Wednesday, 30 May 2007

At Last...

Sorry for taking so long for this post. Friday I told you about not getting a spanking while expecting one and how disappointed I was. Friday went by without anything either and now I was getting frustrated. I don't usually think of myself as a girl who 'need' spankings or crave them for this or that reason but Friday was annoying, really. I went to be and had a hard time falling asleep.

Things were to change during Saturday, though. Felicia awoke before me and I heard her walk around the flat but did not take much notice until she returned to our bedroom. I am a very shy girl (really, I am) but I tend to sleep without much clothes on so you could say I was quite exposed as Felicia pulled the sheets from me. I was barely awake as she ordered me onto her lap as she sat down on the bed. She was already armed with the hairbrush. So there was poor Miranda, in the buff, across her friend's lap, barely awake, receiving a morning spanking.

It wasn't too bad, it stung but she was gentle with me, soft start and all that. She told me this was the beginning of a Spanking Day.

I had been wanting a spanking but now I was taken by surprise. And the declaration of a Spanking Day meant that there was more to come.

Anyway, we had breakfast and a lazy morning and it was not until noon as we set off for town she ordered, skirt up and knickers down for a dose of the belt. The belt just before shopping. That was cruel!

Hm, my bottom was, a little sensitive as we went shopping and treated ourselves to lunch. Still I was, how should I put it, relieved that Felicia wanted to spank me again. That was the most important feeling I had, that I was happy that she wanted to spank me. Not that I doubted her or anything but I felt it as a token of her affection and I needed that.

Spanking Day did not continue immediately we got home. We had tea and read the paper and such. We are quite boring, really. But later that afternoon, Felicia decided that it was to commence. She ordered me to get the ruler, her much loved ruler.

This time it was not her lap for me but rather kneeling on a chair. Anyway my skirt kept falling down so she ordered me to take it off completely. When I was doing that she thought, 'what the heck, take it all off!' So there I was, stripping off everything before kneeling on the chair for a dose of the ruler.

The ruler stings, I can tell you that but for some reason I was really happy while she smacked me. I am not always happy while being spanked. My sense of wanting it, is more about she wanting to smack me and everything around it but this time I liked her taking the ruler to my bottom.

She saw that the ruler made me excited so she told me not to dress again afterwards. So there was poor Miranda, cooking dinner without a single item of clothing. It was not the first time this happened, as you know, but it is still, kind of, special.

We had our dinner and I washed the dishes, still naked. After dinner Spanking Day was to continue.

So for the fourth time this day Miranda found herself in a very vulnerable position. This time back over Felicia's lap. This time it was the hairbrush. And no, Miranda was not allowed to dress.

Anyone who has been over a knee like this and getting her bottom warmed knows that time is not easy to estimate. What I am trying to say is that I don't think she, really, spanked me for two hours but it felt like that. She did spank me for a long while, though. My bottom was already sensitive but she kept on smacking it with abandon for a long time. It felt like she kept on for ages.

I was strangely happy as she did it although the discomfort of it was soon overwhelming. Felicia is good at this. She knows exactly how I feel and can keep me on the edge of what I can endure, so it became as much a test of her skill as of my endurance.

She finished the whole thing off with the dreaded bath brush. That was brutal and Miranda started to cry. That felt strangely good, though, like I wanted to cry and needed to cry.

Then she tried something new. Everybody talk about corner time but that is usually not our thing, Until now, that is. I had to stand in the corner not allowed to rub my bottom. You know how it is supposed to be! That was hard and made me more annoyed than all of the smacks put together.

Spanking Day was not over yet. Over the knee again and the wooden spatula. It was not too bad, it is very light but on tender skin it is quite efficient.

Spanking Day was soon to be over but before that Miranda had to kneel on the chair again for an encounter with the dreaded riding crop. As you can imagine her bottom was in a mess at this stage so Felicia hesitated.

It is good that she has so determined friends. I told her to get on with it and she gave me twenty of her best. Twenty, that is quite a lot. And her best is really good. Felicia is not a weak girl, she is small but not weak.

Of all the day's smacking and whacking this was the ordeal to remember. Miranda was in tears again. It is a very special sensation when someone you love and trust just has delivered a stinging, excruciatingly painful blow to your bottom, something you don't think you can endure and you know that there are nineteen more to come. You want to run, to flee and you need all your determination and strength to stay.

