Monday, 20 June 2011


Hello, dear friends. It is summer and despite the lack of sunshine it is a good time. A time for short skirts and no tights, and some warmth in your body and wanting to be touched and the general sweetness of being around and being with someone.

I know there are at least some of you patient enough to still check this blog. I just wanted to tell you that now comes the time when we are not so much at home and I will not be able to blog very much. Not that I blog very much anyway, but it may be some time before there will be a new post here, but I will be back. And hopefully, there is something to tell about how mean a certain redhaired woman has been to my bottom or so. Take care and don't forget to be kind to yourselves and each other.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Naughty Hamilton, naughty, naughty Hamilton. Not only did he not get on the podium, he got himself knocked out of the race, altogether, almost taking Jenson Button with him.

This called for extra punishment of Miranda. I couldn't really argue against it. I actually let Felicia have her way completely.

She was in a good mood. She told me to get the bath brush and the riding crop(!) and then wait in the living room. This was enough to make my heart sink. But that was not enough for her. When she said wait in the living room, she meant, go into the living room, take off all your clothes, and then sit and wait with the dreaded tools.

So, kind and obedient Miranda got the terrible thingies and went into the living room, took all of her clothes off and sat in the sofa waiting. Felicia was in no hurry. She had me sitting there for quite some time.

Truth to be told, it's not just dreadful, it is also, kind of, exciting.

Anyway, when it was time she came in and took the bath brush. She had me lie in the sofa, on a pile of cushions and then she smacked me. When a red haired and very mean woman stands beside you, armed with a bath brush, and you lie there in the sofa, with your bottom on display, and very, very naked, you feel a kind of exposure, that you are at her mercy.

Standing by my side like that, meant she got a good swing. It hurt, I can tell you. She told me she enjoyed the sound and actually aimed at different parts of my increasingly hot bottom only to listen to the sound.

So, still naked, and thoroughly spanked, she told me, there was time for punishing me for the extreme naughtiness of Lewis Hamilton.

I had to climb the chair and stick my sore bottom out and Felicia took aim with the riding crop.

She likes the riding crop, it has a very special sound when it swoops through the air. She likes the sound of it hitting my tender skin, too.

My bottom was really red and very affected afterwards, a little darker in places. It was almost so much that she felt a little bad about it. I still felt it the day after, I can assure you, and the day after that.

The good thing with being spanked by the love of your life, is that it is very easy to take care of any kind of other hotness that may occur.