Wednesday, 27 February 2008


My Felicia is a very naughty girl. She had invited some friends for dinner Monday evening, some colleagues of hers. Nothing strange with that. It was a couple and a single man (who by the way flirted desperately with me, for some strange reason).

Felicia told me to dress smartly and that means my black and quite short dress. That is, about, the only smart dress I own. I admit it is a pretty dress and even I look a little, you know, in it.

So there I was, in my dress checking up on the chili I was cooking for the dinner. I am actually quite good with that chili. It is quite hot and very nice. Anyway, I was standing there in the kitchen when Felicia turned up.

She was dressed in a very sweet, green dress. It is a kind of satin like fabric and in the right light it shines. She was shining, red hair and that dress. She was smashing, trust me, I know such things.

Anyway, she was not only wearing that dress. In her hand she held her bath brush, the vicious and quite brutal bath brush. Miranda is not stupid. Miranda knew what was going to happen.

I tried to tell her that guests were due any minute now. Felicia just shook her head and up went my skirt and down my knickers. It was as if she wanted my bottom to feel as hot as the chili I was cooking. Ouch, it hurt. I got, like seven or eight, hard smacks. When I say hard smacks, I mean it.

Evil Felicia shook her head again when I pulled up my knickers and obedient and very meek Miranda gave her knickers to her evil friend who took them away.

The guests arrived very soon and there I was, all smiles and politeness and with a very smarting bottom. You believe it would show, that you just have got a hard spanking (well, perhaps, not a hard spanking but some well placed and hard smacks). I suppose it doesn't but I was blushing, and now I am not referring to my bottom.

The fact that I was not wearing any knickers made me very aware of the length of my skirt. Alright, it is long enough to cover me but having no knickers makes you feel it is way too short.

We sat down and devoured my very hot chili and with some wine (Miranda is more for beer but wine is nice when you are in the mood) it was a quite nice dinner.

Felicia suddenly gave me a very strange look and then she smiled and made a little gesture with her hand; she held her fingers crossed and then spread them out and I realised that I had forgotten about my 'task'. No one noticed but I blushed and uncrossed my legs.

Felicia knew exactly what I would think, not being allowed to cross my legs and having no knickers. She is indeed extremely naughty. And I felt naughty and embarrassed.

I couldn't take my eyes from Felicia. She looked stunning. That is not so strange since she is a stunner but Miranda felt that she didn't want to just sit and watch.

We live together and I see her every day but it was still not easy sitting there, in a civilised way, at the table and having all those thoughts about her without that very beautiful dress.

Good food, nice company, a good looking girl friend, some wine and Miranda suddenly becomes very giggly and, well, sexy. At least that is how I felt. One thing let to another and the night was a very sweet one, indeed.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Weird Thoughts

What happened the other day made me think. I have come so far in accepting who I am and what I am that I know I like getting my bottom smacked and I do fancy a bit of being naked and being tied up and such things. I think it has to be a very special person for it to work but I am, sort of, ok with it. I can admit that I like it and want it to happen.

Still the other day when Fiona came in seeing me in a very compromising position and then got to smack my bottom, I found that this added an extra dimension to it, that someone was watching. It is not the first time that Fiona has been there but still it made me think.

I have to admit that there is a part of me that wants people to watch. It will not happen. I will not go out in the park and have Felicia smack my bottom in public but I am a little excited by the idea. My mind is now full of fantasies about times when this was possible. When they had whipping posts in the town squares and such things.

I know it is very different to be tied to a whipping post and flogged than to have Felicia have a go with a hairbrush but you know how the mind works.

Part of me would just want to show people, be me before them and have my bottom smacked and say, 'this is me, this is Tiny Unassuming Miranda, she likes to have her bottom smacked and she enjoys it!' I like to be me and not feel I am weird or have to hide. Not feel that I am one of those perverts that would corrupt the children and such things. I am just ordinary me and I like this.

I am not thinking of becoming a champion of spankers. Not at all. It is just that I sometimes just want to be me, no fuss, no hiding.

