Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Why I Love Spanking Miranda

Here is a text from my friend Felicia. I promised not to interfere and let her write whatever she wanted. I am not sure it was such a good idea. Next time I will be more careful.

What is it that I like about spanking Miranda? That is a hard question to answer. Well, in one way, it is really simple. It is fun. Spanking is just something we started doing a long time ago and it is fun. It is a bit unfair to say that it is something we do. It is mainly I who do and she who is.

I enjoy having Miranda lying there in my lap, trousers and knickers down and just smacking her bottom. Or having her kneeling on a chair, still bare bottomed and me smacking along. She has the loveliest bottom you can imagine. Oh, I am getting too personal now. Miranda won't like it. Still she has a very tiny and gorgeous bottom that seems made for smacking.

But why do I do it? It would be easy to talk about what it does to Miranda. I think it is good for her and you should not think that I mean it in the sense that she is such a naughty person that needs correction. That is not our style. I mean it in the sense that she seems to be happy with it. When she is worried and upset and I happen to spank her she becomes calmer and more relaxed. Stress relief you might say.

But it would be silly to say that I spank my dear, tiny, Miranda because it is good for her. I enjoy it too but it is harder to know what it is about it I like. It started as something very strange and naughty we shared and still it is, to some extent, although I know that it is not that naughty anymore. But there is this special sense of power and control that I enjoy. I have to admit that. I don't really want to control her in everyday life, we are too equal for that but still it is kind of nice to be the one in charge when she is there over my knee. Maybe it is me indulging in a sense of being powerful.

Did I say exciting? It is very exciting to spank Miranda. I find it very exciting and the strangest of all things is that she finds it exciting too. That I cannot really understand. I mean, it is fun to smack someone's bottom but why would you find it fun to have your bottom smacked? She is a mystery sometimes the lovely Miranda. But I do love her.

And I don't spank her because I am angry with her. Well I have done it but that is the exception. It is hard to be angry with her. She is the most kind and considerate person I know. And modest, she will not like me writing this. And she is very nice to look at and not only from the over the knee viewpoint.

I know this is not a very good blog entry but anyway...


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! "For fun" and "for stress relief" are two excellent reasons for enjoying spanking! I think sometimes on the web with all the heavy duty stuff out there and the very serious role play scenarios I see it can get forgotten that this is all supposed to be fun. It's like playing pretend for adults. Nothing wrong with that!

Dave said...

This is a most fascinating post and a most fascinating blog!

you both are exploring and embracing this little 'kink' and having fun with it. and to hear this all from *your* perspective is very cool indeed.

I try not to figure out why spanking is so hot, as it's a complicated question--I just know it certainly has a powerful intoxicating feel to it.

sounds delicious...having miranda curled up lovingly, knickers tanlged at her ankles..umm ok i'll stop now;)

thx for posting felicia! hi to miranda and bananas the cat.

best wishes,
"the cherry red report"

Miranda said...

Young at heart, they say...or just childish. Still I think fun is a good word. I am not sure Miranda agrees, though.


PS. I will stay away...this is Miranda's blog.