Thursday, 24 May 2007

Imagine That!!

However 'interesting' my knickerless day at library was, Felicia sensed how annoyed I was when I returned home yesterday evening. She is a very sensitive girl. She is also clever so she, soon, figured out what is was.

I still had to tell her what was on my mind and when I said she deserved a spanking for sending me to the library without knickers, she said, yes. Imagine that!!! She said, yes, meaning that I was right, she deserved a spanking. I didn't believe my ears.

She even got the new brush and gave it to me. I was gobsmacked. I just stared at her.

It took me while to understand that she was serious and by that time I did, I was already sitting on the chair - the chair that so often has been used when I am to be smacked. Felicia volunteered to lie in my lap and asked if she should take down her trousers. I nodded in silence.

So down came her trousers and down came her knickers and without knowing how it happened she was lying there in my lap waiting for a spanking. Felicia, my lovely, red haired, stunner was lying in my lap expecting a spanking.

Tiny Miranda composed herself and got on with the task at hand. There was a certain meekness in the earlier smacks but soon I got the hang of it. I will never be a good spanker. As soon as I get a good hit I want to stop and ask if it hurt.

Anyway, I did smack her for a while and I did give her some good ones. I sensed that. Her lovely, very pale, bottom had turned to pink, almost red, when I was done. Felicia got to her feet and I looked at her. 'Well?' I said. 'It hurt,' she answered and that was that. She wasn't angry or upset. Instead she smiled and gave me a kiss and then she made dinner for us.

The evening was a very good one even if I was puzzled by Felicia. We talk about everything, generally, but there was nothing to say about this. And if you think about it, what was there to say?


Anonymous said...

Please don't say you'll never get good at spanking! Of course you will! Just like anything else you get better the more you practice. :) Also, it can help that you are used to being spanked yourself. Some of the best spankers are switches. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Miranda,

This is really a unique blog and I love it! Hm mmm so lovely to hear that you are taking Felicia in hand.

Keep up the wonderful work.
Kindest regards,

"The Cherry Red Report"

Miranda said...

Hm, maybe I need more practice then? It is just that feeling of, 'oh, did it hurt?' that is not easy to get away from. It is supposed to hurt but my mind is not wired for that.

Thank you Dave, you are always encouraging me. I do appreciate that, very much.