Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Silly Ideas

What a certain redhead promises she always keeps. She told me she would try the infamous crotch rope on me and so she did. I have to admit I wasn't too keen on the idea but I am also a very kind person and wouldn't deny her anything...smiles.

Equipped with her new ropes, Felicia commanded me to remove my knickers. She thought it best. Off went my skirt too. She first tied a rope around my waist, rather tight and not so very nice. Then she applied the dreaded rope. I gather you know what it is I am talking about. Anyway, it runs between the legs and in the middle of it all, so to speak.

Alright, it was a bit of giggling when she had to make sure the rope was in the correct position. Then she insisted on pulling it tight and secure it in the, not so nice, rope around my waist.

It wasn't as painful as I had imagined but it was very intrusive. And quite uncomfortable.

Then we had no idea what to do. I have told you before, I am not very adventurous and Felicia is a little cautious at times, although she has a lot of ideas. She took command and ordered me to keep the rope on (in?) for a while.

She looked at me and agreed it made me look silly.

Anyway, I went around for a little while, tied up, so to speak. Then she took it off. She asked what I felt and I told her it was intrusive and quite intimate and a little brutal. She liked that. She told me she wasn't sure she liked the idea of being harsh with such a sweet part of me. Yes, she said that. On the other hand, that was exactly, what intrigued her.

I told her I preferred old fashioned spankings and she said she could provide one at the instant. So I got one. Not a long and hard one but short and stinging.

Felicia is still in two minds about these rope things. She began immediately to talk about what she would do the next time. I told her I wasn't sure there was going to be a next time. When she asked me why, I told her I thought it silly and embarrassing. She thought that a good thing and smiled her wicked smile. She wondered if she should put something inside me, before applying the rope.

I kind of like the idea of being rendered helpless by ropes, even to the extent of it being humiliating but I also find it quite silly and I feel stupid. We'll see.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Learning the Ropes

The love of my life, the fiery redhead has developed a certain interest in ropes and other fetters. Not just as such but on me. I kind of like that but I have always been more of a spanking and embarrassing nudity girl. But who could deny such a person as my Felicia?

We aren't really hardcore when it comes to kink, far from it, but now Felicia has started looking at pictures of tied up women and finds it very interesting. She is something of a purist when it comes to ropes and thinks too elaborate things are just silly. She says that ropes should look good on a girl. That's how she says it, 'a girl'. As if I was just a girl...hmppff.

She has bought some rather soft and nice looking ropes and on Sunday she was keen on trying them on. That is, trying them on me.

Around noon she told me she wanted naked lunch. Naked lunch means having lunch while I am naked. It is kind of flattering that she wants to see me naked. It really boosts my confidence. So there I was stripping off preparing to go into the kitchen to cook for us.

Felicia wasn't satisfied and pulled out her ropes. She tied a length of it around my knees and then she got another of her new things, a rather long wooden spoon. She gave me a couple of really hard smacks on my bottom to send me off to work.

You feel kind of silly walking around with a rope around your knees. You have to take very short steps and you know you are making a fool of yourself. It doesn't help being naked and I am sure you look even sillier trying to get away from a grinning redhead with a wooden spoon.

Luckily our kitchen is small so it wasn't that hard to cook. Felicia made visits now and then with her wooden spoon to make sure my bottom wasn't unattended. That spoon is evil. It really hurts. And it brings out the devil in evil red haired woman. Every time she smacked me she gave me two or three smacks, five at the most but they were really hard ones. So hard that I don't think I would fancy a real spanking with that kind of smacks.

But when she gives them quick and hard it is easier, in a way. Still they smart a lot afterwards.

Enough of that. We enjoyed our naked lunch, although my sitting down was a tad awkward.

Felicia is very enthusiastic about ropes and want to do it more. As I said, I haven't thought about it a lot but I kind of like the idea of being helpless, at least being at the mercy of evil redhead woman.

She showed me a picture of the infamous crotch rope. I guess you all know what it is. I told her it looked silly and that since I am so ugly as I am it would look even worse.

She actually spanked me for saying I was ugly.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Back to Basics

I am back! We came back on Friday, having been visiting parents and old friends and such. It was very nice but it isn't always easy to behave. You can't really get a spanking from your girlfriend when you are sleeping in your parents house.

By the way, both our sets of parents are ok with Felicia and me. Her parents are really fine with it, they seem genuinely happy to see me. My parents are bit old fashioned and I think they are still disappointed that their daughter didn't come home with a handsome man. They really like Felicia so I think they are coming to terms with what I am.

Returning on Friday night was odd. We were both tired and awkward and wasn't really happy coming home. The cat was still with the neighbours and it was too late to get her. I felt disappointed that I wasn't feeling good for coming home and I noticed Felicia felt the same.

In the morning she made us breakfast and that sense of awkwardness still remained. It was better when we got out of bed. We got the cat and unpacked and had lunch.

Some time after lunch, Felicia told me she couldn't wait any longer. I knew what she was talking about. I didn't reply but got her the hairbrush and we went into the living room. Without a word I took down my knickers and lifted my skirt and leaned over her knee.

This was familiar. It felt odd and unusual at the same time. I jumped when she smacked me, surprised how much it hurt. She started out softly and after a while I began to feel at ease with it all. I knew I had been longing for this. I felt really silly for being such a spanko, for wanting it so badly.

Felicia knows me and when she noticed I was happy with the pace and force so she increased both. She gave me some really hard slaps and I jumped again. It was then I felt this strange urge for her to smack me harder.

I felt as if she should spank me really hard, like I wanted her to make it real, like the pain would bring me closer to reality.

I actually told her. I asked her to smack me harder and she hesitated a little but then she smacked me. I really had to focus to go through with it but at the same time I liked it. It wasn't like I found any pleasure in the pain but rather that I wanted to feel it, to become present and real. It was rather strange...strange but good.

Afterwards my bottom was really smarting but I felt relaxed and calm. I wasn't exactly aroused by it but I felt warm (not just in my bottom) and there was like the tension had disappeared. Imagine that! Spanking as a remedy for being tensed and worried.

Anyway, now I feel happy being home. Things are good and I am back blogging and that is not such a bad thing.