Wednesday, 16 May 2007


No spankings, no naughtiness and no fun. I have nothing to blog about. Ok, it is that time of the month so there may be cause for grumpiness. Anyway, I am still here and I am still bad, bad Miranda for not blogging. And no, I don't think Felicia will spank me for it. She is far too kind.

Something far better. Two of our best friends are coming over. They live in another town so it is not that often, nowadays. They are coming for the weekend. Kate and Fiona are really, really lovely friends and best of all...they know about our naughtiness. They even participate a little.

So, I am looking forward to the weekend...My bum may be a little more reluctant, though.


Anonymous said...

Of course you know we expect a very detailed report as soon as you can sit down to type it. :)

Dave said...

Phil01 is correct. a Very very very detailed and delightfully delicious report of such naughty goings-on!