Friday, 18 May 2007


How about switching? And I am not thinking about the application of a switch to the bum of Tiny Miranda. No, I am thinking about said Miranda actually spanking someone and especially her friend Felicia.

It is known to have happened. It is not common but it happens. Felicia is not only a lovely girl, a great friend and good at walloping Miranda, she is also an honourable person. She thinks it is only fair that she should have a taste of what I have to endure ever so often.

So at times Miranda takes her hairbrush to the sweet bottom of her friend Felicia. About this, only one thing can be said. Felicia does not like it at all. The first time we did this (long time ago) she refused to remove her clothings, so instead I smacked her trouser clad behind. Still, she expressed, very vividly, her aversion to it. 'It hurts!' was her very words. She said some others too that are less printable. Well, yes, it is supposed to hurt!

I have smacked her less protected bottom from time to time and it hurts. I feel bad about hurting her and I know I will get it back later, many times over.

Strangely enough, the thought of being smacked by Felicia, later, makes it easier to smack her. I feel bad about hurting her but I know I will be smacked in return. Guilt and punishment, I suppose. Hard to get away from that, really.

Anyway, I actually enjoy spanking her. It is fun and I can, sort of, understand why she wants to do it to me. Still I prefer being at the receiving end. I don't really, understand why. Maybe it is because I am such a nice and caring person who only wants her friend to be happy.

I have spanked our friends Kate and Fiona as well although it is far more common that they get to smack poor Miranda. We'll see if, perhaps, something of that kind will happen this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

It will be nice to hear how your weekend went! As for your musings as to why you like to be spanked, there's so many good reasons! It can be fun to pretend to be naughty, you get to be the center of attention and it certainly is stimulating! That's just for a start.