Thursday, 14 February 2008

Training Miranda!!

Obedience training!! Have you ever heard such an expression? That is what she called it, my own stunner. My Felicia called it obedience training. And to add to the horror, she used it when she spoke to our friend Fiona. I have told you about Fiona. She is a girl who really is a bit like me. She wants someone to, well, smack her bottom but she is no stranger to dishing out out herself (something my bottom has experienced).

Anyway, they were talking over the phone, Felicia and Fiona, and then Felicia says that I have started my obedience training. I could have killed her. I blushed from my toes and all the way to my hair. I know she said it only to annoy me and it is, kind of, annoying that she succeeded but still. What horrible expression.

Worst of all is that it is true. This thing I blogged about, this silly idea of Miranda not being allowed to cross her legs is not, as some of you may I have suspected, about giving Felicia an excuse for smacking Miranda's bottom. Oh, no, there is no such need. She smacks away any time she likes. No, it is about having me being aware of her orders. The spanking is just to make it more real.

Of course I couldn't stick to the rule. I do it all the time. I took the bus yesterday (my bicycle was in for repair) and I managed to sit all the time without crossing my legs. Of course Miranda was very embarrassed. When you think of it, it is not that strange to not cross your legs but if you know you are not allowed it becomes this sign of, you know, you being (Miranda is blushing now).

At the library I did it, loads of times and I had to tell Felicia. I was spanked for it. Not too bad, I must say but I was. She told me she knew I would break the rule but she just wanted to remind me.

This, really, mess with my head. I think of it all the time. It is really annoying. Still Miranda almost asked for it. And I really want to follow this rule, for her, for Felicia. I don't know what I am thinking about it but the whole matter is rather strange.

I haven't forgotten my first rule. I haven't spoken badly about me. In fact, I am quite obedient and I am doing quite well...smiles.

By the way, the picture is not of me. It could have been me, though, after yesterday's spanking. Or rather, I think my bottom was even more pink than that. And my hair is longer.


Dave said...

Sounds like all on this blog are up to the usual naughtyness and exquisite misbehavior I do so love.

I must not have been here for a bit, as I'm not sure who Fiona is.

Anyway, Happy Valentines Day to one and all.

I love this blog :-)

Miranda said...

Dear Dave, I can see you have not been reading up on my blog. Very naughty, indeed. Fiona has been mentioned quite a few times, really...giggles.
for an example.
Anyway, thanks for dropping by, even of you don't read everything...smiles.
Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
Those of you who read this, go and check out Dave's blog now!



Anonymous said...

Felicia is taking this seriously or at least giving you more to work on. I think that would be quite nice, to be told to do something and knowing that when you do it, it is specifically for that person, for that reason. I can imagine that to be quite arousing, or is that just me. Good luck Miranda.

Oh, I did go look at Dave's place, filled with very pretty bottoms. Well done Dave.


Miranda said...

Dear Mina, you know me, don't you? Miranda is quite chuffed, really...giggles.