But we do kiss in public. That is weird enough according to some people. We don't do the full snogging routine but we do kiss and hold hands and such things. Most people are ok but there are places were you don't want to do that. And some say mean things to you. I am proud of Felicia and I am proud of being hers and I don't want to hide that.

This public spanking thing, is of course, not only about me wanting to be me. It is also about the humiliation of public punishments. There is this thought that it would be a little more, well, humiliating having someone watch it.

Can't get this out of my mind. Maybe we should invite all people who know about this over for a spanking party and then have Felicia spank me there. It wouldn't be a very big party but still an interesting idea. What you think?

Monday, 18 February 2008

Poor Miranda

If you think your life is a little boring and you wish for something exciting to happen to spice it up, be careful for what you ask for! You know, by now, that Felicia enjoys playing games with me. She likes to make me feel a little embarrassed and she likes my bottom to be a little red.

The redness has been taken care of. Miranda tries to not cross her legs and although she thinks the task is a little silly she does her best. Still she doesn't succeed and that means a certain reddening of her bottom. There is no cruelty to animals involved and now I am thinking of human animals called Miranda. No, she is still only 'reminding' me of my task.

My red haired friend knows a lot about Miranda's fantasies and she knows a certain amount of embarrassment is good for Miranda, at least it cheers her up. And she knows that Miranda quite often says she wants to be pushed a little further towards what she thinks is a little scary. What I am getting at is that there was some pushing Sunday evening.

'Come here' Felicia said to me early evening and I did. Out of nowhere (at least that was how it appeared to me) a evilly smiling Felicia produced some ropes. Miranda has to admit that there was a certain kind of sensation that included some red cheeks and a beating heart. Alright, I was a little excited.

She tied my hands behind my back and with that I was, sort of, helpless. If you are bound like that together with a very lovely red haired stunner you, kind of, expect that stunner to take advantage of your helplessness. And Miranda was not a complete stranger to that, rather the opposite really.

Felicia had Miranda stand and without much ado removed her knickers. Then she had me sit down and told me, promptly, not to cross my legs. Now the full meaning of this task was obvious. It is amazing how naked you can feel while still mostly dressed.

She was not done. She pulled up my t-shirt and pulled it above my head. This manoeuvre left what Miranda has of a bosom quite exposed. You think, in your imagination, that when you are tied up with your beautiful friend you would look stunning and very sexy. Miranda felt just silly. Still she was not completely unaware of how easy it would be for her friend to touch certain parts of her anatomy.

It is rather silly but instead of being passionately aroused I felt how cold her hands would be and that I was very vulnerable if she wanted to tickle me. I will not give you the details but some fondling later Miranda was a little more...passionate.

Then the really scary happened. The doorbell rang and red haired stunner flew up and went out to answer the door. You can imagine that this is one of those moments when you wish that it is not your mother who comes for a surprise visit.

To my utter horror I heard her open the door to someone and before I could scramble to my feet and flee she was showing this guest into our living room.

It is a very special kind of fear when you think someone will soon find you sitting in the sofa, hands tied behind your back and your t-shirt pulled over your head.

Exactly that happened and Miranda blushed very much. Something that somewhat eased the impact of this humiliating event was that the caller was lovely Fiona. I didn't even know she was in town.

It is a rather strange experience to have two red haired and very beautiful women sitting and staring at your bosom while you can do nothing to cover it up. Fiona asked me about my 'obedience training' and I saw Felicia snigger.

Anyway, Miranda's ropes were untied and she could adjust her clothes. But when Fiona found out I had no knickers she thought it a good idea to take the opportunity to smack my bottom. Felicia gave the go ahead and soon I was in Fiona's lap getting my bottom spanked.

I think Fiona has been starved of this for a long time. She was very enthusiastic, one could say. And she kept on for a while.

A very sore Miranda struggled to not cross her legs the whole evening. And, no, there was no orgy following the smacking. We had tea and watched tv. What happened after Fiona left I will not tell.

Fiona was to stay with another friend, someone who doesn't know to appreciate Fiona's lovely bottom the way it deserves but still a friend of hers. She gave me the sweetest hug before she left and I felt how much I love lovely Fiona. I have this thing for red haired women and Fiona is a stunner.

