Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Sloppy Miranda

Bad, bad Miranda. I promised myself to blog often, every day, at least during weeks. But did I manage to do that? No, of course not. Other things seemed more important and sloppy Miranda did not blog.

I have been, kind of, obsessed with punishments of lately and perhaps being sloppy like this is a spankable offence? I know many of you think so and would love to hear me tell you how Felicia dealt with me. The thing is that Felicia is less inclined to spank me as a punishment.

And, besides, the threat of a spanking would not make me better at blogging. I am too stubborn for that. The only thing it would do is that it would help against the guilt. But then again, maybe the guilt is the best reason for me to really blog. That was extremely stupid of me. The best reason for blogging is that it is fun. It is.

I have not very much spanking to report. Just a little on Saturday but nothing special, just a little smacking poor Miranda's bottom. Felicia seems to be busy all the time, nowadays so there is very little time for that sort of thing.

This will be a very confused blog entry but I wanted to say something about ropes. We own some lengths of rope. It is very soft and gentle but very good when someone wants to tie someone up. We don't know much about those things but Felicia sometimes ties me up. I know there are all those people out there interested in this who knows a lot about it. We are amateurs. When she binds she most often ties my hand behind my back, tickles me when I am helpless which makes me angry and then she spanks me. Being spanked while tied up is quite an interesting experience. It, sort of, adds to the sensation of being vulnerable and that is, really, a good thing.

And yes, sometimes she uses my inability to defend myself as an opportunity to remove my knickers. She finds this very amusing while I have a slightly different view. Still it is, kind of, interesting to be physically dependent on someone like that. At least when it is someone you trust.

I have managed to convince Felicia to tell you about what she thinks about spanking. Look out for her entry. Coming soon to a blog near you!!!


Anonymous said...

Great Blog Miranda,

I check here often and do wish to see more updates. I am trying to get my girl Southern Angel to understand that no daily blogging may mean a spanking(lol).

I'm looking forward to Felicias post!!!

Sincerely, JD

Dave said...

Hm..personally, i'm not much into ropes or bondage stuff. just the red bottom-related stuff:)


Miranda said...

I can't see we are 'much into' it either but we are a curious lot...