Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Feeling Sexy

It struck me that I really don't tell you that much about me. What do you know? I am 23, I work in a library, I live in England with the love of my life, Felicia, and our cat, Bananas. I do love to get my bottom smacked and I am a little kinky. We don't live any kind of D/s life, really, but there is no doubt about who dishes out the spankings and who receives them.

I won't start an outpouring of facts about me but I thought that I should talk a little more about me and my life. Scary, I know, but still.

I have always been a tiny person and look quite childish. This is not easy, you are mistaken for a child all the time and people are often bigger than you, unless they are children. To be clear, I am 5'2 which is the average height of women in Japan. Felicia thinks I should dress more grown up but I resist.

Felicia calls my way of dressing quirky. I do love skirts and nice colourful tights, footless or not. If you have nice tights you can get away with shorter skirts than you would dare otherwise. Not that I wear miniskirts but I like them short. I do love colourful tops, with stripes or polka dots and that sort of thing.

I guess dressing grown up would mean wearing boring shoes as well, boring shoes with heels. That wouldn't really be me. I do love ballerinas and nice plimsolls. Actually it is a good time for shoes nowadays.

Mind you, when I was little you would most likely find me dressed in some fluffy pink princess outfit, complete with fairy wings and crown. I was really a silly girl.

But what about the header to this post. This is not easy to talk about, really. But when I grew up I was shy, tiny, scared and a prude. I still am but being with Felicia really has made me see things about myself. Thing is that she makes me feel sexy.

She makes me know even I can be sexy. Yes, I am blushing now. She honestly thinks I am attractive and she has taught me to realise that. I don't have much of a bosom but the one I have got she loves and have made me accept. She hasn't actually named my breasts but she does wave them goodbye when I put a top on, in the morning.

Why do I have to say something about breasts when talking about sexy? That is silly. There are so many other things that are sexy. Maybe it is because it is so much fuss about them?

Anyway, the way she looks at me makes me sometimes feel very sexy and then it is not just embarrassing to slip out of the clothes I am wearing. To have her look at me, my body when I am naked is such a boost and it makes Tiny Miranda feel like the hottest person on earth.

How did I get here? Have no idea. Talking about me? Perhaps, and that I do feel more confident now than when I was younger.

Never mind, our match on Friday (Six Nations) is France v Wales, and once again I put my trust in the Welsh lads. Shane Williams is back on the team so I have high hopes and am looking forward to some smacking of redhead's bottom.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Sense of Achievement

As you may remember, Tiny Miranda had twelve hard whacks with the very hard cheese board to go before her rugby spanking was done. I am however sure that if you thought of me and my delicate bottom it was only to stand by and cheer my sweet, red haired, girlfriend on as she happily smacked my bottom.

In the evening, last Wednesday, I found myself on the chair, bottom sadly unclad waiting for my punishment. Felicia was very obliging and smiled as she whacked me. Did it hurt? Yes it did. Can you imagine that feeling when you just have recovered from the first hard whack and you know you have eleven more coming? It is a very special feeling, I can assure you. But when it is over there is a tremendous sense of achievement.

On the plus side, however, is the fact that Wales beat England, this Saturday 23 – 15. Yes, you heard it, that is eight on the red haired girlfriend's bared bottom. Eight is not 25 but still something to be cheerful about.

We decided to go ahead immediately. Felicia, gets a certain expression on her face as she determinedly brace herself for something nasty. It is very cute but there was no getting away from it.

Soon her fair bottom was bared and Miranda stood ready to deliver the eight smacks. The first one was really a meek one. Even Felicia thought so. The second however was a good one and she felt it.

I had to brace myself for the third and it was not a bad one. Felicia's bottom had started to change colour. You can see it quite clearly on her, very sweet, bottom.

Thing is that Miranda was about to chicken out at that moment. I will never be good at this. It is fun to smack her bottom but I can also see it hurts. I know it is only fair but I am not good with it.