But I am spoken for by the loveliest red haired woman I know about and that is something that makes me very happy. I tried to show that after Fiona left and I think Felicia got the message.

This does not mean, however, that I am not going to have my revenge on her bottom with a very nice bath brush.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Training Miranda!!

Obedience training!! Have you ever heard such an expression? That is what she called it, my own stunner. My Felicia called it obedience training. And to add to the horror, she used it when she spoke to our friend Fiona. I have told you about Fiona. She is a girl who really is a bit like me. She wants someone to, well, smack her bottom but she is no stranger to dishing out out herself (something my bottom has experienced).

Anyway, they were talking over the phone, Felicia and Fiona, and then Felicia says that I have started my obedience training. I could have killed her. I blushed from my toes and all the way to my hair. I know she said it only to annoy me and it is, kind of, annoying that she succeeded but still. What horrible expression.

Worst of all is that it is true. This thing I blogged about, this silly idea of Miranda not being allowed to cross her legs is not, as some of you may I have suspected, about giving Felicia an excuse for smacking Miranda's bottom. Oh, no, there is no such need. She smacks away any time she likes. No, it is about having me being aware of her orders. The spanking is just to make it more real.

Of course I couldn't stick to the rule. I do it all the time. I took the bus yesterday (my bicycle was in for repair) and I managed to sit all the time without crossing my legs. Of course Miranda was very embarrassed. When you think of it, it is not that strange to not cross your legs but if you know you are not allowed it becomes this sign of, you know, you being (Miranda is blushing now).

At the library I did it, loads of times and I had to tell Felicia. I was spanked for it. Not too bad, I must say but I was. She told me she knew I would break the rule but she just wanted to remind me.

This, really, mess with my head. I think of it all the time. It is really annoying. Still Miranda almost asked for it. And I really want to follow this rule, for her, for Felicia. I don't know what I am thinking about it but the whole matter is rather strange.

I haven't forgotten my first rule. I haven't spoken badly about me. In fact, I am quite obedient and I am doing quite well...smiles.

By the way, the picture is not of me. It could have been me, though, after yesterday's spanking. Or rather, I think my bottom was even more pink than that. And my hair is longer.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Imagine that! When you think everything is sorted and your life is almost becoming boring and you actually starts thinking about things to do to spice it up, then something happens that you didn't expect. Remember I have been going on about wanting rules and how Felicia decided that I have one rule that is that Miranda is not to talk badly about herself and put herself down?

That is still on, nothing has changed that. Thing is that Felicia has this new found enthusiasm for things naughty. She kind of warmed to the idea of rules and punishments and things like that. Her take is a bit different though. And it is really a silly game but still.

The new thing she decided on is that she is to give me tasks, things I have to do, to teach me to do as I am told. That is kind of silly. I always do what she tells me to do but she things it is a great idea to 'train' me.

So what is my first task, then? On the surface it is really nothing but it is, kind of, naughty, when you think of it. Miranda is really embarrassed now. My first task is to not cross my legs. Miranda is actually blushing as she types this.

Felicia, the clever person she is, knows that I always cross my legs so I will forget it and do you just that. When I forget it and cross my legs I have to tell her, or rather I tell her in the evening. Then she will decide if I need 'correction'. Task is on from, well, now. And I have managed to write this blog post without crossing my legs once.

Yes, of course, silly Miranda finds this a little exciting. No, very exciting even if the task is silly and unfair and impossible to follow. I will do my very best though. Now I am blushing again.

Thursday, 7 February 2008


Remember the new bath brush I bought for Felicia? Or rather I bought it for me to use on Felicia. I said I would use it on her and she did not tell me that I was an idiot. That bath brush came to good use yesterday. Good use is not the right word, that is still to come but I used it.

Anyway, I found it in our bedroom and I realised that I hadn't used it. I was overcome with a great desire to try this evil device on the backside of my very special friend. I pondered the matter for a while and decided that there is no reason to postpone the inevitable.

