Friday, 19 August 2011


We're back. It's been a strange time, a visit to parents, home to work a couple of day, then a week there, some more work, then a little bit of holiday there. The real downside has been that there has been no time for spankings. And some were needed. Since my last blogpost, Hamilton has won once and had three fourth places.

It was not until last weekend we had time to deal with this imbalance. Red haired friend insisted on taking them in the right order. That meant I got one on Saturday.

She had missed it. I could tell. She really relished it, enjoying every second of it. No restraints but she wasn't harsh, rather took her time. It was great, I had really missed it. She decided on the hairbrush but kept on for some time. I was quite sore afterwards, but happy.

Then another on Sunday. This time she took the bath brush and the hairbrush and did a pretty good job. Not that she was brutal, this time either, but on a tender know what I mean.

Then it was my turn. And some of you would think that two spankings would make me be rather harsh with her. It had the opposite effect. She was annoyed with me for being so meek.

My third spanking was due on Monday, and she took it on her to inspect my bottom when I got home from work. It was a very matter of factly affair. She sat down and had me take my knickers down and lift my skirt so she could inspect me. She decided to postpone it to Tuesday, when the same procedure repeated itself.

Anyway, I got the last racing spanking on Tuesday, and this time she was a little stricter, which was a little hard, since my skin was still affected. Anyway, we got through this too.

This is short and sketchy, but I just wanted to update you and let you know I am back. Take care.

Monday, 20 June 2011


Hello, dear friends. It is summer and despite the lack of sunshine it is a good time. A time for short skirts and no tights, and some warmth in your body and wanting to be touched and the general sweetness of being around and being with someone.

I know there are at least some of you patient enough to still check this blog. I just wanted to tell you that now comes the time when we are not so much at home and I will not be able to blog very much. Not that I blog very much anyway, but it may be some time before there will be a new post here, but I will be back. And hopefully, there is something to tell about how mean a certain redhaired woman has been to my bottom or so. Take care and don't forget to be kind to yourselves and each other.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Naughty Hamilton, naughty, naughty Hamilton. Not only did he not get on the podium, he got himself knocked out of the race, altogether, almost taking Jenson Button with him.

This called for extra punishment of Miranda. I couldn't really argue against it. I actually let Felicia have her way completely.

She was in a good mood. She told me to get the bath brush and the riding crop(!) and then wait in the living room. This was enough to make my heart sink. But that was not enough for her. When she said wait in the living room, she meant, go into the living room, take off all your clothes, and then sit and wait with the dreaded tools.

So, kind and obedient Miranda got the terrible thingies and went into the living room, took all of her clothes off and sat in the sofa waiting. Felicia was in no hurry. She had me sitting there for quite some time.

Truth to be told, it's not just dreadful, it is also, kind of, exciting.

Anyway, when it was time she came in and took the bath brush. She had me lie in the sofa, on a pile of cushions and then she smacked me. When a red haired and very mean woman stands beside you, armed with a bath brush, and you lie there in the sofa, with your bottom on display, and very, very naked, you feel a kind of exposure, that you are at her mercy.

Standing by my side like that, meant she got a good swing. It hurt, I can tell you. She told me she enjoyed the sound and actually aimed at different parts of my increasingly hot bottom only to listen to the sound.

So, still naked, and thoroughly spanked, she told me, there was time for punishing me for the extreme naughtiness of Lewis Hamilton.

I had to climb the chair and stick my sore bottom out and Felicia took aim with the riding crop.

She likes the riding crop, it has a very special sound when it swoops through the air. She likes the sound of it hitting my tender skin, too.

My bottom was really red and very affected afterwards, a little darker in places. It was almost so much that she felt a little bad about it. I still felt it the day after, I can assure you, and the day after that.

The good thing with being spanked by the love of your life, is that it is very easy to take care of any kind of other hotness that may occur.

Friday, 27 May 2011

A Fair Bottom Warmed

Since my last post there have been two races, both won by S. Vettel. If you worried about it, I can assure you that Felicia took care of giving me the required spankings. She is very efficient, I have to say.

In the comments, to the last post, someone suggested a game of taking off clothes according to Hamilton's position in the race. However a good idea, this seemed a little complicated. Felicia found some inspiration in this, though, and said that depending on Hamilton's final position in the race (the position that decides if and how I am going to be spanked) she would demand my taking off my clothes. Bottom line is that if Hamilton is on the podium it means a normal spanking, hairbrush, knickers down, five minutes, no more. If he isn't on the podium, it means no time limit, tool of Felicia's choice and a naked Miranda.

She was a bit miffed that Hamilton was second, last race, but promised me that she will make up for it whenever he will not end in the top three.

I can tell you, though, that I turned the tables, the other day. You know the sign of Yin and Yang, how there is a small black dot in the white and vice versa. I thought that although it is true that it is Miranda's bottom that is the bottom that is spanked in this household, there is room for a little bit of the opposite too.

