly smallish town. Perhaps to do some shopping. Anyway, I agreed to that not suspecting anything. When it was time to leave Felicia said she had decided what I should wear and immediately I realised that this would not be an ordinary trip to town.

So, when we got there on our bikes I was dressed in a very short black skirt. When I say short I mean, just above half my thighs and quite wide. A lovely skirt but it is a little daring for someone like me. No tights and no socks and black ballerina shoes. After all, the weather was lovely. I know some will say that it is nothing unusual with that and that many girls wear far shorter skirts than that. It was nothing strange with it besides the fact that I felt quite exposed. The thing that concerned me most was the top she had chosen for me. It is striped, long sleeved, not low neck but has quite a wide neck. It is a cute top, indeed, but it is very tight. I would say too tight.

Wearing a too tight top and no bra means two things. It will be quite obvious for anyone seeing me that I have not a very big bosom. Secondly, the bosom I have is, how should I put it, quite on display.

Felicia was quite conservative in a green, sleeveless knee long dress and low heel sandals. I know most women are far braver than me and don't mind plunging necklines and displaying their cleavage and such. But I felt quite naked walking there and that was what Felicia wanted.

I did turn some heads and that made me both blush and feel good in some weird combination. It was an ordeal for me and I saw Felicia enjoy my embarrassment. She does this to make me less ashamed of myself and it is, kind of, educational. Still it is a bit cruel and, knowing Felicia, she enjoys both aspects.

Ok, for your information, of course I was wearing knickers.

The day was not done with that. We then got home, had our dinner and put our feet up, mainly doing nothing. That is a good Saturday in my book. Anyway, come evening and Doctor Who. We don't watch much tv but the Doctor is a must.

Then came Felicia's next bright idea. She had me fetch the hairbrush and anyone reading this will understand what she had in mind. I am not stupid either so I was prepared. I was a bit concerned we wouldn't have time before the Doctor.

Felicia is very ingenious at times. She arranged herself in such a way in front of the tv that as I lay down on her lap we both could watch. At this time I had unceremoniously removed my skirt and knickers. That is, I was ready for a spanking.

She almost laughed as she declared that this was to be my Doctor Who spanking. She was to spank me all through the episode.

An episode of the Doctor can seem like an eternity, I can tell you. I have to say that there was no constant assault on my backside. For long periods of time she did not spank me but at times she really let go. Some times she landed just the odd smack now and then but then came more intense bursts, especially after something exciting had happened on the screen.

Being spanked while watching tv is not a good way if you want to concentrate on the very attractive Doctor and his gorgeous sidekick. Luckily there was a rerun on Sunday. Anyway, my bottom was hot and my mind in turmoil after it.

That was my Saturday, or at least the naughty bits. I will not tell you what happened later that night. That is our secret.

Friday, 20 April 2007


I realise that this is turning into a spanking blog. Although it is far from the only thing we do it is by far the most exciting thing we least at the moment. Well it has been like that for quite some time now. I know there is a term erotic spanking out there. But I feel that is not the best word for us. Could you say entertainment spanking? Or fun spanking? Anyway, it is a bit of fun and has always been like that or like a game we play. Felicia dares me and I endure.

I would be a liar if I said it wasn't exciting in that other, more embarrassing, way too. That is strange, I think. Why on earth would you be excited by something that hurts (and it does, believe me!) and something I don't really like when it happens? Well, sometimes I do but I don't particularly enjoy pain. I do feel proud when I do endure it and the thought of a spanking is, kind of, exciting.

The header for this post is thingies and it occurred to me that anyone reading this may be interested in the things we (or rather Felicia) use. We do not collect thingies but some we have bought for the sole purpose of warming my behind. We own a hairbrush (most often used), a bath brush (really scary and Felicia thinks it is a little too brutal, to be honest) and a riding crop (that is a very special thing, I will tell you more about it some other time). Although ordinary things, we actually bought them for, hm..., my spankings. Felicia owns a belt that is good. At least she thinks it is good and a ruler that is often used. Felicia is a girl with many ideas and she likes to experiment.

Anyway, Felicia is not a cruel person and to be honest she most often smacks me a little for fun and then it is the hairbrush. The other things are more of an occasion when she uses them. Perhaps the ruler is an exception. She likes the ruler. I don't.

Anyway, we will see if there will be any spanking in our household this evening.

Thursday, 19 April 2007


Well, everything about our lives is not about spanking and naughty things. Still it is an important part of it and something that I feel an urge to talk about.

I know most people who are into such things know more than I do and are far more confident about it. We are only amateurs. I have known Felicia for many years and it started a long time ago but I will not go into details since it concerns us as we were not very old.

