Thursday, 10 May 2007

Another Thingy

Felicia was so pleased with herself about her blog entry that she bought us another thingy. It was a kind of wooden spatula thing, you know, the type you use when frying or stirring. It is very light to hold and didn't look too bad.

There is one downside with a thingy that is light and not too brutal. It may give someone in our household the idea that they may use it without restraints. Someone is quite fond of that, letting go of her inhibitions when it comes to smacking someone else's bottom. That can only be done with thingies that are not too brutal and the spatula thing seems made for that.

Anyway, when I held the new thingy in my hand I could not resist the temptation to try it. Felicia was unpacking her other shoppings and her lovely behind seemed the perfect target. Said and done. It was light and could not have hurt that much. Still Felicia was not amused.

She caught up with me in the living room and I had to hand her the spatula. For those of you who are interested in that sort of things I can tell you I was wearing jeans (knickers, as well, of course).

A walloping is a word that springs to mind when thinking of what happened then. I can tell you that it did hurt when used with sufficient strength and frequency on my poor behind. Even regarding the fact that I was still wearing my protective jeans.

Don't think this was a spanking in real rage! That has only happened two or three times, ever. This was more like Felicia got an excuse to try her new toy on me.

Later I got a proper spanking with the new thingy on my then less protected bottom and I can tell you that it is a useful complement to our collection of thingies.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh! Spanking the spanker?! No wonder you got in trouble! ;)

Miranda said...

Yes, but I am sure you can see the temptation. :-)

Anonymous said...

True! I probably wouldn't have been able to resist either. :)

Dave said...

lots of spanktastic mischief happening! by the way, speaking of thingies, you may want to check out, a site I just blogged about.

their thingies are flirty, playful, you know, well, kinda sexy but stingy i'm sure too!

Anyway, hope you are both well..and that miranda is behaving and not squirming over a lap, knicker-less.


Best regards,