Tuesday, 30 October 2007

In the Library

Here is a picture of me, yesterday, when Felicia told me that I could not wear any clothes, whatsoever, for work. Well, not really. I would never do such a thing. Imagine me with nails painted blue...never!!

Do you ever have thoughts like that? That you suddenly start thinking about how it would be if you were naked in a certain situation. I do that all the time. And when I saw this picture it occurred to me that I quite often imagine myself naked in the library. What if, I would walk around the shelves stark naked, in the buff, with no clothes on?

I am not sure it is, really, some hidden desire to get my kit off in public (hm, maybe it is) but rather how terribly embarrassing it would be and how much ashamed I would be.

Still it makes my day a little less boring to think like that.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Miranda's Bottom

Well, yesterday it was time for Miranda to pay the price for losing the bet about Lewis Hamilton and winning the F1 series. Felicia had promised something special and special it was.

Yesterday morning, she told me it was to happen in the evening and the way she said it made me react strangely. If I know I am going to be spanked I am always a little nervous, butterflies in my tummy and all that. There was something in the way she said it that made me feel that this was, indeed, going to be special. You can imagine that Miranda was not that focussed on her books this day. She was thinking about her poor bottom.

It is not right to say that I was miserable. I was scared, that is right but I was also, quite thrilled. There is something that told me that I might just be in for something interesting.

I came home and was waiting for Felicia and the tension just grew and grew. I almost wanted her to come home and get over with it. It was like waiting at the dentist or something. You know you will survive but it is still quite scary.

At last she came home and looked immensely pleased with herself. I cooked for her and we had dinner but I wasn't really there. I could only think of what was to come.

I washed the dishes and then went into our living room. Felicia was waiting and I knew it was time. I felt really strange for being that nervous about it. Felicia wanted it to be special, I could tell.

In our household it is quite often no ceremonies, it is just skirt up, knickers down and then smack, smack, smack. Sometimes Felicia makes a thing of having me kneel and slowly takes down my knickers to make me really aware of the moment. In a strange way, I kind of like that. Building up tension can be nice at times.

This was different. As I entered the living room Felicia asked me if I was ready. As if she ever asks that! It was almost said in a formal way. It made me, sort of, tense and I could only nod in reply.

Then she had me take my clothes off. That is unusual. Not the she enjoys getting me naked in different and not seldom embarrassing situations but to have me strip naked in the living room before a spanking was out of the ordinary.

Miranda obeyed...of course. So there I was, naked and very embarrassed. Even if you are with the love of your life, who is quite used to being with your naked body it was very embarrassing standing there naked. Then she had me get the implements.

Like in some spanking story I, still naked, had to go and get the hairbrush, the belt and the riding crop. This was bad. Doing this quite humiliating task of fetching the implements that are to be used on you is quite horrible but doing it in the nude was...how shall I put it, quite overwhelming.

She started with the hairbrush. It is a formidable thingy and in the hands of an expert it can be quite painful. This time she was nice to me. She had me lie in her lap, which was both humbling and a little exciting. And then she smacked me with moderate force. I felt it but I could cope. This was, actually quite nice of her to allow me to get used to it. Warm me up, so to speak. She finished this part off with some vigour, though, so Miranda was quite affected when she rose from her position to kneel on the chair.

Now it began in earnest. The belt is quite bad if you are in that mood and she was. She really gave it to me. She smacked me and I was almost on the brink of not coping when she stopped and let me compose myself. Then she gave me some licks more and the same thing happened again. It is a strange sensation of being in her hands, like that. I am almost cracking up and panicking because the pain is too much but then she stops. She knows me well. Still there is this knowledge that she could push me a little further, provoke me to lose control.

Anyway, I was quite affected when she was done with the belt and my bottom was, really smarting. I imagined it would glow in the dark. There was still one more thing to come, the riding crop.

Six of the best was not enough but three times six of the best. Poor Miranda was a little scared then but she was very obedient and very determined.

The riding crop stung. It really did and she laid it on with some force. This was the highlight of the evening. I was crying when she was done and I didn't care if I was looking silly.

