Thursday, 18 October 2007

Red Hair Gets a Smacking

Sorry for taking so much time with my blogging. Miranda has been busy. But something quite funny happened yesterday, something I think you want to hear about.

Anyway, yesterday evening we both were in the bathroom (or whatever you prefer to call it). You know how girls can be, always go there in pairs. We are no exceptions. I was standing in front of the mirror making sense of my sorry excuse for hair and Felicia was, well, doing something else (and I don't mean anything interesting, something ordinary, like looking closely at her hair and wondering if it is time to cut it or do something interesting with know what girls are like...).

I don't know what happened but maybe Felicia dropped something in the bathtub. I know only that when I turned to her I found her leaning forward with her head in the tub. This means, as you may understand, that she was turning her backside towards me.

Felicia is a small girl, narrow hips and delicate limbs and all that but from that angle, her bottom became a very prominent feature of her anatomy. And it is a very lovely bottom, my favourite, really. At this very moment it was clad only in white knickers. Felicia was wearing a green top but from that angle I saw only her knickerclad bottom.

You don't have to be a spanko to realise what went through Naughty Miranda's head. The fact that she was holding a hairbrush in her hand didn't make those thoughts any less prominent. You could say that there was action without too much thinking.

So, I took a firm hold with my arm around Felicia's waist and landed the hairbrush on her bottom. It was as simple as that. Felicia was a little surprised, that has to be admitted, but she soon realised what was happening. I had during that time managed to get a few stinging blows in.

Felicia wasn't really chuffed and there was a struggle. I had a good grip so I managed to hold her down and continued smacking her.

I don't think she became any happier with me when I pulled down her knickers and continued smacking her bare bottom. Red hair girls are quite pale and the colour when smacked is very cute. Felicia's bottom is not very big but from that angle it was very interesting to watch. And Miranda found a strange pleasure in relentlessly smacking her very dearest friend in this way.

I have to say that Tiny Miranda is not called that because she looks like one of Uranus' moons. No, it is because she is very tiny. Felicia is stronger so she could have struggled free if she really wanted. She didn't. She struggled but somehow she let me defeat her and she let me spank her. I think that was very sweet, a token of love.

Anyway, she smiled afterwards but there was something in that smile that told me that maybe soon, Miranda's bottom would get a treatment with that brush. It hasn't happened yet but I am quite thrilled.


Jim said...

What a delghtful story! I admire your handiness, with that hairbrush, Miranda!

My condolences to spanked Felicia ( I am looking forward to reading of your scorching revenge!).

Anonymous said...

Curtseygirl says: Good for you Miranda, it seems as though Felicia wasn't too upset by it all if she allowed you to finish your job. Red hair also got a good smacking in my last story, but what became of Miss DiProspero in park? All limbs and digits crossed for Lewis on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you want to spank someone often, then you've to allow them to turn the tables once in a while - its only fair...

Glad you enjoyed your moment. Hope you have even more fun when she gets her own back with thar hairbrush!



Dove said...

Miranda, you are the naughty one and I have no doubt Felicia will give better than she got the next time you are bent over. I would 'watch my back' if I were you.

Uranus' moons *giggle* yes I had thought of putting it that way.


Miranda said...

Thanks Jim, living with an expert pays off...smiles.

Curtseygirl, no, she is very kind and indulges me from time to time...smiles. Hm, that reference to Miss DiProspero, is that something clever I am too stupid to get? And yes, me and my bottom have our fingers crossed ( is that possible?).

Fair is the right word and it was fun, Erik. Read my next post for the continuation!

Dove, 'watch my back'...giggles. And try to say Uranus out loud and try different pronunciations! Chuckles!!