I went out into the kitchen were Felicia was. She was standing there for some odd reason. I am sure if you'd ask her she would most likely explain that it was not a very odd reason for her standing there. What I am trying to say is that I didn't know and didn't care why she was standing in the kitchen when I got there.

Anyway, I told her I wanted to try my new bath brush and would she be so kind as to lean over our kitchen table. It would be nice to say that Miranda can be very persuasive when she wants but the fact was that there was no persuasion needed. My lovely friend meekly bent over the table and kindly presented her backside to me.

She was wearing jeans. Felicia is a jeans kind of girl. Although I can tell you she look stunning in a dress too. I didn't want to push my luck so I demanded no adjustment of her clothing. I decided to try the new thingy on her very nice and very round bottom.

Felicia is taller than me. This doesn't make her a big girl. On the contrary, she is very slim and not very tall. She has this kind of stature, a way of moving that is very proud and very elegant and beautiful. She would be great as a queen in royal robes and all that. Still she often dresses in jeans. What a waste!

Anyway, she kindly presented her round and very lovely bottom for me and I stepped up to her and took aim with my bath brush. I know what you are going to say, 'no warm up?' Nope, I wasn't there to be kind, I wanted to try out my new thingy.

I smacked her once and I saw on her body that it was a good one. You can see that. There is a kind of movement that tells you that someone is struggling not to be overcome by a sensation. Cruel and mean Miranda smacked her again. Beautiful and brave red haired girl stayed in place.

In all I smacked her four more times, six of the best and she didn't say a word. Then Miranda became meek Miranda and felt that it was quite enough. Felicia looked up and I was amazed by her expression. I am not sure she had enjoyed it but there was something in her eyes that told me she didn't object. Something in that gaze told me she was, almost, proud of me.

I was all excited and strange after that. I realised that smacking Felicia really affected me. I calmed down later and Felicia told me it was a good brush. I was proud of her and I was proud of me and I realised that I may come to enjoy this.

Next time, however, I am not sure she will get to keep her jeans on.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Chirpy Miranda

Not so grumpy Miranda today. And Miranda's bottom is no longer so out of bounds as it was when Miranda was grumpier. Honestly, I am not sure why I was so horribly angry last week. It is good to have red haired stunners in your household when being grumpy. There was a lot of hugs and kindness and that helps. Even the cat was kind to me.

Although there is this suspicion in my mind that Felicia only wanted to cheer me up so that she could take the hairbrush to my bottom. They can be very clever, those red haired girls.

Anyway, there was some smack, smack, Saturday evening and that was, kind of, nice. Spanking can be such a stress relief at times. We were giggling like mad after a while so there wasn't as much smack, smack as, I think, Felicia intended.

So, I am more cheerful today but I do think this winter is too long. I want it to be spring and summer, when you don't have to wear a lot of clothes when being outdoors. What is the point of being a Naked Lesbian if you are freezing your bottom off as soon as you are not completely covered in clothes?

Cats don't have that problem, really. I wonder what it would be like being covered in fur, like a cat. Would we be so embarrassed and so excited being naked if we were? Would we lose something with it? After all, it is, kind of, exciting to be a little embarrassed. Now I am being silly.

But cuddling would be very nice if you had fur like a cat.

Friday, 1 February 2008


Bragging about yourself is not a good idea. In this case one could say that the punishment was swift and hard. Computer broke down on Friday and it has taken until, well, yesterday until we got it up and running. I won't take you through all the ordeals but it included visits from the Computer Repairman (quite handsome, actually), not once but twice and a really grumpy Miranda.

I don't know what it is but I think I am an addict. I do get very grumpy when I am cut off from the computer and from the Web. A grumpy Miranda is not much fun.

I know what you are thinking. Time for some 'recreational' spanking of said grumpy Miranda. But to this Miranda says no. Thing is that Miranda's bottom is not to be tampered with when she is grumpy or angry. Felicia knows that. She puts all her spanking urges on hold then and wait for a better time.

I am a little happier today but grumpiness has a tendency to linger. I think I am getting out of it now and maybe, just maybe, may Felicia be allowed to take out the hairbrush and have some fun tomorrow. We'll see.