Thursday, 7 February 2008


Remember the new bath brush I bought for Felicia? Or rather I bought it for me to use on Felicia. I said I would use it on her and she did not tell me that I was an idiot. That bath brush came to good use yesterday. Good use is not the right word, that is still to come but I used it.

Anyway, I found it in our bedroom and I realised that I hadn't used it. I was overcome with a great desire to try this evil device on the backside of my very special friend. I pondered the matter for a while and decided that there is no reason to postpone the inevitable.

I went out into the kitchen were Felicia was. She was standing there for some odd reason. I am sure if you'd ask her she would most likely explain that it was not a very odd reason for her standing there. What I am trying to say is that I didn't know and didn't care why she was standing in the kitchen when I got there.

Anyway, I told her I wanted to try my new bath brush and would she be so kind as to lean over our kitchen table. It would be nice to say that Miranda can be very persuasive when she wants but the fact was that there was no persuasion needed. My lovely friend meekly bent over the table and kindly presented her backside to me.

She was wearing jeans. Felicia is a jeans kind of girl. Although I can tell you she look stunning in a dress too. I didn't want to push my luck so I demanded no adjustment of her clothing. I decided to try the new thingy on her very nice and very round bottom.

Felicia is taller than me. This doesn't make her a big girl. On the contrary, she is very slim and not very tall. She has this kind of stature, a way of moving that is very proud and very elegant and beautiful. She would be great as a queen in royal robes and all that. Still she often dresses in jeans. What a waste!

Anyway, she kindly presented her round and very lovely bottom for me and I stepped up to her and took aim with my bath brush. I know what you are going to say, 'no warm up?' Nope, I wasn't there to be kind, I wanted to try out my new thingy.

I smacked her once and I saw on her body that it was a good one. You can see that. There is a kind of movement that tells you that someone is struggling not to be overcome by a sensation. Cruel and mean Miranda smacked her again. Beautiful and brave red haired girl stayed in place.

In all I smacked her four more times, six of the best and she didn't say a word. Then Miranda became meek Miranda and felt that it was quite enough. Felicia looked up and I was amazed by her expression. I am not sure she had enjoyed it but there was something in her eyes that told me she didn't object. Something in that gaze told me she was, almost, proud of me.

I was all excited and strange after that. I realised that smacking Felicia really affected me. I calmed down later and Felicia told me it was a good brush. I was proud of her and I was proud of me and I realised that I may come to enjoy this.

Next time, however, I am not sure she will get to keep her jeans on.


Dove said...

Oh this is so sweet, even if it is harsh with the brush. Still lovely really, almost like an awakening.


Miranda said...

Dear Dove, it is always a good thing to discover something you are good at...chuckles.



Dave said...

Hmm I hope you both wear...errm...those very skin tightttt jeans? I love those :)

So naughty.


Miranda said...

Dear Dave, I do hate to disappoint you. Miranda is not a jeans kind of girl. It is more about skirts in my case. I do like them short, though, when I dare. Stunner friend with beautiful red hair sometimes wears jeans. And she has a very lovely bottom, I can tell you.