Friday, 21 January 2011


I am here again! Sorry for the delay. And for those who worry about it, I have been duly dealt with for it. I will tell you about it some day.

If you know me, you know I am little of a prude. This does not mean I don't like it, far from it. I have decided that I should tell you what happened the other day, come to think of it, it was last week, actually.

Felicia is a busy woman and when she hasn't spanked me for a while I notice a certain vigour in her onslaught. It is as if she wants to compensate for being neglectful by keeping on for longer and hitting me harder. This is not always a bad thing, though.

This evening I found myself across her lap, clad in nothing but a t-shirt. Felicia was wearing jeans. There is something very special with that feeling of being quite bared in her jeansclad lap. That sense of naked skin against denim, that sense of being naked in contact with the world. And then being spanked!!

The way I write about it should give away something of the state I was in. As I said, the spanking was long overdue and the heavy hairbrush became a formidable weapon in her hand.

She even had to take my arm and twist it and pin me down with it. It was quite delicious, really, despite the pain. There is a very special feeling when you lie there, getting your bottom smacked and not knowing when it will be over and done with. I was at her mercy, so to speak, and that was delightful.

I sensed that intensity that comes with her not having spanked me for a while. From time to time she gets in a really good one and she can tell from my reaction. Then she stops for a moment and seems to enjoy it because the next smack is well aimed and hard. She finds pleasure in seeing me jump.

Anyway, when she was done, I was quite spent and exhausted. I was lying there in her lap, focussing on my throbbing bottom, wondering what would dominate afterwards, the pain or that warmth that is so nice.

Felicia put her hand on my bottom and caressed it slowly. She often does that a little absent minded. I like to be touched although my bottom is quite tender.

Suddenly she stopped, seemed to take a deep breath and said:

'Dear Miranda, if it makes it any easier for you, think of it as part of your punishment.'

The next moment she slipped her fingers into me.

She knows I find this kind of intrusion both intimidating and quite humiliating. Besides that I find it quite arousing, and this she knows too.

I was embarrassed, I can assure you, but this time it was because of the power of the wave that surged through me. Oops, there was no stopping it.

I kind of lost control all of a sudden and it was with a sense of chaos I enjoyed what happened.

Felicia laughed but I could tell she was surprised. And a little frustrated I think. What she did to get rid of her frustration was to spank me some more. That was cruel.

She doesn't usually spank me afterwards and this time it was very immediately afterwards and that was weird. She didn't spank me much, but the sensation was unusual, I can tell you. Not altogether bad, though.

I helped her later to get rid of the rest of her frustration. That is something I quite like to do.


Dorphin said...

I envy you two. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Miranda,

I have followed your blog for sometime with a mixture of pleasure and amusement. Your very frank and lovely descriptions of your significant other’s enjoyment of dealing with you is quite lovely and refreshing. As one who has close personal experience with this type of relationship of a sort it is fun and interesting to watch your relationship as an outside by-stander. I dare say it motivates me to speak out about my own unique situation. I love your mirth in your relationship existence. Keep up your blog. We love it.


P.S. Those red-heads are rather hard to please I dare say. I should know!

Anonymous said...

Miranda great post glad to have you back spanked lovey,Felicia gave you big spanks didnt she ,love and spanks to you boith ,tim xxx

Miranda said...

Dear Dorphin, don't do that, we are really quite boring, at least I am... :-)

Dear Christian, thank you for your kind words. It makes it worthwhile to blog...;-) So, you have a redhead too?

Dear Anonymous, yes, she spanks me, with some vigour.



Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Those red-heads are something aren't they? Although I wouldn't say "I have a red-head". Rather I would say SHE has me (and her other female submissive as well). But that is only semantics. Honestly Felicia reminds me a fair amount of the red-head in my life, which is why I enjoy her teasing You and going on because it so much fun to “see” someone else get teased unmercifully lol. I can’t stand those sorts of comments that make one squirm when they are vulnerable, but I admit it is quite a fun read when it is someone else. :)