Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Christmas

Hello cat lovers and spanking lovers out there!! It is time for Christmas and it is a great time. Plenty of food, presents, time for cuddling and bottom smacking. It is a great time and we will try to make the best of it. I hope you do the same. Take care of your stunners and lovers and friends and families and everyone around you! And give plenty of food to your cats (Bananas made me write this) and to your dogs and wombats and gnus and other animals you care for!! And don't forget to take care of yourself and be kind to yourself! That is as important as being kind to others. It is like spanking, not the same when you do it yourself but it is, all the same, very important.

Have a great time, my friends!!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Miranda Muses

Let me be a little serious, for a change. I can't help but thinking about what all this spanking is about. Why do we do it and what is it good for? That sort of questions.

I know you are thinking that Miranda hasn't been smacked enough and now she lets her mind wander. Perhaps it is true. Although I was smacked a little this Saturday. We were watching the news and Felicia sat in the sofa and I was draped across her lap, bottom bared and she with a hairbrush in her hand. Whenever there was something she was annoyed with or something she found silly in the news she took it out on my bottom.

Unfair, you may say and indeed, it was unfair. The thing is that I liked it. I really wanted her to be able to smack me when she felt frustrated by something. It wasn't that I felt guilty or responsible but because I wanted to be there for her and have her do things with me.

This was only a silly game and mostly for fun but it made me think and remember how I was when we met. We were only kids and we didn't started with spanking right away. We are naughty but a little normal too. We both had very vivid imaginations and we liked to talk about our strange ideas and fantasies.

The thing is that I remember a kind of fantasy or vision I had quite early in our friendship. I sort of imagined Felicia as a queen, sitting on throne, dressed in a wide flowing dress in golden and green and her lovely red hair flowing down over her shoulders. I on the other hand was kneeling by her throne. I kind of liked that image and when I looked closer I realised that I was naked. I had this lovely necklace of gold that had things hanging from it like the rays of the sun and I had golden chains and bands around my wrists and ankles and even a chain around my waist but no clothes. I was the slave who always followed the queen wherever she went.

I had this other fantasy about me as a princess but the younger sister of Felicia who was the heir to the throne. The king and queen had red hair like Felicia while I had my brownish boring hair. She was always dressed in beautiful gowns and dresses while I ran around the castle naked or dressed only in the flimsiest of clothes.

And there were all these silly rules I didn't understand and always managed to break. I was a rebellious child and didn't want to be polite to people at the court who were rude to me. I always managed to insult some important guest or noble man or something.

And what happened then, do you think? Yes, I had to be punished. I thought it very unfair and humiliating because I had to apologise even if I had been treated badly and then I was punished. I had to kneel and be whipped. There were always a lot of servants and courtiers and even the one I had insulted present. They were all witnessing me getting my bottom whipped. And I was always naked and had I been wearing something I had always to take it off.

Always when I had those fantasies I felt utterly humiliated and very, very aroused and I used to do that which you may do when you are on your own and have arousing thoughts.

Those are strange fantasies for someone growing up but I was a strange child...and a strange youngster. What I am trying to say, which I will try to say while I am still in this confessing mode, is that I have always had this idea of me being subject to something or someone and being punished, fairly or unfairly for things that I did. I was always fascinated by it and I always found some pleasure in it.

When I talk with Felicia about this she tells me it is just me not wanting to grow up and trying to dodge my responsibilities. I guess she is right. We don't have that relationship where she decides everything and I just do what I am told. She would never want that. The thing is that I am not sure I would want it either but part of me long for something like that.

I am devoted to Felicia. I love her with all my heart and I trust her with my life. That is why she can spank me whenever she wants to. I trust her and I let her do that. She allows herself to be a little dominant and spank me or order me around sometimes and I love it.

I even suggested to Felicia that she would lay down some rules that I had to stick to and if I didn't she would punish me. She was not that keen on the idea but we have been talking about it. She still thinks I am trying to dodge my responsibilities.

