Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Feeling Sexy

It struck me that I really don't tell you that much about me. What do you know? I am 23, I work in a library, I live in England with the love of my life, Felicia, and our cat, Bananas. I do love to get my bottom smacked and I am a little kinky. We don't live any kind of D/s life, really, but there is no doubt about who dishes out the spankings and who receives them.

I won't start an outpouring of facts about me but I thought that I should talk a little more about me and my life. Scary, I know, but still.

I have always been a tiny person and look quite childish. This is not easy, you are mistaken for a child all the time and people are often bigger than you, unless they are children. To be clear, I am 5'2 which is the average height of women in Japan. Felicia thinks I should dress more grown up but I resist.

Felicia calls my way of dressing quirky. I do love skirts and nice colourful tights, footless or not. If you have nice tights you can get away with shorter skirts than you would dare otherwise. Not that I wear miniskirts but I like them short. I do love colourful tops, with stripes or polka dots and that sort of thing.

I guess dressing grown up would mean wearing boring shoes as well, boring shoes with heels. That wouldn't really be me. I do love ballerinas and nice plimsolls. Actually it is a good time for shoes nowadays.

Mind you, when I was little you would most likely find me dressed in some fluffy pink princess outfit, complete with fairy wings and crown. I was really a silly girl.

But what about the header to this post. This is not easy to talk about, really. But when I grew up I was shy, tiny, scared and a prude. I still am but being with Felicia really has made me see things about myself. Thing is that she makes me feel sexy.

She makes me know even I can be sexy. Yes, I am blushing now. She honestly thinks I am attractive and she has taught me to realise that. I don't have much of a bosom but the one I have got she loves and have made me accept. She hasn't actually named my breasts but she does wave them goodbye when I put a top on, in the morning.

Why do I have to say something about breasts when talking about sexy? That is silly. There are so many other things that are sexy. Maybe it is because it is so much fuss about them?

Anyway, the way she looks at me makes me sometimes feel very sexy and then it is not just embarrassing to slip out of the clothes I am wearing. To have her look at me, my body when I am naked is such a boost and it makes Tiny Miranda feel like the hottest person on earth.

How did I get here? Have no idea. Talking about me? Perhaps, and that I do feel more confident now than when I was younger.

Never mind, our match on Friday (Six Nations) is France v Wales, and once again I put my trust in the Welsh lads. Shane Williams is back on the team so I have high hopes and am looking forward to some smacking of redhead's bottom.


Mina said...

Miranda, I too am 5'2 although I might make 5'3 if I stand very tall. As a 'shorty' you need to wear shorter skirts, below the knee make us look stumpy.

Thanks for giving us details about your life.

Umm, didn't France win last year?


Anonymous said...

Twenty-three, eh? Just a baby! ;)

I think it is wonderful that Felicia makes you feel sexy. That's one of the best things partners do for us -- make us feel sexy and desired.

That, and smack our bottoms till we can't sit comfortably, of course. *bg*


Miranda said...

Dear Mina, how true...but doesn't that depend a little on the distribution of height between different parts of your body? France did not win last year. Wales took grand slam and is ranked fourth in the world, best in the northern hemisphere.

Dear Alyx, it is a blessed thing to feel sexy and desired. It is very important. Smacking bottoms is important too...giggles.