Friday, 26 October 2007

Miranda's Bottom

Well, yesterday it was time for Miranda to pay the price for losing the bet about Lewis Hamilton and winning the F1 series. Felicia had promised something special and special it was.

Yesterday morning, she told me it was to happen in the evening and the way she said it made me react strangely. If I know I am going to be spanked I am always a little nervous, butterflies in my tummy and all that. There was something in the way she said it that made me feel that this was, indeed, going to be special. You can imagine that Miranda was not that focussed on her books this day. She was thinking about her poor bottom.

It is not right to say that I was miserable. I was scared, that is right but I was also, quite thrilled. There is something that told me that I might just be in for something interesting.

I came home and was waiting for Felicia and the tension just grew and grew. I almost wanted her to come home and get over with it. It was like waiting at the dentist or something. You know you will survive but it is still quite scary.

At last she came home and looked immensely pleased with herself. I cooked for her and we had dinner but I wasn't really there. I could only think of what was to come.

I washed the dishes and then went into our living room. Felicia was waiting and I knew it was time. I felt really strange for being that nervous about it. Felicia wanted it to be special, I could tell.

In our household it is quite often no ceremonies, it is just skirt up, knickers down and then smack, smack, smack. Sometimes Felicia makes a thing of having me kneel and slowly takes down my knickers to make me really aware of the moment. In a strange way, I kind of like that. Building up tension can be nice at times.

This was different. As I entered the living room Felicia asked me if I was ready. As if she ever asks that! It was almost said in a formal way. It made me, sort of, tense and I could only nod in reply.

Then she had me take my clothes off. That is unusual. Not the she enjoys getting me naked in different and not seldom embarrassing situations but to have me strip naked in the living room before a spanking was out of the ordinary.

Miranda obeyed...of course. So there I was, naked and very embarrassed. Even if you are with the love of your life, who is quite used to being with your naked body it was very embarrassing standing there naked. Then she had me get the implements.

Like in some spanking story I, still naked, had to go and get the hairbrush, the belt and the riding crop. This was bad. Doing this quite humiliating task of fetching the implements that are to be used on you is quite horrible but doing it in the nude shall I put it, quite overwhelming.

She started with the hairbrush. It is a formidable thingy and in the hands of an expert it can be quite painful. This time she was nice to me. She had me lie in her lap, which was both humbling and a little exciting. And then she smacked me with moderate force. I felt it but I could cope. This was, actually quite nice of her to allow me to get used to it. Warm me up, so to speak. She finished this part off with some vigour, though, so Miranda was quite affected when she rose from her position to kneel on the chair.

Now it began in earnest. The belt is quite bad if you are in that mood and she was. She really gave it to me. She smacked me and I was almost on the brink of not coping when she stopped and let me compose myself. Then she gave me some licks more and the same thing happened again. It is a strange sensation of being in her hands, like that. I am almost cracking up and panicking because the pain is too much but then she stops. She knows me well. Still there is this knowledge that she could push me a little further, provoke me to lose control.

Anyway, I was quite affected when she was done with the belt and my bottom was, really smarting. I imagined it would glow in the dark. There was still one more thing to come, the riding crop.

Six of the best was not enough but three times six of the best. Poor Miranda was a little scared then but she was very obedient and very determined.

The riding crop stung. It really did and she laid it on with some force. This was the highlight of the evening. I was crying when she was done and I didn't care if I was looking silly.

Felicia told me how brave I was and she hugged me and held me close. I was brave and I had taken my punishment. I had lost the bet and I had paid the price and I was proud.

A red haired stunner like Felicia would not be who she is if she would be unaffected by holding a very naked Miranda in her arms. One thing led to another and we ended up in our very lovely bed. And soon it was not only Miranda who was naked but this is not the kind of blog to go into details regarding this. I can only tell you that it was a very nice ending to the evening. I can also tell you that my bottom is still smarting today.


Dove said...

Oh dear, there is something both humiliating and delcious about having to go get the implements nude. Hope your bottom is sitable.


Jim said...

Talk about the Full Monty---you got the Full Felicia, Miranda!

Anonymous said...

well gamblers never win .just what woud you have done if you had won the bet? xxxxx

Miranda said...

Dove, thank you for your concern. My bottom is shaping up quite well...smiles.

Jim, thank you, you could say that. I like that way of expressing it.

Anonymous, I do hate bets, really, this was an exception. Had Hamilton made it, I would have been allowed to give Felicia six of the best. That was the deal.