Tuesday, 15 April 2008


So, there is not much action going on at home for the moment, so Miranda has time to think about naughty things. One thing she has been thinking of lately is ropes. So, we are more into spanking, right, but that doesn't exclude ropes. I do have a lot of fantasies regarding ropes and things of that kind.

And it is not unheard of that my friend has tied me with ropes. It is a very strange experience, I can tell you. First you start thinking about the fact that your nose is itching and you can't do anything about it (provided you have, for example, your hands tied behind your back). I, at least, become very frustrated by that. You start to fight the bonds and your frustration grows as your pathetic struggle is met with evil laughter. But you know this is part of the game.

Then there comes a point where I give up. If I can't reach my nose I can't do anything about it. So, there I am, bound. Something odd happens with you then. At least I become very aware of the fact that I am no longer in control. I accept being bound and relax, knowing that I will have to wait.

I start to feel safe. This is an interesting point in the whole being tied up thing. Because part of the game is that my dear friend, who is the one who put the ropes on me, will do things to me that makes me regret handing over the control. It shouldn't be too much, I can't handle completely losing control but the odd tickling and the disrespectful squeezing of bosom and even the odd pinching the nipples actually works in favour of some sort of sense of having lost control. And believe me, if you are as depraved as I am, then you enjoy that.

This takes me to the issue of clothing. Ropes more than spanking for me is play time and this would suggest that some of your, or rather my, clothes will disappear. A clever binder (is that a word?) will have thought about this before getting down to tying up a friend. There is nothing that contributes to that delicious sense of helplessness than being undressed while bound.

This rules out shirts and t-shirts and that sort of things. You can't get them off your body without untying hands. Bad idea! If I hadn't hated tube tops as much as I do, that would have been an option. Bikini tops are good, if they are of the kind with ties. Halter neck tops can be removed easily.

It is a little easier with trousers and knickers in the sense that you are still quite unable to defend yourself with hands bound although your feet are still free. Skirts are no problem at all. If you want to tie the feet first then trousers are out and ordinary knickers too. One thing that can be good is tie side bikini bottoms. No problem there.

Alright, this is boring but I couldn't miss an opportunity to write about knickers.

So, naughty Miranda is now thinking about being properly dressed and then tied up by her red haired friend and then teased a little and that sort of thing and then being cruelly stripped leaving her poor body open for all sorts of abuse (or should I say use?).


Anonymous said...

String bikinis would work perfectly for this scenario, but there is much fun in getting a friend naked in the first place. You could make that part an erotic game leading up to the binding part.

Mmm yummy. Nice pic. *winks*


Anonymous said...

I'm not into ropes, at all---real submission is always voluntary!

I had an horrible dream this morning: Richard Dawkins was dressed as a schoolmaster. A schoolboy kneeling on a desk was the target of Dawkins' cane, which was swishing, ferociously, across the lad's trouser seat. So far so good, you might say. However, Dawkins suddenly moved in front of the boy and began caning him across the chest. Then I could see that the boy could not get away because he was held fast by ropes.

Miranda said...

Dear Mina, clothes off before or after, that is how you feel for the moment. It is kind of nice to be a little helpless when it happens so sometimes it is nice if it is not the first thing. And I was just thinking that you should be prepared so that you don't find yourself tied up and dressed in clothes that are not really suitable for what you had in mind...smiles.

Dear Jim, I am not in ropes that often either...chuckles. Well, I am not sure, really, if it is for anything else than fun...but I do enjoy the sensation, when I get over the frustration. But love and trust are essential. I so wonder what Dawkins did in your dream, perhaps he was delusional...hehe.



Anonymous said...
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