Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Racing Disaster

Did you watch the Brazilian Grand Prix this Sunday? What a disaster!! A disastrous weekend on the whole but some of them were expected. No one really believed the rugby team would beat South Africa. They tried (pun not intended) and did their best but weren't good enough...sigh.

But the Brazilian Grand Prix was a double disaster. Not only did not Lewis Hamilton win the race, which means a very smacked bottom for poor Miranda. In addition to this he didn't ever win the whole series. I haven't told you before but this means something very bad. Yes, you have guessed it, a smacking of Miranda's bottom. And a serious one.

The first one, for not winning the race I was given that evening. Skirt up, knickers down and smack, smack, smack, as they say. A spanking is always a spanking and a spanking hurts. I wouldn't be the Miranda who blogs about this if I didn't enjoy being smacked but there is, still, no getting away from it. A spanking hurts.

Felicia did a good job and I felt it still on the Monday. I am ok now but I have still one to go. Felicia told me it will be something extraordinary since it is about the whole series. And she didn't even say when. Poor Miranda is a little scared now...scared but a little excited too.


Jim said...

My commiserations to you and everyone who were drenched in such disappointment at Lewis's misfortune. I say cheer up! There will be another day (that's the British way).

Interesting that you are Lewis's spanking girl! I suppose his seat needs to very comfortable--no smarting and squirming---as he takes the corners!

Bob said...

Miranda, the first thing I thought of when I read of Lewis Hamilton's fate was your bottom. Which actually I find a more exciting thing to think of than motor racing.

Looking forward to reading about your bottom's eventual, more serious fate, though of course mixed with sympathy.

Anonymous said...

surves you right

Dove said...

Oh, Miranda I would almost feel sorry for you if not for that last comment about being excited!


Miranda said...

Jim, thank you for your concern. Without out doubt this bet made watching the races become quite charged. Lewis' spanking girl, sounds very nice, important in a way. I wish he knew...sigh.

Bob, imagine that! My bottom makes F1 more interesting. I will tell my red haired stunner that.

Anonymous, thank you for your concern.

Dove, you are only too kind. If it wasn't exciting it would be horrible. I am weird, I know, but so are you who read this blog...giggles.