Friday, 28 September 2007

Lucky Me!!

Felicia came home yesterday in a very strange mood. She was given food. I tend to do that when she is stressed out. Makes her happier on the whole. Come to think of it, she is very much like Bananas (the cat), in that sense. Maybe I am living with two individuals who appreciate me most for my ability to feed them. I do hope that Felicia, at least, can see some other qualities in me.

Anyway, she looked at me with something that can only be described as a vicious smile and said that she wanted to spank someone.

'Ask the cat,' I said and thought that she would appreciate my wit.

She didn't really, and promptly told me the cat was too small and furry. She wanted to spank something smooth and vibrating.

Those of you who have read my blog gets that the last remark refers to something Felicia said in one of her few entries in this blog.

Her desire was clear enough so Miranda had to volunteer her smooth and vibrating backside to her friend. Well, it was not vibrating at that moment in time but Felicia soon made it vibrate and wriggle to her hearts desire.

Well, you know the drill, skirt up, knickers down, over the knee, hairbrush in hand and then smack, smack. It is amazing how you seem to forget how it feels to be smacked like that. It always comes as a surprise to me that it really hurts.

We where giggling like school kids afterwards and we knew then that this had been long overdue. I am not sure the spanking as such was the thing but that we did something together, with each other. I do love my very own stunner and her stinging hairbrush.


Jim said...

We, your readers, are lucky too, Miranda. Your blog is a constant delight!

Dave said...

I agree completely that this blog is 'a constant delight.' And I love your sense of humor and charm as well. a 'vibrating' and 'wriggling' bottom? Absolutely lovely.

Keep up the great blogging and writing,

Miranda said...

A constant delight, those are words I will keep close to my heart. Thank you, lovely readers, for...well, reading. Sense of humour and charm don't sound that bad, either. I blush.