Wednesday, 11 February 2009

36 – 11

You do the maths! I get 25 however I do it. Those of you who know what a rugby spanking is may pity me. Had we gone for Ireland v. France it would have been likely I would have been wielding the paddle. Or even Scotland v. Wales had been better. I am sure she would have chosen Wales but my bottom had been happier with the score.

Anyway, mean red haired girlfriend thought that 25 was too much for my delicate little bottom...grins. So she divided it into two doses. There was no escape from the first half that was promptly delivered to my sensitive bottom.

I was really quite terrified when I climbed onto the chair, skirt and knickerless, to offer up my poor naked self to the dreadful cheese board. This is the kind of situation that tests your love for your friends.

On the one hand I knew it was going to hurt, really hurt. On the other I knew that Felicia would never harm me, not for real. Then again, that evil, satisfied grin on her face really annoyed me, or rather made me feel quite small. At least she was enjoying it, some consolation for a kind soul...sigh.

Did it hurt? Yes, indeed, it did! It was like my whole body was being smacked. And already after the first smack my bottom was on fire, literally, I think I even saw the flames.

I almost lost it when I heard her chuckle. She really enjoyed it.

Anyway, a couple of smacks later I was ready to call it a day. Felicia was persistent and we continued. When we came to nine she was a bit concerned. She saw how it affected me. Then it was my time to be strong. I ensured her that I was alright.

She decided to give me thirteen so that the next time there was one less to go.

The upside was that she felt obliged to treat my bottom with some lotion and that is not a bad thing. In fact I liked it very much and so did she. Very much!

So, first thing first. I have twelve more to go and Felicia promised me them tonight. To be perfectly honest, I am a little scared.

Second. We have the Wales v. England match on Saturday. Please, keep your fingers crossed that Wales will show the English who is the best rugby team. And think of me tonight, and my delicate bottom.


Anonymous said...

I promise to spend the entire evening thinking about your delicate bottom. Being hit by that sturdy cheese board. The sound of the smacks. The bouncing of your flesh. The reddening of your skin.

Where was I?

Oh yes, my promise. You can count on me, Miranda. *solemn*

(No need to thank me...I just am thoughtful that way. ;)

Mina said...

Well, no surprise there then and methinks no surprise when you go bottoms up when Wales are beat. Felicia has stacked the deck by going with England you know but I shall tell you I don't have to watch a game since I get the scores here and a lovely entertainment too.

Oh to be a fly on your wall.


Miranda said...

Dear Alyx, the sound is really scary, not to mention the impact...sigh. I know you are happy thinking about my poor bottom getting smacked.

Dear Mina, sorry to disappoint you but Wales will win this year...haha. And it was Felicia's bottom that got smacked.