I stayed and I took it all and I was proud and I sensed that Felicia was proud of me too. Although my bottom was really like a rainbow of colours and felt almost numb and I was in a sorry state, the evening ended in a sense of bliss. Felicia put some lotion on my bum which was almost as painful as being spanked. She was a little taken aback by the state of my bottom but I reassured her that it was alright.

The rest of the evening poor naked Miranda spent lying on her belly in our sofa watching telly with her dear friend, being treated to lotion on her bum, tea and scones with clotted cream. A good day, really.

Friday, 25 May 2007


Anyone who has been in my situation knows that special feeling you have when you are waiting for or expecting a spanking. Regarding what happened Wednesday evening it was a reasonable thing to expect. So, it is not wrong to say that I walked home with butterflies in my tummy, yesterday.

Not that Felicia is a very revengeful person or that she would punish me for spanking her but my bum was better and could take a spanking and it was my turn, so to speak.

When we met she was all sunshine. Not that that is anything to be cheerful about. Sometimes she is like that just because she is looking forward to smacking poor Miranda's bottom.

The evening went by but there was no Miranda with knickers down receiving a spanking. I was waiting and thinking she was just being a little mean by letting me wait but no, no spanking.

So I can only say that the evening was an ordinary one, like so many other. Not that I mind being with lovely Felicia without her warming my behind but this was different. I have to admit that I was almost disappointed that she didn't smack me. I am strange and I know it. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Imagine That!!

However 'interesting' my knickerless day at library was, Felicia sensed how annoyed I was when I returned home yesterday evening. She is a very sensitive girl. She is also clever so she, soon, figured out what is was.

I still had to tell her what was on my mind and when I said she deserved a spanking for sending me to the library without knickers, she said, yes. Imagine that!!! She said, yes, meaning that I was right, she deserved a spanking. I didn't believe my ears.

She even got the new brush and gave it to me. I was gobsmacked. I just stared at her.

It took me while to understand that she was serious and by that time I did, I was already sitting on the chair - the chair that so often has been used when I am to be smacked. Felicia volunteered to lie in my lap and asked if she should take down her trousers. I nodded in silence.

So down came her trousers and down came her knickers and without knowing how it happened she was lying there in my lap waiting for a spanking. Felicia, my lovely, red haired, stunner was lying in my lap expecting a spanking.

Tiny Miranda composed herself and got on with the task at hand. There was a certain meekness in the earlier smacks but soon I got the hang of it. I will never be a good spanker. As soon as I get a good hit I want to stop and ask if it hurt.

Anyway, I did smack her for a while and I did give her some good ones. I sensed that. Her lovely, very pale, bottom had turned to pink, almost red, when I was done. Felicia got to her feet and I looked at her. 'Well?' I said. 'It hurt,' she answered and that was that. She wasn't angry or upset. Instead she smiled and gave me a kiss and then she made dinner for us.

The evening was a very good one even if I was puzzled by Felicia. We talk about everything, generally, but there was nothing to say about this. And if you think about it, what was there to say?

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Spring Naughty

I am not used to this much spanking and neither is my bottom. I was still a little, how should I put it, affected by the long weekend. Felicia took a long look at my poor bum and said that there was no spanking to be for a while. I loved her for saying that in that moment. Well, I love her in most moments but it was extra obvious there and then.

Anyway, it seems as if the spring brings out the naughtiness in Felicia. Or could it be the weekend. I don't know. She was a little disappointed that she could not spank me, yesterday. So was I and this was one of the rare moments when I disagree with my bottom. It was quite happy for not getting any attention of that kind.

Felicia was not really satisfied with things as they were but I didn't realise that until this morning. Just before leaving for work (remember, I work in a library) Felicia instructed me that, today, poor Miranda was to do her duties in the library without knickers.

That was the kind of thing that almost made Miranda a rebel. Her love of her friend and her meek character got the upper hand so finally she left for work knickerless.

The blushing finally subsided but I was, all to, aware of my state of undress while cycling to work. It was not too bad. I had a knee long skirt so no one would notice (I hope) but the sense of me knowing that there were nothing underneath it should I put it, quite overwhelming.