I managed to get through to eight and Felicia seemed ok. She smiled and assured me it had hurt. But I felt mean. I will never be a good spanker. But I am working on it.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

36 – 11

You do the maths! I get 25 however I do it. Those of you who know what a rugby spanking is may pity me. Had we gone for Ireland v. France it would have been likely I would have been wielding the paddle. Or even Scotland v. Wales had been better. I am sure she would have chosen Wales but my bottom had been happier with the score.

Anyway, mean red haired girlfriend thought that 25 was too much for my delicate little bottom...grins. So she divided it into two doses. There was no escape from the first half that was promptly delivered to my sensitive bottom.

I was really quite terrified when I climbed onto the chair, skirt and knickerless, to offer up my poor naked self to the dreadful cheese board. This is the kind of situation that tests your love for your friends.

On the one hand I knew it was going to hurt, really hurt. On the other I knew that Felicia would never harm me, not for real. Then again, that evil, satisfied grin on her face really annoyed me, or rather made me feel quite small. At least she was enjoying it, some consolation for a kind soul...sigh.

Did it hurt? Yes, indeed, it did! It was like my whole body was being smacked. And already after the first smack my bottom was on fire, literally, I think I even saw the flames.

I almost lost it when I heard her chuckle. She really enjoyed it.

Anyway, a couple of smacks later I was ready to call it a day. Felicia was persistent and we continued. When we came to nine she was a bit concerned. She saw how it affected me. Then it was my time to be strong. I ensured her that I was alright.

She decided to give me thirteen so that the next time there was one less to go.

The upside was that she felt obliged to treat my bottom with some lotion and that is not a bad thing. In fact I liked it very much and so did she. Very much!

So, first thing first. I have twelve more to go and Felicia promised me them tonight. To be perfectly honest, I am a little scared.

Second. We have the Wales v. England match on Saturday. Please, keep your fingers crossed that Wales will show the English who is the best rugby team. And think of me tonight, and my delicate bottom.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Rugby Spankings

Some weeks ago I had this tremendous increase in hits on my blog. At one point it reached a thousand a day. I realised that it was due to my blog being mentioned in the blog of one of the big guns in the spanking blogosphere. I should be really grateful and it was really nice to have a lot of hits (although it has gone back to normal now) but thing is that I know this person to be kind of mean. One of my friends once had an opinion that didn't suit this person and he told her in quite a rude way. So, therefore, no mentioning of the linking blog here...smiles.

Back to my life. This Saturday Felicia came home after some shopping in town, beaming and being very happy. 'Look what I bought for you!' she said and held out a wooden cheese or chopping board. If I wasn't who I was and Felicia wasn't who she is the fact that it had a handle wouldn't have meant anything special. Now I am who I am and I saw that this was a spanking tool.

It was rather heavy, much heavier than the fish slice and any spoon we own. Felicia wanted to try it at once and I couldn't deny her although it was a bit scary. Soon I was leaning over, knickers down waiting for the impact. She promised me three, just for a start.

Did it hurt? That tool is really something. Three was quite enough I can tell you. Felicia was happy though. She liked it a lot...mean woman!

But this was just the beginning of the story. As you may know, Six Nations is coming up this weekend (for those who don't know this, it is a rugby union tournament). Felicia is very keen on the idea of us having a bet. Her idea is like this: for every round of matches the dice decides one game and she gets to choose a team. I get the other team (I never signed up for fair, really).

When the match is over the one who got the winning team gets to spank the other. The rate is one smack with the new tool per point.

Sounds like an exciting thing, doesn't it? Thing is that we got the game between England and Italy. Guess which team she chose?

So if Italy would win (hah!) I get to smack Felicia's lovely bottom and if England wins my bottom is up for some punishment. Easy and simple.

It would have been more exciting had we got one of the other matches, Wales v Scotland, ok, Wales is likely to win but no landslide. And Ireland should be able to give France a run for the money. My hope is that the Roman spirit will have awakened in the Italian players.

Keep your fingers crossed and I will tell you what happened.