On the Tuesday, after we had had dinner, we sat, lazily, in front of the telly, watching whatever was on it. I decided that this was so boring so I wanted to cheer us up a bit. I got the hairbrush and simply told the red haired woman that it was time for a spanking. As she looked at me, I knew she wasn't sure exactly what I meant, but that when I sat down in the sofa and tapped my knees she knew.

She is the spanker and she is the one calling the shots in our home, so there was a moment when it could have backfired. She might have told me she didn't fancy it and given me a spanking instead. I was, actually, a little nervous when she smiled a strange smile and crawled over and put herself in my lap.

'You are forgetting something,' I said, strengthened by my success.

'What could that be?'

'Don't get smart, now, you know what I mean.'

'Do I?'

'Spankings are always delivered on the...'


'Right! So, what does it mean, my dear red haired friend?'

'You are actually telling me to take my trousers down?'

'Not only your trousers.'

'I guess it's only logical.'

Logic is important to Felicia. She sighed and unbuttoned her jeans and then she pulled them down along with her knickers.

Then I spanked her. I have done it before, but I am not a good spanker. I started out a little meekly, scared of hurting her(!). It is true, I did, but that only lasted a moment. Then I thought that a spanking actually hurts, and that the very reason for spanking someone is to make it hurt.

It was much more fun after that. You may think I am a mean person, now, and maybe I am, but it was, kind of, fun. I didn't hurt her a lot, just enjoyed smacking her fair bottom with the hairbrush that so often has descended on my own unprotected skin.

Alas, everything comes to an end, and so did this spanking. I kept on for a while and although I was rather mean at the end, it was not a really bad spanking. Felicia's bottom was quite red, though, and hot to the touch. Mmm, now I begin to think of touching her bottom. But that is another story.

Anyway, I think she actually appreciated it. Not that she particularly like being spanked, but I think she appreciate me being able to spank her from time to time. And it is great fun, I can assure you.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

2 – 1

I guess you know what happened. In Malaysia the smug German won, once again. And this time Hamilton wasn't even on the podium.

A bet is a bet, so I had no alternative than to shed my knickers and accept the spanking that was coming up. Felicia was cheerful about it and got the bath brush.

She placed me in her lap and proceeded to spank me with the brush. She quite liked it. I could hear how she chuckled as she smacked.

'I like this,' she said, 'why don't I use it more often?'

'Yes, why?' I thought to myself.

Since there were no Hamilton on the podium there were no limitations to the spanking she could give me. She continued for a good while with the bath brush. It is a formidable tool, I can tell you. She gets a certain swing with it, not at all like the hairbrush. It is much more powerful.

When she was done with the brush, she told me that she wasn't completely satisfied. No, she wanted me to climb the chair, kneel on it, and stick my bottom out. She wanted to use the belt.

I told her that this was rather harsh, but she didn't listen.

In her defence should be said that she didn't continue as long with the belt as she had with the brush, but it was more than enough, in my humble opinion.

The next week the tables were turned. Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix. You know what it means. I got to spank Felicia.

The world is not fair, so I only had fie minutes and could only use the hairbrush, but I can tell you that I made the most of my precious time.

We have seen some sun, lately (and mind you, this was before the glorious Easter Bank Holiday) and this means more freckles on Felicia's face. It looks very nice. Her bottom, though, was still very fair. When I was done with it, it had taken on a different hue.

I think Felicia is a little proud of me, that I have learned how to use a hairbrush. In fact, I do enjoy it. I can understand the appeal.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Rules of the Game

The rules are very simple. We both watch the Formula 1 race together (if we both can keep our eyes open) and then if my hero, Lewis Hamilton wins, I get to spank Felicia's bottom with a hairbrush. That's quite a lot of fun. If, on the other hand, he doesn't win, she gets to spank me. It is exactly as it use to be. One difference, though. If Hamilton is on the podium, she can't smack my bottom for longer than five minutes and not with anything worse than the hairbrush. If he isn't on the podium she is free to do what she wants.

If you followed the Australian Grand Prix, from Melbourne, you will have noticed that it was won by the smug German, Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton was runner up. It was really nothing to argue about. He won fair and square. My poor bottom got its reward.

Five minutes and hairbrush may not sound much, but I can assure you that Felicia is good at making the most of her time.

After the race I had to present myself, knickers down, to lie in her lap. If you didn't know it, smacking a bottom really hard and really quick with a hairbrush causes an intense sense of pain. Already after a couple of seconds.

As I said, she made the most of the situation and kept on smacking me for the whole time as if her life depended on it.

I am regularly a very obedient spankee, lying still and not protesting. But her onslaught made me both cringe and wriggle and make all sorts of silly and pathetic sounds.

Anyway, it was good when it was over. I only hope Hamilton will win the next race.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Dealing with Miranda

I told you last time that Felicia dealt with my slowness when blogging. For some reason she has decided that this is really something I should decide what to do with and since I haven't scrapped the blog I have a duty to post.