The dreary aisles of our library have never been so...charged...and I have never been so aware of myself as this. I got into it and didn't think of it all the time but the awareness came back to me from time to time and made my face very red.

You know me by now - at least a little - so you understand that the blushing was not just out of embarrassment but also due to the fact that naughty Miranda was not unaffected by not wearing any knickers beneath her skirt. She was quite excited by it.

Still I think that if ever Felicia deserved a spanking, it is now and for what she made poor Miranda go through today.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Long Weekend

This was, indeed, a memorable weekend. If you have read my earlier blog entries then you know that our best friends Kate and Fiona were going to visit. And they did. They arrived on Friday night and it was lovely to see them.

Short description of friends. Fiona is a lovely girl. The most beautiful of us all. She is a redhead as Felicia (names beginning with F, red hair...could there be a connection?). She is taller than us all (but we are all quite short) and has a lovely slim body. She dresses in skirts and colourful tops and is far more flamboyant than any of us. Kate is a bit like Fiona but she is a little shorter. She is a pretty brunette. She used to be this tomboy character when we were younger but she has grown into being quite a girl. Kate is a skirt girl as well but prefers red and black, a little like me, although she is far more expressive than I am.

Anyway, we headed for the pub and got a table. We had a lot to catch up on so there were some pints, some wine and a lot of giggle. You know how girls are. They were as happy to see us as we were to see them.

Kate had bought me a present which she gave me at the table. I had to blush. The gift was wrapped in paper and I had to open it there and then. It was a very big and sturdy brush, wooden and with a flat surface. It had a lovely red ribbon which made it look very pretty but it didn't not hide its purpose. I felt as if everyone in the pub knew what it was for and that everyone knew that Miranda was going to be acquainted with that brush very soon.

Back at out place there was a general demand for the gift to be put to good use. You know Tiny Miranda by now and you know she cannot deny her friends anything. I asked Kate to go first. After all it was her gift.

We have known each other long enough to not be too embarrassed about this things so soon I found myself, skirt up and knickers down over Kate's knees. Kate has a very strong arm, I have to say, and I had forgotten how good she is at this. She promptly reminded me.

It is strange to be spanked in that kind of environment. For some reason I try my best not to give in to the pain and scream and cry and such, when there is an audience. Kate is good and she forced me, almost, to tears. Well, there were some but I didn't completely lose my composure. I was a bit scared I would because I knew that there was more to come.

Then when I stood up and Fiona sat down where Kate had been sitting I was suddenly extremely embarrassed. Everyone was watching and there I was lifting my skirt, knickers around my knees. It is quite humiliating and for a second I almost wanted to run away.

I didn't and Fiona spanked me. She is far meeker than Kate. I think she prefers to be at the receiving end, just like me, but she smacked along anyway. My bottom was tender at that stage so there was no relief.

Then came Felicia. She knows me and she knows how to spank. I dreaded her at that moment. But I am very obedient when it comes to that. I felt more secure with her and dared to cry out as she smacked me. It was a good feeling and both Kate and Fiona seemed quite touched by it. They didn't mock me or anything, not even friendly.

We sat and talked afterwards and had some more wine and the evening ended very nicely. My bottom was warm and the wine made me even warmer and my friends made this night a lovely night.

I was still a little sore next morning. Kate and Fiona shared a room (or the other room, we don't have that many) but were polite enough to say that they had slept well. We had lunch in town and did some shopping but I won't bore you with details of that.

Come afternoon and dinner. It is like evenings bring out the naughtiness in my friends. Felicia volunteered me to cook for us and I curtsied and said I was happy to. That was not enough, however, for they decided to make things 'interesting' for poor Miranda. I heard them giggling and whispering as I went into the kitchen and I knew they were planning something.

They all came in to the kitchen and told me that they had decided that I should be cooking in my red bikini. The way they told it made me almost angry. They giggled and smiled and seemed very pleased with themselves. I told them how silly they were but they didn't budge.

So, meek, stupid and kind Miranda changed to her very tiny red bikini. They cheered as I entered the room and giggled. That was mean. I felt really humiliated.

So there I was cooking in my bikini. This is not unknown in our household but with guests! I was a little vexed. My friends seemed to enjoy it, though, as I waited on them. They even pinched my bottom like I was some waitress in a rowdy bar.