Felicia told me how brave I was and she hugged me and held me close. I was brave and I had taken my punishment. I had lost the bet and I had paid the price and I was proud.

A red haired stunner like Felicia would not be who she is if she would be unaffected by holding a very naked Miranda in her arms. One thing led to another and we ended up in our very lovely bed. And soon it was not only Miranda who was naked but this is not the kind of blog to go into details regarding this. I can only tell you that it was a very nice ending to the evening. I can also tell you that my bottom is still smarting today.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Racing Disaster

Did you watch the Brazilian Grand Prix this Sunday? What a disaster!! A disastrous weekend on the whole but some of them were expected. No one really believed the rugby team would beat South Africa. They tried (pun not intended) and did their best but weren't good enough...sigh.

But the Brazilian Grand Prix was a double disaster. Not only did not Lewis Hamilton win the race, which means a very smacked bottom for poor Miranda. In addition to this he didn't ever win the whole series. I haven't told you before but this means something very bad. Yes, you have guessed it, a smacking of Miranda's bottom. And a serious one.

The first one, for not winning the race I was given that evening. Skirt up, knickers down and smack, smack, smack, as they say. A spanking is always a spanking and a spanking hurts. I wouldn't be the Miranda who blogs about this if I didn't enjoy being smacked but there is, still, no getting away from it. A spanking hurts.

Felicia did a good job and I felt it still on the Monday. I am ok now but I have still one to go. Felicia told me it will be something extraordinary since it is about the whole series. And she didn't even say when. Poor Miranda is a little scared now...scared but a little excited too.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Brunette Gets Smacked

'Revenge is a dish best served cold' is a proverb that doesn't impress my fiery red haired friend. No, she is not a person who listens to such nonsense.

Everything was perfectly ordinary as she came home last night. Not a word was mentioned about what happened in the bathroom (see Red Hair Gets a Smacking!). We had our dinner and then when I was washing the dishes I got this strange sensation that someone was watching me. I looked down for my first thought was that it was the cat who wanted more food. She always wants more food. Come to think of it, this reaction was quite silly since a part of me really knew that it was a red haired woman standing in the doorway.

There is something really menacing seeing a smiling red haired stunner standing in the doorway as you are trying to wash the dishes. Especially if she is equipped with a very dangerous looking bathbrush. Yes, I said bathbrush, not hairbrush.

The bathbrush has a long handle and, believe me, it can really pack a punch. If you see what I mean.

Without further ado, as they say, Miranda felt an arm around her waist and herself dragged to one of the chairs. So, still holding my pink dish washing brush (a brush, utterly useless for spanking, by the way) I found myself in the lap of my dear Felicia. She wasted no time and since Miranda is very kind and helpful she always wears a skirt (not always, she has been seen in trousers but the reports are unconfirmed and very unreliable). This means that exposing my bottom was quite easily done.

Ok, I had to admit that the knickers can be a problem when you are lying like that and the one removing them is holding a weapon in their hand but Felicia has been practising for a long time and Miranda may have helped a little.

Does the bathbrush sting? Yes, indeed, it does. Maybe sting is not the right word. And the sound is tremendous. You can really feel the impact and without warming up the whole thing was quite painful.

There was a moment I wasn't sure I could cope but as always, Felicia seems to know exactly when to stop. Or rather she knows when I would want her to stop and stops just a little later than that. Mean and cruel Felicia.

The fiery red hair had me remove my knickers and remove my skirt and finish off washing the dishes with a very red and smarting bottom on full display. It does make you feel...hm...quite vulnerable.

And to those of you who think that Felicia may have been a little too cruel or too angry I will just tell you that this is part of the game, part of the fun that these things happen. She wasn't really angry with me for smacking her bottom. It was just something that inspired her and weird Miranda actually enjoys being taken by surprise like that and taken almost to her limits. Actually it thrills me a lot. And, believe me, when I say that I trust my red haired stunner with my life. She can do anything with me because I love her and she loves me.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Red Hair Gets a Smacking

Sorry for taking so much time with my blogging. Miranda has been busy. But something quite funny happened yesterday, something I think you want to hear about.

