Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Happy Christmas

Christmas is approaching and despite (or maybe because of) the darkness and the cold I am looking forward to it. I hope you do too or at least can have a nice time. I don't have much to tell you at the moment, other than that I will spend my Christmas with redhaired girlfriend and our cat. We will be visiting some relatives and some friends are coming over for New Year. We'll see how much bottom smacking there will be time for but there is always a new year coming.

Take care and be sweet and lovely to yourselves and to your friends and family. A Happy Christmas from Felicia, Bananas (the cat) and me.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Spanking Is Fun!

I guess you knew that already. And I know it too. But what I mean is that it can be fun to do the spanking. I suppose some of you knew that too.

What happened was that yesterday I thought we should switch roles a little. For once there shouldn't be my bottom on the line, if you see what I mean. I told red haired woman that she was in for a spanking. I even said she deserved it. That was stupid. She asked me and I couldn't really say.

I still maintained that she should get a spanking. She looked at me for a while, looking inscrutable. Then she nodded and said that I should go ahead on one condition. That condition was that I was to give her a good one. No fuss, no tapping and gentleness, no, a real spanking, was what she demanded.

Said and done. Felicia was soon lying in my lap, jeans down, knickers down and I was sitting with the hairbrush in my hand. I felt a little nervous and wondered if she ever is nervous. I have done it before but still it felt a little scary.

I began smacking her and tried my best but she wasn't happy. She wanted to feel it, so I smacked her harder. I think she began to feel it, because she was silent for a while.

Felicia has beautiful red hair and quite fair complexion, she isn't the typical freckled redhead but she is quite fair. And when her bottom is smacked it takes on a very nice pink colour. I was (again) fascinated and decided to apply the brush so as to get a nice colouring of her bottom.

I guess I got a little preoccupied with that and forgot about smacking hard. Felicia made some noises that seemed to imply that I was being boring. So I decided to really give it to her.

I felt a little scared but it was also quite fun. I smacked her really hard and I could feel it in her body that it hurt. I had some misgivings but she had told me to do it properly and I knew she would tell me if I hit her too hard.

When I was done her bottom wasn't just pink but had turned into a more fierce red. I knew that colour and I knew how it felt. I knew she would feel this for a while and I was wondering what she would think, sitting there at some seminar or talking with some lecturer, feeling her bottom being a little sore. I was, kind of, proud of what I had achieved.

And so was Felicia. She gave me a hug and told me I had been a good girl. Hadn't it been so silly to say that, I could have been a little annoyed with her, but when she smiles like that, I go for the hug, every time.