Friday, 25 April 2008

Being Busy

So, Miranda will be busy next week, visiting friends and family and that sort of thing. She will not blog as much as usual so you have to wait for a while. But she will be back.

Anyway, while you think about that I can tell you that friend Fiona, really, did visit us. She arrived on Tuesday and stayed the night and we had a great time. We went to the pub, had a pint or two and then home. I had hopes that red haired girlfriend would treat us both but as it turned out it was Tiny Miranda who treated Fiona.

Anyway, Fiona is a red head, like my own stunner so you would have expected her to be leaning more towards dishing out the spankings rather than receiving them. How silly is it to say something like that? As if the colour of your hair makes any difference? Miranda is silly and someone should really spank her for being prejudiced like that!

Anyway, I spanked Fiona. She is very sweet and very beautiful and very red haired and sexy. Giggles, it was a pleasure smacking her bottom. She has a nice round and firm bottom. It seems to be made for smacking. I used the hairbrush and my hand on her.

I think I can become a spanker. I am beginning to realise the pleasure of smacking a bottom like that. Fiona was quite happy being smacked as well, although she made quite a fuss of it at first, but that was part of the game. And it had nothing to do with those pints we had, no, not at all...smiles.

Anyway, a very unspanked Miranda went to bed on Tuesday night but she was quite happy anyway. Fiona is such a great friend and I really wish she could visit more often...sigh.

I am off to bed now and tomorrow I am off to see my parents. Have fun and be kind to each other and spank only those who want to be spanked! While I am away you can enjoy yourself by looking at the picture above of two very Naked Lesbians...chuckles.


wilhelmina said...

Your time with Fiona sounds just lovely and I am sure you would be a fine spanker. With all the spankings you get you have plenty of experience behind you, so to speak. *grins*

Have a lovely time visiting your parents.


Anonymous said...

CMH: I hope being with your parents has meant that the repercussions of the F1 have been delayed for you. There is no such luck for me: Kimi wins and Mark is fifth which means that Lewis doesn't win. David comes distant.

It was another six with the hairbrush over the arm of the sofa for me.

Good luck in Turkey.

Love to Tiny Miranda and Stunning Felicia,

Catherine Margaret House.

Miranda said...

Dear Mina, 'experience behind you' that is a brilliant one...giggles. I think I am getting better and that is for sure...smiles.

Dear Catherine, delayed is the word...sigh. Poor you and poor me...sigh. Take care!