Friday, 27 April 2007


I was punished yesterday. That may not sound like something odd regarding that this is a spanking blog, but it is. Spanking in our relationship is something that just happens, something for fun and so. It is not unheard of that Felicia punishes me but it is quite unusual.

Anyway, this is what happened. We had planned for lunch together. We most often don't have time for that but this day we had. Of course I forgot. I am sloppy at times but I don't usually forget things like that. And because I forgot I didn't call her and she could not call me since I had not switched on my mobile (good thing to switch off your mobile in a library).

Before I go any further I will have to tell you that Felicia is not that kind of person who expects me to be the perfect partner and get angry with me for not being that. She is more likely to forgive than to do anything else. She is quite humble and does not, really, go around being angry with me for not doing what she wants. She is not a woman who imposes her will on me or anyone else. She is generally a gentle and kind person.

That made her anger even more terrible. I was devastated, I have to say, although I didn't really know why she took it so seriously. It was sloppy of me and I felt bad about forgetting but I knew that another day she would have just shrugged her shoulders.

I was upset because she was so angry when we met in the evening. I felt guilty about it but also a little angry feeling accused of being bad. I did forget and had no intention of standing her up. It really came as a surprise when she told me she was going to spank me. Unlike the usual me, I was about to protest but the look she gave me stopped me from doing that.

She stomped away and returned with the hairbrush. I was trembling now, more overcome with the whole thing than I use to be. She sat down and I took my position over her knee. She flipped up my skirt. Knickers came down and she started spanking me.

And she did it in earnest. She was angry. I felt that and that scared me a little. Like I didn't knew if I could cope. You cope, don't you? But it was painful and she kept on for quite a while. I was angry too but I was, at the same time, determined to stay down.

The whole thing was no fun at all and I started to cry after a while. This didn't stop Felicia from spanking me. I tried to think that I deserved it but I was still angry. I am a very stubborn person and it was that which kept me in place.

When she finally let me up I saw in her face that she was not done yet. She told me to take off my skirt and knickers while she fetched the crop. I was trembling as I complied. The riding crop is terrible.

'Six of the best,' she said and that was kind of an odd thing of her to say. It was almost like a joke but none of us was in the mood for a joke. The crop made me almost protest again but I didn't. And I still don't know why I didn't.

Anyway, she had me kneel on the chair and she gave me six of the best. I was crying before and I was crying after. The riding crop, really, hurts. And I mean, really hurts.

Later as things calmed down, two things happened. Felicia felt really bad about this. She regretted letting her anger out like that. She felt it really unfair and I agreed but couldn't say that to her right then. I did later but that is another thing. She apologised to me and I, kind of, liked that.

The other thing was that I felt not bad afterwards. I was angry and I felt accused but I soon realised that I really had let her down. Having been punished for it made me feel free of guilt. That is very old fashioned. Doing something wrong and paying for it with a punishment is what you think of. Spanking is not like that for us. We are not that kind of people. It did hurt but it seemed ok when I saw that Felicia was not angry any more.

The conclusion is that I think it is a good idea that Felicia takes out some of her frustration on me. I don't want her to be that angry when she does it and I think that was what made Felicia feel bad. Don't get me wrong, she didn't spank me in a rage or anything. She was never out of control. It was just that I felt that it was anger rather than anything else that drove her on. I was never ever scared that she would harm me or anything. And she was wise enough to choose a spanking, something she could control, after all. Still, anger is not a good ground for this kind of thing. I think we have learned that.

And please, don't think badly of Felicia! After all, it was I who let her spank me. If there was anything wrong with this punishment spanking I am to blame, really.


Claire~ said...

Oh no, that sounds like a terrible thing to endure- especially if you're not sure if you deserved it. You mentioned the crop in "thingies", saying it was saved for special times- what are those usually?
Feel better :)

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog and really like it. I've been into spanking all my life and love to hear someone earnestly talking about their experiences with it.

It sounds to me that you both learned something from this experience and that is a good thing. I don't like spankings done in anger myself. I know some people do but I think they can be dangerous (and not just in the physical sense).

One thought that occurred to me that is both practical AND strangely enticing is a written contract or set of rules that both people agree would merrit a spanking. It can even be rigid enough as to how many spanks and with what implements if desired. I've had some minor experience with this sort of thing and it can actually be fun to work out with someone. But more importantly, it can save some bad feelings if or when a spankable offense occurs.

This is just an idea, not even a real suggestion. But I thought you may find it at the very least interesting.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your next post!

Miranda said...

Thanks for all your comments. Hopefully I will tell you about those special times in the future. We do this mostly (fun may not be the right word for it but still...). The suggestion of rules is interesting but there are some strange things about that which intrigues me so much that I may blog about it. Thanks for your comments. It really makes it fun to blog.

xxxxxx said...

"Thanks for your comments. It really makes it fun to blog."

THESE are really true words and it is sooooooooooooo tough to get comments here in blogger but much easier to get them in Yahoo 360.

Miranda said...

Dear Ramius, Not to keen on 360, though, but you may be right, easier to get comments. You have a 360 blog too?



xxxxxx said...

Yes Miranda I do have a 360 blog but it is NOT about bondage but simply about Life. I did have one about bondage once and it was easy to make contact with other ppl on 360 through various ways and one gets comments to their blog and simple communication which made me feel "connected" and I liked that very much.

Hmmmmmmmmmm In wonder what u did not like about 360.....