My light dress gave them ideas. They decided to inspect the result from last night which was quite easy in my state of dress. It turned out that the spanking was not that bad and my bottom was in a condition that called for some more attention.

Now Miranda has to make a confession. Standing there and being examined and hearing them decide that there would be more spanking made her quite excited. That is embarrassing.

Fiona wore a broad leather belt around her hips they thought would be an interesting implement to try out. I was a little scared at that because I know the belt can be quite powerful. Anyway, they decided to take turns and have a go.

For some reason they decided that poor Miranda should take her top off before kneeling on the chair. I was really embarrassed at that time. I have been naked with them before and we are not, regularly embarrassed about that but standing there among them clad only in my bikini knickers made me blush and I mean, really, blush.

Well, kneeling on the chair my knickers were pulled down to my knees and Fiona stepped up armed with her belt. She laid it on with some vigour and it hurt. Although it was heavy it was quite broad and didn't hurt as much as I had expected.

Felicia was next and she was very kind to me, this time and smacked me just a little. Kate followed and she has, as I said, a very strong arm. She didn't belt me that long but she was by far the best (or worst, depending on how you see it).

My bottom had turned red at that stage and strangely enough I wasn't that sad as they told me not to put on my knickers. I spent the rest of the evening in the nude. I wasn't too happy sitting down so I was almost relieved when I had to go and get wine and crisps from the kitchen.

Being naked among your clad friends is really quite embarrassing but they are such good friends and I know, in my heart, that they all love me in their own ways. I feel safe and secure with them so it is easier to be the naked and obedient Miranda with them. There is no shame in it and I actually enjoy it. It is like a game we play and a good game it is.

But there was some entertainment to be had for our lovely friends as well. Both Kate and Fiona had to kneel on the chair, skirt up and knickers down to receive a dose with the belt. Delivered by, none other than, Tiny Miranda. However humiliating for them to lower their knickers it seems to be part of the game that they were not as naked as Miranda herself.

I wrote 'had to kneel' but they were more than willing to do that. I smacked them with the belt and I have to admit that I am not very good with it. Still I got in some good smacks and I left some nice marks. Felicia helped a little with my new brush and everyone seemed happy. There was something with Fiona that made me think that she really had longed for it and for a second I felt sad for her and wished that I could smack her more. That was, indeed, a strange feeling.

Felicia enjoyed my performance as well so we had a very good moment in bed later, before falling asleep but that is, really, another story.

Sunday morning and Fiona and Kate were leaving. It was a sad moment but it had been good having them there. We had breakfast and a lazy morning before having lunch. No embarrassment for Miranda, though.

But Felicia had something up her sleeve. Before we all left for the station she brought out the dreaded riding crop and said that having friends come visiting was one of those special moments that had to be celebrated. Her decision was to celebrate it with six of the best.

Six of the best in this context means six times two friends equals twelve on an already sore bottom. So, again, it was skirt up and knickers down for poor Miranda and six of the best with the riding crop. Fiona almost refused when she saw how red my bottom was and I had to tell her to go on before she could muster her strength.

Although Fiona is kind of soft, six of the best stung. They stung like hell and for the third time this weekend Miranda's bottom was on fire. Don't think Kate is mean or anything just because I tell you that she has less scruples when it comes to whipping Miranda! She laid it on with vigour and I was happy it was not more than six.

We went with them to the station and waited for the train with them. My bum was really on fire and it felt like it would show through my skirt and all people at the station would know that Miranda had got a dose of the riding crop. Strangely enough this made me feel special, ashamed but special.

We said our goodbyes and Felicia and me went home. She put an arm around my shoulders and I felt very loved at that moment. My bottom was warm and it felt as if all the love and affection that I feel for my friends and they feel for me was warming my bottom. I walked home in a state of bliss. It is good to have lovely friends and the fact that Felicia promised me to treat my bottom, not with a brush, but with some lotion, didn't diminish that sense of bliss.

Friday, 18 May 2007


How about switching? And I am not thinking about the application of a switch to the bum of Tiny Miranda. No, I am thinking about said Miranda actually spanking someone and especially her friend Felicia.

It is known to have happened. It is not common but it happens. Felicia is not only a lovely girl, a great friend and good at walloping Miranda, she is also an honourable person. She thinks it is only fair that she should have a taste of what I have to endure ever so often.

