Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Spring Naughty

I am not used to this much spanking and neither is my bottom. I was still a little, how should I put it, affected by the long weekend. Felicia took a long look at my poor bum and said that there was no spanking to be for a while. I loved her for saying that in that moment. Well, I love her in most moments but it was extra obvious there and then.

Anyway, it seems as if the spring brings out the naughtiness in Felicia. Or could it be the weekend. I don't know. She was a little disappointed that she could not spank me, yesterday. So was I and this was one of the rare moments when I disagree with my bottom. It was quite happy for not getting any attention of that kind.

Felicia was not really satisfied with things as they were but I didn't realise that until this morning. Just before leaving for work (remember, I work in a library) Felicia instructed me that, today, poor Miranda was to do her duties in the library without knickers.

That was the kind of thing that almost made Miranda a rebel. Her love of her friend and her meek character got the upper hand so finally she left for work knickerless.

The blushing finally subsided but I was, all to, aware of my state of undress while cycling to work. It was not too bad. I had a knee long skirt so no one would notice (I hope) but the sense of me knowing that there were nothing underneath it should I put it, quite overwhelming.

The dreary aisles of our library have never been so...charged...and I have never been so aware of myself as this. I got into it and didn't think of it all the time but the awareness came back to me from time to time and made my face very red.

You know me by now - at least a little - so you understand that the blushing was not just out of embarrassment but also due to the fact that naughty Miranda was not unaffected by not wearing any knickers beneath her skirt. She was quite excited by it.

Still I think that if ever Felicia deserved a spanking, it is now and for what she made poor Miranda go through today.

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