Anyway, yesterday evening we both were in the bathroom (or whatever you prefer to call it). You know how girls can be, always go there in pairs. We are no exceptions. I was standing in front of the mirror making sense of my sorry excuse for hair and Felicia was, well, doing something else (and I don't mean anything interesting, something ordinary, like looking closely at her hair and wondering if it is time to cut it or do something interesting with it...you know what girls are like...).

I don't know what happened but maybe Felicia dropped something in the bathtub. I know only that when I turned to her I found her leaning forward with her head in the tub. This means, as you may understand, that she was turning her backside towards me.

Felicia is a small girl, narrow hips and delicate limbs and all that but from that angle, her bottom became a very prominent feature of her anatomy. And it is a very lovely bottom, my favourite, really. At this very moment it was clad only in white knickers. Felicia was wearing a green top but from that angle I saw only her knickerclad bottom.

You don't have to be a spanko to realise what went through Naughty Miranda's head. The fact that she was holding a hairbrush in her hand didn't make those thoughts any less prominent. You could say that there was action without too much thinking.

So, I took a firm hold with my arm around Felicia's waist and landed the hairbrush on her bottom. It was as simple as that. Felicia was a little surprised, that has to be admitted, but she soon realised what was happening. I had during that time managed to get a few stinging blows in.

Felicia wasn't really chuffed and there was a struggle. I had a good grip so I managed to hold her down and continued smacking her.

I don't think she became any happier with me when I pulled down her knickers and continued smacking her bare bottom. Red hair girls are quite pale and the colour when smacked is very cute. Felicia's bottom is not very big but from that angle it was very interesting to watch. And Miranda found a strange pleasure in relentlessly smacking her very dearest friend in this way.

I have to say that Tiny Miranda is not called that because she looks like one of Uranus' moons. No, it is because she is very tiny. Felicia is stronger so she could have struggled free if she really wanted. She didn't. She struggled but somehow she let me defeat her and she let me spank her. I think that was very sweet, a token of love.

Anyway, she smiled afterwards but there was something in that smile that told me that maybe soon, Miranda's bottom would get a treatment with that brush. It hasn't happened yet but I am quite thrilled.

Monday, 15 October 2007


Good to hear from you!! We are chuffed, all of us. That there are people who are interested in reading about us. That is so great! Now I think, really, that Felicia has to stop being busy and pick out the hairbrush and have some fun with me and my bottom.

I know some of you who have commented but some are new. Welcome to my blog, although you don't have to comment to be welcome. It is great to see that I have readers. That is fantastic. You have no idea how very pleased I am.

And just a comment on a comment. Tiny Miranda is, indeed, one of Uranus moons. But to be honest I didn't think of it until I Googled myself...giggles.

Have a lovely...well...life, all readers!!

Friday, 12 October 2007

Love Our Lurkers Day

What is this? A blog post that is not about knickers, not about Miranda's bottom getting a tanning and not even about poor Miranda being naked in some way. This is about you, who read. You who lurk and read but don't leave any comments.

Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts suggested this day to be for you, to try to lure you into leaving a comment. Please, leave a comment, it makes me happy to hear from you. Felicia likes that too and even Bananas, the cat, wants to hear from you...but she lets me know that she would prefer that you leave her some food instead. She is like that.

Don't get me wrong? Please. However much I love hearing from you, I am happy having you still lurk. Don't feel forced to comment or that you are not welcome here or anything. That is not the point. Please, stay, read, feed the cat, listen to some music or just watch Miranda get her bottom whacked! You don't have to delurk.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Miranda, the Rock Chick

Not really, I work in a library, remember? I am more likely to be called a geek than a rock chick. But I do love a man with a guitar. And I love really rough and loud music. There is something extremely appealing and...hm...sexy with good heavy rock music.

It wouldn't be me if I just listened to anything modern. No, your Miranda has to be a little old fashioned. I do love the old bands, the ones that came before I was born. My absolute favourite band, all times, is Led Zeppelin. There is something, almost, magical about their music and I don't just mean Stairway to Heaven. No they have made so many other good songs. Like Heartbreaker, Lemon Song, When the Levee Breaks and many more.