So at times Miranda takes her hairbrush to the sweet bottom of her friend Felicia. About this, only one thing can be said. Felicia does not like it at all. The first time we did this (long time ago) she refused to remove her clothings, so instead I smacked her trouser clad behind. Still, she expressed, very vividly, her aversion to it. 'It hurts!' was her very words. She said some others too that are less printable. Well, yes, it is supposed to hurt!

I have smacked her less protected bottom from time to time and it hurts. I feel bad about hurting her and I know I will get it back later, many times over.

Strangely enough, the thought of being smacked by Felicia, later, makes it easier to smack her. I feel bad about hurting her but I know I will be smacked in return. Guilt and punishment, I suppose. Hard to get away from that, really.

Anyway, I actually enjoy spanking her. It is fun and I can, sort of, understand why she wants to do it to me. Still I prefer being at the receiving end. I don't really, understand why. Maybe it is because I am such a nice and caring person who only wants her friend to be happy.

I have spanked our friends Kate and Fiona as well although it is far more common that they get to smack poor Miranda. We'll see if, perhaps, something of that kind will happen this weekend.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007


No spankings, no naughtiness and no fun. I have nothing to blog about. Ok, it is that time of the month so there may be cause for grumpiness. Anyway, I am still here and I am still bad, bad Miranda for not blogging. And no, I don't think Felicia will spank me for it. She is far too kind.

Something far better. Two of our best friends are coming over. They live in another town so it is not that often, nowadays. They are coming for the weekend. Kate and Fiona are really, really lovely friends and best of all...they know about our naughtiness. They even participate a little.

So, I am looking forward to the weekend...My bum may be a little more reluctant, though.

Friday, 11 May 2007


Fantasies are one thing and reality one. Or is it? I mean, when we started this spanking thing we talked a lot about our fantasies. It was all about princesses and knights and castles and silly thing. Not all about that because there was this fascination with other things as well. You know, even the grandest castle has a dungeon and in a dungeon there are torture devices. You could say that there was a darker side to our childish imagination.

What am I trying to say? We talked a lot about horrible things like torture and whippings and such. So that were our fantasies. And it was because of that we tried spanking. It seemed a doable thing and exciting as well. So what became our reality came from our fantasies.

But there is a difference. My imagination and Felicia's are far more, how should I put it, over the top than our reality. I have always had this fascination with whipping posts and imagine it would be exciting and fascinating to be tied to one. It is almost something heroic about it. I am tied there, naked and exposed to the cruel whip in the hands of my tormentor (Felicia). In some silly way that would be quite romantic.

We have no plans for getting a whipping post and I have no desire to be put on the rack or something horrible and exciting like that. Still my mind like to think about horrible things.

I suppose we could try the whipping post but my point is that it is nice to indulge in a little spanking from time to time without having to realise the really brutal parts of our fantasies. They are fantasies after all and not the reality. And I am quite happy for that.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Another Thingy

Felicia was so pleased with herself about her blog entry that she bought us another thingy. It was a kind of wooden spatula thing, you know, the type you use when frying or stirring. It is very light to hold and didn't look too bad.

There is one downside with a thingy that is light and not too brutal. It may give someone in our household the idea that they may use it without restraints. Someone is quite fond of that, letting go of her inhibitions when it comes to smacking someone else's bottom. That can only be done with thingies that are not too brutal and the spatula thing seems made for that.

Anyway, when I held the new thingy in my hand I could not resist the temptation to try it. Felicia was unpacking her other shoppings and her lovely behind seemed the perfect target. Said and done. It was light and could not have hurt that much. Still Felicia was not amused.

She caught up with me in the living room and I had to hand her the spatula. For those of you who are interested in that sort of things I can tell you I was wearing jeans (knickers, as well, of course).

A walloping is a word that springs to mind when thinking of what happened then. I can tell you that it did hurt when used with sufficient strength and frequency on my poor behind. Even regarding the fact that I was still wearing my protective jeans.

Don't think this was a spanking in real rage! That has only happened two or three times, ever. This was more like Felicia got an excuse to try her new toy on me.

Later I got a proper spanking with the new thingy on my then less protected bottom and I can tell you that it is a useful complement to our collection of thingies.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Why I Love Spanking Miranda

Here is a text from my friend Felicia. I promised not to interfere and let her write whatever she wanted. I am not sure it was such a good idea. Next time I will be more careful.