You know that Felicia is a lovely person and that spanking is for fun. But now she has decided that I really deserve a punishment if I don't do this correctly. Some time ago it was time to deal with me for my laziness.

It wasn't too bad at the start. She told me with her ordinary mean smile on her face that it was time for a spanking and that I should get my hairbrush. Said and done. She sat down on one of the wooden chairs and I am not stupid so I knew what was required of me.

She just had to tap her knees and I pulled down my knickers, lifted my skirt and took my position. She explained that this was going to be a punishment and I wouldn't like it.

Thing is, you never know with Felicia, if it is just banter and teasing or the real thing.

I knew quite soon that she was intent on making it hurt. She smacked me with some vigour and I soon jumped and squirmed. I kind of like that, when there is a certain intensity.

Anyway, that intensity kept on for quite some time. Miranda became more and more sore and after a while she had to really focus in order to cope.

Felicia was not done with me for a long time. She spanked me for a long while and I began to know that she had meant it when she had told me I wouldn't like it.

At last she was done and my bottom was quite warm, and quite tender, to say the least. It turned out that she was done with the hairbrush, not with the punishment.

She got the leather belt and suddenly I became very reluctant.

Don't get me wrong. It is true that I wasn't that keen on getting the belt, but believe me when I say that I trust Felicia with all my heart. She can do this kind of thing and I wouldn't dream of protesting. I want her to decide when and how to spank me.

Now she was determined and I had to take all the rest of my clothes off and kneel on the chair. Then I had to stick my bottom out and get the belt.

The belt is not that bad, but if it is applied on a newly spanked bottom it hurts. And Felicia kept on for a while. She saw from time to time that I was struggling and she stopped and told me it was a punishment and that I had to take it. It made sense so I continued to stick my bottom out.

There was one more thing before she was done. She put the belt aside and got the mean and horrible bamboo stick. The stick is a vicious tool on its own and demands a certain focus, at least from me. Now it was to be used on an already well treated Miranda.

She told me I was to get seventeen with the stick and she would make them hard.

It was a struggle. I think we both became obsessed with getting through it. The stick is really terrible and I fear it more than anything now.

I have never come so close to understanding what a real whipping is like, I mean, a real one, when they used to whip people in the olden days, when it wasn't for fun.

On the other hand, I felt such a strange admiration for Felicia, I couldn't really explain. She didn't do it just for fun, she did it to make me see I should not be so sloppy with blogging. It was, really, a punishment, and I think, really, I deserved it.

Friday, 21 January 2011


I am here again! Sorry for the delay. And for those who worry about it, I have been duly dealt with for it. I will tell you about it some day.

If you know me, you know I am little of a prude. This does not mean I don't like it, far from it. I have decided that I should tell you what happened the other day, come to think of it, it was last week, actually.

Felicia is a busy woman and when she hasn't spanked me for a while I notice a certain vigour in her onslaught. It is as if she wants to compensate for being neglectful by keeping on for longer and hitting me harder. This is not always a bad thing, though.

This evening I found myself across her lap, clad in nothing but a t-shirt. Felicia was wearing jeans. There is something very special with that feeling of being quite bared in her jeansclad lap. That sense of naked skin against denim, that sense of being naked in contact with the world. And then being spanked!!

The way I write about it should give away something of the state I was in. As I said, the spanking was long overdue and the heavy hairbrush became a formidable weapon in her hand.

She even had to take my arm and twist it and pin me down with it. It was quite delicious, really, despite the pain. There is a very special feeling when you lie there, getting your bottom smacked and not knowing when it will be over and done with. I was at her mercy, so to speak, and that was delightful.

I sensed that intensity that comes with her not having spanked me for a while. From time to time she gets in a really good one and she can tell from my reaction. Then she stops for a moment and seems to enjoy it because the next smack is well aimed and hard. She finds pleasure in seeing me jump.

Anyway, when she was done, I was quite spent and exhausted. I was lying there in her lap, focussing on my throbbing bottom, wondering what would dominate afterwards, the pain or that warmth that is so nice.

Felicia put her hand on my bottom and caressed it slowly. She often does that a little absent minded. I like to be touched although my bottom is quite tender.

Suddenly she stopped, seemed to take a deep breath and said:

'Dear Miranda, if it makes it any easier for you, think of it as part of your punishment.'

The next moment she slipped her fingers into me.

She knows I find this kind of intrusion both intimidating and quite humiliating. Besides that I find it quite arousing, and this she knows too.

I was embarrassed, I can assure you, but this time it was because of the power of the wave that surged through me. Oops, there was no stopping it.

I kind of lost control all of a sudden and it was with a sense of chaos I enjoyed what happened.

Felicia laughed but I could tell she was surprised. And a little frustrated I think. What she did to get rid of her frustration was to spank me some more. That was cruel.

She doesn't usually spank me afterwards and this time it was very immediately afterwards and that was weird. She didn't spank me much, but the sensation was unusual, I can tell you. Not altogether bad, though.

I helped her later to get rid of the rest of her frustration. That is something I quite like to do.