Monday, 1 October 2007

Back On Track?

Imagine that! We were having a night out, in a pub (sort of). Come Friday and Felicia and Miranda made themselves ready for a night out with some friends. It was really a long time since something similar happened and I am actually surprised that Felicia had time for something that frivolous.

Anyway, we were preparing and dressing up. The cat was angry because she couldn't come but Miranda was actually quite happy and in a very silly mood, trying out dresses and things. Anyway, I decided to take my black dress. It is, kind of daring of me to choose that one. It is quite tight and quite short and, although there is no cleavage, or anything like that, it is quite...revealing.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that I took my high heels to that but no, that would not be Miranda, would it?. Instead she choose her new silver ballerinas from Primark, for four quid, cheap but pretty. Strange combination, I know, but I didn't care.

Felicia was dressed in a very pretty orange dress, almost the colour of her hair. I know you say that people have red hair but it is more orange, really. Her dress was short too and very sexy, I can assure you.

At the bar (pub, place) I felt very sexy. Not that I think anyone noticed, most girls being far more revealing and provocative than your Miranda. If you ever been out a Friday night in UK you know the wonderful British sense of style that people show. Sorry, I will not start sounding dismissive. I will concentrate on myself.

We sat there at a table, having some bitters and some wine, talking and having a good time with our friends (mostly Felicia's colleagues but never mind!). Then Felicia said she was going to wash her hands and with her eyes indicated that I should follow.

One great thing with being together with a girl is that you can both go to the ladies room together. Feeling a little sexy and looking at my very gorgeous stunner my mind wandered off and thought that, perhaps, we could manage something there and then. That is not really our usual style but after a pint or so even boring Miranda becomes a little daring.

I was, really, quite excited when Felicia dragged me into the disabled toilet (no room for two in an ordinary one unless you want to be very intimate...which I wouldn't mind really). She did kiss me and her hands were a little adventurous but it soon turned out that she had something else in mind.

With a grin she produced my hairbrush. She had kept it hidden in her handbag. Even in my adventurous mood I was a little shocked. Anyway, Felicia's hands made it clear that she wanted Miranda's skirt out of the way. I tried to stare at her and look serious but somehow I couldn't stop giggling.

So up went my skirt and soon - Miranda is still blushing - down my knickers. She didn't smack me for long but imagine my fear as I was thinking that someone may come into the room and hear us. It did sting and smart and my mind was really in turmoil. Knickers down, dress up, smacked bottom, lover's hands on naked skin, in a loo, with people outside in the pub. This is exciting stuff if your name is Tiny Unassuming Miranda.

We soon went back to our company and I am glad Felicia allowed me to pull up my knickers. Still I felt that it must show that my bottom was newly spanked. Our friends did notice that something had happened and laughed and giggled at us. They know us so they would expect something but I am quite sure that they didn't know that I was newly smacked.

Anyway, this is only to show that with some naughtiness a good friend can make an ordinary night in a pub to something, well, quite exciting. I was less inclined to sit and talk but rather desiring to go home with Felicia. Sitting there in that state and having to wait is not that bad, really. It definitely added something to the evening.

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