What is it that I like about spanking Miranda? That is a hard question to answer. Well, in one way, it is really simple. It is fun. Spanking is just something we started doing a long time ago and it is fun. It is a bit unfair to say that it is something we do. It is mainly I who do and she who is.

I enjoy having Miranda lying there in my lap, trousers and knickers down and just smacking her bottom. Or having her kneeling on a chair, still bare bottomed and me smacking along. She has the loveliest bottom you can imagine. Oh, I am getting too personal now. Miranda won't like it. Still she has a very tiny and gorgeous bottom that seems made for smacking.

But why do I do it? It would be easy to talk about what it does to Miranda. I think it is good for her and you should not think that I mean it in the sense that she is such a naughty person that needs correction. That is not our style. I mean it in the sense that she seems to be happy with it. When she is worried and upset and I happen to spank her she becomes calmer and more relaxed. Stress relief you might say.

But it would be silly to say that I spank my dear, tiny, Miranda because it is good for her. I enjoy it too but it is harder to know what it is about it I like. It started as something very strange and naughty we shared and still it is, to some extent, although I know that it is not that naughty anymore. But there is this special sense of power and control that I enjoy. I have to admit that. I don't really want to control her in everyday life, we are too equal for that but still it is kind of nice to be the one in charge when she is there over my knee. Maybe it is me indulging in a sense of being powerful.

Did I say exciting? It is very exciting to spank Miranda. I find it very exciting and the strangest of all things is that she finds it exciting too. That I cannot really understand. I mean, it is fun to smack someone's bottom but why would you find it fun to have your bottom smacked? She is a mystery sometimes the lovely Miranda. But I do love her.

And I don't spank her because I am angry with her. Well I have done it but that is the exception. It is hard to be angry with her. She is the most kind and considerate person I know. And modest, she will not like me writing this. And she is very nice to look at and not only from the over the knee viewpoint.

I know this is not a very good blog entry but anyway...

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Sloppy Miranda

Bad, bad Miranda. I promised myself to blog often, every day, at least during weeks. But did I manage to do that? No, of course not. Other things seemed more important and sloppy Miranda did not blog.

I have been, kind of, obsessed with punishments of lately and perhaps being sloppy like this is a spankable offence? I know many of you think so and would love to hear me tell you how Felicia dealt with me. The thing is that Felicia is less inclined to spank me as a punishment.

And, besides, the threat of a spanking would not make me better at blogging. I am too stubborn for that. The only thing it would do is that it would help against the guilt. But then again, maybe the guilt is the best reason for me to really blog. That was extremely stupid of me. The best reason for blogging is that it is fun. It is.

I have not very much spanking to report. Just a little on Saturday but nothing special, just a little smacking poor Miranda's bottom. Felicia seems to be busy all the time, nowadays so there is very little time for that sort of thing.

This will be a very confused blog entry but I wanted to say something about ropes. We own some lengths of rope. It is very soft and gentle but very good when someone wants to tie someone up. We don't know much about those things but Felicia sometimes ties me up. I know there are all those people out there interested in this who knows a lot about it. We are amateurs. When she binds she most often ties my hand behind my back, tickles me when I am helpless which makes me angry and then she spanks me. Being spanked while tied up is quite an interesting experience. It, sort of, adds to the sensation of being vulnerable and that is, really, a good thing.

And yes, sometimes she uses my inability to defend myself as an opportunity to remove my knickers. She finds this very amusing while I have a slightly different view. Still it is, kind of, interesting to be physically dependent on someone like that. At least when it is someone you trust.

I have managed to convince Felicia to tell you about what she thinks about spanking. Look out for her entry. Coming soon to a blog near you!!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2007


This week, so far, has been quite boring. I have very little to tell you. I think I will blog about my thoughts instead.

My posting about Felicia spanking me because she was angry and disappointed with me triggered some comments from you and that was good. It was suggested that we could try out rules that clearly stated what kind of conduct merited a spanking.

The thought of spanking as a punishment is not far from my thoughts, although I feel that it has a different kind function in our lives. Spanking is something we do together because we enjoy it (I know that enjoy is not the best word for it but because it is something we like doing). At the moment I am intrigued by the thought of being spanked as a punishment. I have always thought about it like that but it has very seldom been like that between us.