Anyway, we are not part of any 'scene' and we don't meet others into spanking. We don't live in, what they call, a domestic discipline relationship. Felicia is not the head of our household and she is not my guardian charged with my discipline or anything. The simple truth is that she is the girl, the woman, who has the right to spank me.

It started as a game, as something fun. It was like truth or dare but no truth, only dare. She dared me to do things and I usually complied. Anyway, spanking was part of that silly girl's game and for some reason Felicia is the kind of girl I have to obey. She dares me to let her spank me and I comply. It as simple as that. And it is still for fun.

Not that I always find getting a spanking fun but it is there as a kind of game we play, a game we both enjoy. We may be strange but I try not to think like that.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Our little household, actually, consists of three girls. Besides Felicia and me there is Bananas, our cat. Well, to tell the truth, she is actually my cat but she has fallen in love with Felicia, that little traitor. I suppose that is inevitable. Everyone falls in love with Felicia and I, for one, can't blame them. Still I would have wanted Bananas to be a little more sensitive to my feelings. I suppose it is because Felicia is a cat. Her name says it all. I always thought that I was a cat but I am not the kind that Bananas prefer.

Don't be silly! Felicia is not that kind of cat that has fur and four legs, more the kind of human that has the soul of a cat.

I think Bananas still love me in certain ways, especially when I feed her. Today she decided to check out what was in the fridge and to do that she had to climb something. That something happened to be my leg and since I was not wearing any trousers, nor a skirt or anything, she had to use her claws directly on my very sensitive person.

Felicia laughed at me as she saw my scratched leg. She can be very cruel at times. I think Bananas laughed as well, satisfied with her deed.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

First Report

Please don't think badly about my Felicia just because I tell you what she did this morning. She was on her way to work (she is a PhD-student in History) and I was still in bed, my work not starting until later (I work at a library, not very fancy and I am not a real librarian, just some slave...). Anyway, Felicia decided that I needed something to remind me of her while she was gone so she pulled my blanket off and sat on my bedside. I was still sleepy but I knew what she wanted.

Still sleepy I crawled over her lap and placed myself in position. I didn't realise she had my hairbrush in her hand until she started smacking me. This was a new one. I have never before been spanked while I was still sleeping. It hurt, I can tell you that. I had my knickers on but it still hurt like hell. And I was soon wide awake.

Anyway, she didn't smack me much but decided that I needed some on my bare so she pulled down my knickers and smacked my still sleeping bottom.

Anyway, the spanking was soon done and she let me off her lap, kissed me goodbye and left. I was still in bed, knickers round my thighs and a stinging bum and not still completely awake.

That was a very strange experience but I stayed in bed for a while sensing her presence on my now very warm bottom. I think she was cruel to do that but the strange thing was that it made me proud of her rather than angry. Maybe it is not that strange. I am very proud of her. I like it that she does this to me, although I am not sure I always enjoy the spanking as such. Or rather I know I don't.

This is my first report on a spanking and it was a brief one and the ground didn't open to swallow me up because I wrote it.

About Us

This blog is about my life with Felicia and the reason why I want to blog and turn to you out there is that I want to talk about the things that interest me and makes our relationship special. There are two things that I feel embarrassed about regarding it. Not really embarrassed but two things that I feel are special and hard for me to talk about. Still these are the things that I am most proud of and makes us most special. That is strange.

I know we are not the least special but this is my blog, our blog, and I want to talk about this which concerns me. The first thing is that Felicia is a girl or rather that I am a girl. We live and love together and that is nothing special but I, kind of, feel like it is not what you are supposed to do. You are supposed to be with a boy and that is the way I was brought up. I still am a little ashamed of it but Felicia makes me proud of who I am and I am not ashamed of her. I am proud of her and I am proud of belonging to her.

The second is our dark secret that will not be a secret anymore. The truth is that Felicia spanks me from time to time. Now it is said. It wasn't that bad. I survived. I am a wimp because I know that there are plenty of people out there who have no problem with this. Still I find it hard to talk about. I am very proud that I started this blog and I will try to continue talking about our life together, with love and spanking and other things we do.

This will not be a blog about raunchy loving and a lot of sex. Still I want to talk about spanking and love and being with Felicia. We'll see how daring I will be.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

First Posting

I am the tiny unassuming Miranda and this is my first attempt at blogging. I think it will be like a diary of my life. The blog will be about my life and my life with the most important person on this earth. That person is the very special girl, or should I say woman, I have the privilege to live with. She is the lovely Felicia, my friend and lover, my very special Beata Beatrix. And yes, she has red hair.

I will make this first posting short. I don't mean to demean myself by calling myself unassuming. I have always been like that but things are changing. I will tell you about it.