Sorry, it is the winter that gets to me. Soon I will be myself again and stop thinking about serious things.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Boring Miranda

First I have to apologise for not blogging for such a long time. My only excuse is that there has been very little to blog about. My life is very boring at the moment. I am very boring at the moment. Felicia is always busy, no time for smacking my poor abandoned bottom. The cat is busy, I don't know with what, chasing birds and eating. I am boring. I am so boring that when Bananas is with me she falls asleep.

I think I have got a cold or something because not even my exciting work at the library manages to make me happy. Not even the thought of sneaking behind the shelves and strip off and shock the world excites me. If not the thought of a naked library girl excites me, then there is something wrong.

I think it should be the duty for red haired stunners to punish boredom in their household. I think she should smack my bottom for being so utterly boring. That may shake me up a bit.

I am so bored that I want to scream about it and run around and make a nuisance of myself. Then maybe someone would notice me and think me enough annoying to smack my bottom for it. You see how weird my thoughts are. Actually, a good old harsh punishment is the only thing that makes me a little excited. I will stop blogging and think of some good punishment for a bored Miranda.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Lying Library Girl

Well, I may not have been completely truthful in my last blog post. When I said that the picture was Felicia at the seaside. Come to think of it, it was not true at all. A little fib...or a big lie. Anyway, I was not telling the truth. Now I have said it.

But Felicia looked very lovely by the seaside, this summer. In her red bikini, in the sun. No, I will not post any pictures. I am not allowed.

Felicia laughed when she saw my blog post. She was not angry at all. After all, she had posted this picture of a bottom she claimed was mine. Anyway, do you think that meant that I was not in trouble? No, not at all. The smiling stunner told me this called for a punishment. Have you heard the like of it? Tiny Miranda being punished!

First the ruler and then the riding crop on a very naked Miranda. She meant business, I can tell you. My bottom is not happy today. It was even more miserable yesterday. Sigh, poor Miranda always suffer for silly things. And I will most likely be smacked for saying it is silly...but it is.

The worst thing was the she seemed so amused by it all. She smiled and chuckled as she smacked away.

But to tell you the truth, I kind of like it when she makes me pay for my misdeeds. I like it when she is in command. She is so beautiful when she spanks me. Believe me, she is the best!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Weekend Smack

I got it twice this weekend. Felicia claimed that she was not at all out for revenge but I am not completely convinced. I can't help but believing some of her vigour and enthusiasm came from a sense of wanting to get even. Fairness in regards to spanking frequency in our household is something like 100 – 1 but that is how it is supposed to be and Miranda would never complain, ever.

Anyway, I decided to stop all this speculations about bottoms and pictures by posting a picture of Felicia. I took it this summer at the seaside. There were actually one or two sunny days this summer. So here it is, a picture of my very own stunner in the buff.

Back to the spankings. The first one happened on Saturday. We were going out to have lunch and do some shopping but before that I was to be smacked, someone decided. So it was to pull down tights and knickers and flip up skirt for some old fashioned over the knee smacking with hairbrush.

I don't think I was smacked for a very long time but I mentioned vigour in my first paragraph. I can tell you that Miranda was quite agitated as she had to do her shopping with a smarting behind. Silly me had a smile on my face...but that is just me.

Come Sunday and the belt. Yes, the red haired woman took out her new belt and ordered Miranda to kneel on the chair. She complied but only after she had taken off all her clothes. Poor, naked, Tiny Miranda was given the belt with not a single piece of clothing to protect her poor body.

Ouch, I have no words for it but ouch. The belt can sting. I can tell you. My bottom was ok after the smacking it had received on Saturday but this was intense. Poor Miranda was really affected.

Intense often means that Miranda feels a little vulnerable afterwards. Something her evil stunner friend is not afraid of exploiting. She took me in her arms and held my poor body against her own and you can imagine what that made me think of.

So her friend exploited her ordeal to her own advantage. Miranda has only one thing to say about that...any time, baby!! Giggles.