But I am not sure having rules will work. Felicia is not a kind of person to decide rules for me. She always says she loves me the way I am and slowly I am beginning to believe that. She doesn't want to change me. We went to a concert with the Waterboys yesterday and they sang 'she tried to hold me, she didn't know, love is letting go.' The thing is that I think Felicia knows that and has known that for a long time.

Ok, rules can be agreed upon. But if there were rules and I was to be punished if I broke them, then I would, simply, not break them. I am that kind of person (boring and not very naughty). If I know I shouldn't do a certain thing I won't do it. Most of the time, anyway.

Ah, you may say, then break them to be punished! That is very tempting but won't that be a kind of game? If I want to be punished I break rules. And Felicia doesn't need a reason to spank me so I get that anyway.

Rules work only, I think, if the punishment is really something I will not enjoy, something truly bad. But then I would have another reason not to break the rules and there would be no punishments. That is boring. I want Felicia to spank me and she wants to spank me so rules and horrible punishments seem to be not for us.

I can't get the idea of being spanked as a punishment out of my head. I like the idea even if I have spent this blog entry arguing against it. I will speak to Felicia about this. She won't like it. She will shake her head and tell me that she don't like finding faults in me and punishing me for it. She is very sweet.

I have another idea and that is to ask Felicia to write here about why she likes spanking. Isn't that a brilliant idea?

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Back to Normal

I am sorry I have waited so long for this posting and I do apologise. The thing is that we have been a little busy and upset and all that. What happened last Thursday was a bit upsetting and some of you have left very sweet and lovely comments on my last posting.

It was a little strange what happened and it made Felicia upset and some other people upset. The blog comments seemed to be concerned, at least. I am the one least upset of all, it seems. I can assure you that I trust Felicia with my life. There is not one person in this world I trust more. I know she would never, ever, harm me.

We talked things through, more than once, during the weekend. Felicia still feels bad about being angry with me. I think she is as concerned about being angry as about spanking me. I have tried and I think succeeded in telling her that I am fine and I am not scared or hurt or offended or angry. I think she knows now.

And now for something (almost) completely different. Things went back to normal on Sunday. Felicia had to go to her department, she has a deadline on Tuesday. I felt strangely disappointed and abandoned by her leaving me. I wandered through our flat like some lost soul not knowing what to do.

She sent me an SMS at three o'clock telling me she was on her way home. But it was not just to tell me that. She told me she would treat my bottom when she got home. She even gave me instructions. She told me to bring out the hairbrush and the dreaded belt and put them on the table. She then told me to take off my skirt and knickers and wait for her. Can you imagine that? I was to walk around with a bare bottom waiting for her to come home and spank me. She is an ingenious woman.

Miranda is a bit weird because she was quite excited. When I had done as she told me I almost jumped up and down and chanted, 'there will be spanking tonight', like the virgins in the film Holy Grail (Monty Python). Bananas was quite excited too.

Times is slow when you are waiting for a spanking. I was excited but you know how it is. It is kind of scary as well. And being half naked makes it real for you in a very special way.

Felicia took one hour to get home. How horrible is that? And when she finally arrived I hugged her like mad and forgot that I had very little clothes on. When I felt her against my, hm, nether regions I blushed and was, really, quite embarrassed and excited.

She had me wait a little longer while she prepared. She wanted me to make some tea and so I did. I did felt like some very tiny servant girl or slave walking around with no knickers on.

At last I had to kneel on the chair and she warmed my bottom with the hairbrush. I was so excited at that moment that it took some time for me to realise what was happening. I was being spanked.

My bottom was far warmer then when she said she would move on to the belt. I was quite into the mood then and almost looked forward to it. That is kind of strange that I look forward to something I am scared of.

She gave me quite a dose of the belt and I am such a wimp. It hurt but in a way I was happy because I knew that Felicia was no longer feeling guilty for punishing me last Thursday.

The mean, cruel Felicia didn't allow poor Tiny Miranda to put her knickers back on but had her spend the evening without them. Lucky for her no one came to visit. It is a very special feeling sitting and watching tv while your bottom is very naked and very warm. Still the Sunday evening was spent in a sense of bliss. That sounds kind of weird but I was quite happy.