Friday, 1 February 2008


Bragging about yourself is not a good idea. In this case one could say that the punishment was swift and hard. Computer broke down on Friday and it has taken until, well, yesterday until we got it up and running. I won't take you through all the ordeals but it included visits from the Computer Repairman (quite handsome, actually), not once but twice and a really grumpy Miranda.

I don't know what it is but I think I am an addict. I do get very grumpy when I am cut off from the computer and from the Web. A grumpy Miranda is not much fun.

I know what you are thinking. Time for some 'recreational' spanking of said grumpy Miranda. But to this Miranda says no. Thing is that Miranda's bottom is not to be tampered with when she is grumpy or angry. Felicia knows that. She puts all her spanking urges on hold then and wait for a better time.

I am a little happier today but grumpiness has a tendency to linger. I think I am getting out of it now and maybe, just maybe, may Felicia be allowed to take out the hairbrush and have some fun tomorrow. We'll see.


Dove said...

Go Felicia. I hope she makes he happy and smiley and then ouchy and sore which may make you even happier.

Modern technology not working just plain sucks. I feel for you Miranda, even if you are grumpy. Though grumpy Miranda I think might look quite cute.


Miranda said...

Dear Dove,

Now so sure Miranda is that cute, really. I would like to think I look dangerous when grumpy but more likely I just look silly...ok, cute is better than, let's go for cute then.