Friday, 25 April 2008

Being Busy

So, Miranda will be busy next week, visiting friends and family and that sort of thing. She will not blog as much as usual so you have to wait for a while. But she will be back.

Anyway, while you think about that I can tell you that friend Fiona, really, did visit us. She arrived on Tuesday and stayed the night and we had a great time. We went to the pub, had a pint or two and then home. I had hopes that red haired girlfriend would treat us both but as it turned out it was Tiny Miranda who treated Fiona.

Anyway, Fiona is a red head, like my own stunner so you would have expected her to be leaning more towards dishing out the spankings rather than receiving them. How silly is it to say something like that? As if the colour of your hair makes any difference? Miranda is silly and someone should really spank her for being prejudiced like that!

Anyway, I spanked Fiona. She is very sweet and very beautiful and very red haired and sexy. Giggles, it was a pleasure smacking her bottom. She has a nice round and firm bottom. It seems to be made for smacking. I used the hairbrush and my hand on her.

I think I can become a spanker. I am beginning to realise the pleasure of smacking a bottom like that. Fiona was quite happy being smacked as well, although she made quite a fuss of it at first, but that was part of the game. And it had nothing to do with those pints we had, no, not at all...smiles.

Anyway, a very unspanked Miranda went to bed on Tuesday night but she was quite happy anyway. Fiona is such a great friend and I really wish she could visit more often...sigh.

I am off to bed now and tomorrow I am off to see my parents. Have fun and be kind to each other and spank only those who want to be spanked! While I am away you can enjoy yourself by looking at the picture above of two very Naked Lesbians...chuckles.

Monday, 21 April 2008


I am sorry that it took me so long to get back to our blog. Time flies and I have been busy, nothing fun but still busy. And you should blame Felicia for this too. She has not been good at keeping me in line lately. She should really use my hairbrush to make me realise how sloppy I am...sigh.

I know we don't really do this discipline and punishment thing, even if I have one rule now, and that is not to speak badly about myself. I said I was sloppy, I wonder if that counts. No, spanking in our household is mostly for fun and now I miss having fun. Friend Fiona is coming to visit tomorrow and perhaps Felicia will stay home then and take care of us...smiles.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that this ropes business, I wrote about in my last blog post, is also about having fun. I am, on the whole, a very nice and obedient girl but I am only obedient to my Felicia and I don't need to be tied down to be obedient. No binding me is just for fun and for me to feel a little helpless...smiles.

I am silly, I write about being obedient. I am not, really. Felicia is not my mistress or anything of the kind. She is the one who decides things around here but that is just because I let her. And she is the one who does the spankings and that is also because I let her. And it is because I trust her with my life I let her rule and spank and do all sorts of things to me. It is all about trust...and love.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


So, there is not much action going on at home for the moment, so Miranda has time to think about naughty things. One thing she has been thinking of lately is ropes. So, we are more into spanking, right, but that doesn't exclude ropes. I do have a lot of fantasies regarding ropes and things of that kind.

And it is not unheard of that my friend has tied me with ropes. It is a very strange experience, I can tell you. First you start thinking about the fact that your nose is itching and you can't do anything about it (provided you have, for example, your hands tied behind your back). I, at least, become very frustrated by that. You start to fight the bonds and your frustration grows as your pathetic struggle is met with evil laughter. But you know this is part of the game.

Then there comes a point where I give up. If I can't reach my nose I can't do anything about it. So, there I am, bound. Something odd happens with you then. At least I become very aware of the fact that I am no longer in control. I accept being bound and relax, knowing that I will have to wait.

I start to feel safe. This is an interesting point in the whole being tied up thing. Because part of the game is that my dear friend, who is the one who put the ropes on me, will do things to me that makes me regret handing over the control. It shouldn't be too much, I can't handle completely losing control but the odd tickling and the disrespectful squeezing of bosom and even the odd pinching the nipples actually works in favour of some sort of sense of having lost control. And believe me, if you are as depraved as I am, then you enjoy that.

This takes me to the issue of clothing. Ropes more than spanking for me is play time and this would suggest that some of your, or rather my, clothes will disappear. A clever binder (is that a word?) will have thought about this before getting down to tying up a friend. There is nothing that contributes to that delicious sense of helplessness than being undressed while bound.

This rules out shirts and t-shirts and that sort of things. You can't get them off your body without untying hands. Bad idea! If I hadn't hated tube tops as much as I do, that would have been an option. Bikini tops are good, if they are of the kind with ties. Halter neck tops can be removed easily.

It is a little easier with trousers and knickers in the sense that you are still quite unable to defend yourself with hands bound although your feet are still free. Skirts are no problem at all. If you want to tie the feet first then trousers are out and ordinary knickers too. One thing that can be good is tie side bikini bottoms. No problem there.

Alright, this is boring but I couldn't miss an opportunity to write about knickers.

So, naughty Miranda is now thinking about being properly dressed and then tied up by her red haired friend and then teased a little and that sort of thing and then being cruelly stripped leaving her poor body open for all sorts of abuse (or should I say use?).

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Sore Bottom

Yeah, right! So, Lewis Hamilton didn't win, he didn't even score a point. And my bottom was shaping up just fine.

Well, so there was some spanking, Sunday afternoon. Not too bad, a little, smack, smack with the hairbrush and that was all. Felicia can be very kind.

Now, when I sit here on my own, red haired stunner busy with work, work work, then I almost miss the attention my bottom got on Sunday.

I have to go now, Bananas wants food. And she is too small to spank me...sigh.

Thursday, 3 April 2008


Felicia has her own ideas about what is fun. Yesterday was one of those days when we met up after work and went for some shopping. You know how I hate shopping but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do...or whatever. I found this lovely striped top in a shop with lots of people in it. The top turned out to cling a little too tightly in my opinion but Felicia liked it – on me.

Never mind, we were standing in queue for that top and just when it was my turn Felicia whispered in my ear. She said something like:

'Let's go home, I am going to spank you so you can't sit down for a week.'

Then she giggled.

A girl may be forgiven for losing her focus in a situation like that. I was very confused when I paid for my top and I think I blushed as we walked home. I so wonder what the girl behind the counter was thinking.

Felicia doesn't say such things unless she means it so directly after dinner she started. Miranda found herself, once again in the knee of her friend, skirt up and knickers down and being smacked on her bottom with the hairbrush.

Felicia kept on for a while. It is strange what happens to your mind when you lie there. It does hurt and I keep thinking: 'I don't like this,' but there is some other part of my mind that kicks in and sort of keeps me there. This is the thing we do and Felicia is now spanking her Miranda and Miranda is not going to make a fuss. That sort of thing. But I can tell you, it is hard to lie there and get smacked for such a long time.

And she wasn't done when she stopped smacking poor Miranda's bottom. No, she had her take off the rest of her clothes and kneel on a chair. I think Felicia has watched too many pictures on the Web. I can understand the need to take off the skirt when kneeling like that, it falls down and gets in the way but the top, that is just...I don't know.

So there was a very naked me getting smacked with the leather belt and that on a very sore bottom. One thing I have thought of is that if you have a big bottom you have more bottom to smack and that would be better for you. If you are, like me, equipped with a rather small one there is not so much bottom to spread out the smacks over. The attention becomes more concentrated one might say. This is kind of unfair.

She was right in one thing, at least. I didn't want to sit on my bottom after she was done with me. We'll see how long this soreness will last but I can tell you that I can still feel it today.

'Any particular reason?' I asked her afterwards.

She just smiled and replied:

'So you don't forget me.'

As if!