Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Sense of Achievement

As you may remember, Tiny Miranda had twelve hard whacks with the very hard cheese board to go before her rugby spanking was done. I am however sure that if you thought of me and my delicate bottom it was only to stand by and cheer my sweet, red haired, girlfriend on as she happily smacked my bottom.

In the evening, last Wednesday, I found myself on the chair, bottom sadly unclad waiting for my punishment. Felicia was very obliging and smiled as she whacked me. Did it hurt? Yes it did. Can you imagine that feeling when you just have recovered from the first hard whack and you know you have eleven more coming? It is a very special feeling, I can assure you. But when it is over there is a tremendous sense of achievement.

On the plus side, however, is the fact that Wales beat England, this Saturday 23 – 15. Yes, you heard it, that is eight on the red haired girlfriend's bared bottom. Eight is not 25 but still something to be cheerful about.

We decided to go ahead immediately. Felicia, gets a certain expression on her face as she determinedly brace herself for something nasty. It is very cute but there was no getting away from it.

Soon her fair bottom was bared and Miranda stood ready to deliver the eight smacks. The first one was really a meek one. Even Felicia thought so. The second however was a good one and she felt it.

I had to brace myself for the third and it was not a bad one. Felicia's bottom had started to change colour. You can see it quite clearly on her, very sweet, bottom.

Thing is that Miranda was about to chicken out at that moment. I will never be good at this. It is fun to smack her bottom but I can also see it hurts. I know it is only fair but I am not good with it.

I managed to get through to eight and Felicia seemed ok. She smiled and assured me it had hurt. But I felt mean. I will never be a good spanker. But I am working on it.


Anonymous said...

1. Oh my, that is a LOVELY photo! I would give anything to have a bottom like that. Either owning it, or having it to smack. *bg*

2. Good girl, taking your 12 so bravely!

3. You felt MEAN smacking Felicia??? *shaking head sadly* You're right, you are not cut out to be a spanker. Never mind, you are so good at being spanked. ;)


Mina said...

I'm afraid Alyx might be right about being a spanker. There is no better fun than spanking someone in my opinion...grins. Especially a red-haired stunner! And, I doubt that same stunner has any such qualms when you are bared for her appreciation.

Wales won?! What the...


Miranda said...

Dear Alyx, I do cheat. It's from a book. My bottom is quite tiny but a lot paler than this lovely one...sigh. Yes, yes, yes, I am brave!! No, I will never be a good spanker...sigh.

Dear Mina, no I tell you, she is mean. She has no qualms, whatsoever, cruel, cruel woman. I have high hopes for Wales for this week too.