Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Imagine that! When you think everything is sorted and your life is almost becoming boring and you actually starts thinking about things to do to spice it up, then something happens that you didn't expect. Remember I have been going on about wanting rules and how Felicia decided that I have one rule that is that Miranda is not to talk badly about herself and put herself down?

That is still on, nothing has changed that. Thing is that Felicia has this new found enthusiasm for things naughty. She kind of warmed to the idea of rules and punishments and things like that. Her take is a bit different though. And it is really a silly game but still.

The new thing she decided on is that she is to give me tasks, things I have to do, to teach me to do as I am told. That is kind of silly. I always do what she tells me to do but she things it is a great idea to 'train' me.

So what is my first task, then? On the surface it is really nothing but it is, kind of, naughty, when you think of it. Miranda is really embarrassed now. My first task is to not cross my legs. Miranda is actually blushing as she types this.

Felicia, the clever person she is, knows that I always cross my legs so I will forget it and do you just that. When I forget it and cross my legs I have to tell her, or rather I tell her in the evening. Then she will decide if I need 'correction'. Task is on from, well, now. And I have managed to write this blog post without crossing my legs once.

Yes, of course, silly Miranda finds this a little exciting. No, very exciting even if the task is silly and unfair and impossible to follow. I will do my very best though. Now I am blushing again.


Anonymous said...

on dear i can see tiny miranda getting a spanking very soon .its a hard one for you to follow xxx

Jessica said...

There is a baby shower game like this in 'Merica. It is impossible to do for more than an hour. I suggest you cross away and be comfortable and prepare for your spanking tonight! I think I'd like to try this game!


Dove said...

Oh Miranda

I hope it all goes well and good luck with your task.

Do keep us informed of how it all goes won't you.


Miranda said...

Dear Anonymous, how could you guess?

Dear Jessica, I expected it but can't say I was prepared.

Dear Dove, I will, don't worry, I will give you the news.