Ok, now I will turn a little soppy. Led Zeppelin has written one of the loveliest love songs ever written. It's called Thank You:

If the sun refused to shine,
I would still be lovin' you.
When mountains crumble to the sea,
There'll still be you and me.

Kind woman, I give you my all,
Kind woman, nothing more.

Little drops of rain whisper of the pain,
Tears of loves lost in the days gone by.
My love is strong, with you there is no wrong,
Together we shall go until we die.
My, my, my,
Inspiration's what you are to me,
Inspiration, look see.

And so today, my world it smiles,
Your hand in mine, we walk the miles,
Thanks to you it will be done,
For you to me are the only one.
Happiness, no more be sad,
Happiness....I'm glad.

Anyway, that song is not very...loud and rough. Not like Whole Lotta Love. One of my favourite pastimes is to turn up the volume and play that song and jump around in our flat, like some lunatic. Preferably...now Miranda is blushing...with not much clothes on. I know I am weird, I know, but there is just something in that song that makes me feel, very...hm...sexy and naked. Best of all is to be a little tipsy, be together with your favourite stunner and dance naked to good music.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Half a Century

I have more than 50 blog postings now. That is something to celebrate. I wonder what I will do. Maybe have something nice for dinner and celebrate with my Felicia and my cat. Sounds like a great idea.

Am I more than usually silly? I suppose you know why. I had high hopes for this Sunday's Chinese Grand Prix. This was the day when Lewis Hamilton would win the title. Unfortunately it was not to be. He had to retire from the race and Kimi Raikkonen won and Alonso came in second.

There has been some confusion on my blog in the comments department what such a result would mean...in terms of colours on bottoms and such. It is quite simple. I had hoped for Hamilton to win which had meant that I got to give Felicia six of the best with the riding crop. That is simple and straight forward. That did not happen, however. This means that Felicia got to whack Miranda's bottom as much as she desired.

Can you imagine her smug face as Hamilton retired? 'You know what this means,' she said, as if I had any doubts. She was actually chuckling as she told me that this would teach me not to expect too much of a race and be too dependent on strangers.

We watched the race early in the morning so it was not even ten o'clock as Miranda prepared herself for her ordeal. We had watched the race in bed (lucky us, having a tv set in the bedroom...giggles), which means that Miranda was still dressed for sleeping. And dressed for sleeping (here comes a confession) means not dressed at all.

So while Felicia donned her dressing gown poor Miranda didn't don anything as she went and got the hairbrush. I am not too concerned about being naked in the presence of my own stunner girl (and the cat of course) but being naked getting a hairbrush knowing that it will soon be used on my very naked bottom is another kind of nakedness.

I had soon other things to think about besides my state of undress. Felicia was very mean. She said that she had almost wished for Hamilton to win the race, she thought that he deserved it but now, as things are with the bet and everything, she was very sad to have to spank me. I bet she was!! She enjoys it!

She can be very thorough, my Felicia, when she is in that mood. She took her time. This does not mean that there were any lenience in the application of said hairbrush to poor Miranda's backside. I know it wasn't an hour but it, sure, felt like that. She smacked and smacked and stopped for a while, checking out the distribution of rosy glow on my bottom. If she found any uneven distribution she soon applied the brush to rectify the error.

Your mind changes when you lie there and get your bottom smacked. It is a kind of autopilot who takes over. There is just you and your bottom and you don't think about much else. Maybe it is because I let her do it that I can accept it without any anger. I am still in some sort of control.

Anyway, I got dressed and made some breakfast with my bottom still stinging from the lost bet. I so hope that Hamilton will win the title. We have decided on something special for that occasion. I will tell you more later.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Sloppy Miranda

I got a little carried away by the things that happened Friday night so I forgot to report about this Sunday. Lewis Hamilton won the Japanese Grand Prix. Miranda is chuffed. He has a lead of twelve points over Fernando Alonso now. It is still not settled but he has a chance of winning the whole season now. A rookie that goes on to win it all. It would be so brilliant.

You know about our bet? A Hamilton win means six of the best for Felicia. And to be honest I think she needed them. The thing is that last time Hamilton lost we were both so angry with Alonso so I didn't get my spanking. This means that I couldn't possibly give it to Felicia now. It wouldn't be fair. We were both a little disappointed but it wasn't right.

So it was a spankless Sunday. Still we had scones with clotted cream and raspberry preserve. This treat diminished our frustration somewhat.

This week has been a good week so far. Yesterday Felicia chased me through the flat with a wooden spoon in her hand that she wanted to 'try out'. Out flat is far too small for a good chase so soon Miranda was caught and spoon was tried out. I do have to admit it is a good implement, for its purpose, I mean.

Anyway, Chinese Grand Prix is on this Sunday and this time there will be no lenience. I can assure you that whoever wins, there will be at least one sore bottom.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Back On Track?

Imagine that! We were having a night out, in a pub (sort of). Come Friday and Felicia and Miranda made themselves ready for a night out with some friends. It was really a long time since something similar happened and I am actually surprised that Felicia had time for something that frivolous.

Anyway, we were preparing and dressing up. The cat was angry because she couldn't come but Miranda was actually quite happy and in a very silly mood, trying out dresses and things. Anyway, I decided to take my black dress. It is, kind of daring of me to choose that one. It is quite tight and quite short and, although there is no cleavage, or anything like that, it is quite...revealing.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that I took my high heels to that but no, that would not be Miranda, would it?. Instead she choose her new silver ballerinas from Primark, for four quid, cheap but pretty. Strange combination, I know, but I didn't care.

Felicia was dressed in a very pretty orange dress, almost the colour of her hair. I know you say that people have red hair but it is more orange, really. Her dress was short too and very sexy, I can assure you.

At the bar (pub, place) I felt very sexy. Not that I think anyone noticed, most girls being far more revealing and provocative than your Miranda. If you ever been out a Friday night in UK you know the wonderful British sense of style that people show. Sorry, I will not start sounding dismissive. I will concentrate on myself.

We sat there at a table, having some bitters and some wine, talking and having a good time with our friends (mostly Felicia's colleagues but never mind!). Then Felicia said she was going to wash her hands and with her eyes indicated that I should follow.

One great thing with being together with a girl is that you can both go to the ladies room together. Feeling a little sexy and looking at my very gorgeous stunner my mind wandered off and thought that, perhaps, we could manage something there and then. That is not really our usual style but after a pint or so even boring Miranda becomes a little daring.

I was, really, quite excited when Felicia dragged me into the disabled toilet (no room for two in an ordinary one unless you want to be very intimate...which I wouldn't mind really). She did kiss me and her hands were a little adventurous but it soon turned out that she had something else in mind.

With a grin she produced my hairbrush. She had kept it hidden in her handbag. Even in my adventurous mood I was a little shocked. Anyway, Felicia's hands made it clear that she wanted Miranda's skirt out of the way. I tried to stare at her and look serious but somehow I couldn't stop giggling.

So up went my skirt and soon - Miranda is still blushing - down my knickers. She didn't smack me for long but imagine my fear as I was thinking that someone may come into the room and hear us. It did sting and smart and my mind was really in turmoil. Knickers down, dress up, smacked bottom, lover's hands on naked skin, in a loo, with people outside in the pub. This is exciting stuff if your name is Tiny Unassuming Miranda.

We soon went back to our company and I am glad Felicia allowed me to pull up my knickers. Still I felt that it must show that my bottom was newly spanked. Our friends did notice that something had happened and laughed and giggled at us. They know us so they would expect something but I am quite sure that they didn't know that I was newly smacked.

Anyway, this is only to show that with some naughtiness a good friend can make an ordinary night in a pub to something, well, quite exciting. I was less inclined to sit and talk but rather desiring to go home with Felicia. Sitting there in that state and having to wait is not that bad, really. It definitely added something to the evening.