Monday, 31 March 2008


Celebrate with me! This is my 100th blog post. I can't treat you to champagne or anything else, really, but you can do as I do, dance around shouting on top of your lungs to celebrate. Or anything else if you prefer that. At least if you want to celebrate.

Anyway, you know this image people have of lesbian couples, that kind of butch-femme thing, where one is a short haired very male woman and the other one is extremely feminine. The reality is very different, I can tell you. I do love skirts, that is true but very feminine, I am sure some would not think so. And Felicia is far from being very manly. There is no doubt about who is wearing the trousers in our household but she is not like that at all. And I know how silly this is but I couldn't resist it. She wears the trousers although she often wears a dress...chuckles.

This leads to the rest of this blog. When I said she wears the trousers I sort of meant that there is no doubt who is in charge. She made this very clear yesterday. I can tell you that the heading on the last blog post would be quite suitable for this one too.

I stayed at home yesterday. Sunday is a typical stay at home day. Felicia was not at home, she had to work on her research...hmpf!! So it was just me and Bananas and although she is lovely she isn't very useful in conversations.

Around three o'clock Felicia called on the phone and I could tell she was in a very peculiar mood. I don't know why but maybe she was fed up with her work or having to work on a Sunday or something. Anyway, she asked how I was and chatted for a bit. Then she, out of the blue, told me to take all my clothes off. Just like that. I don't know what I said but something along the lines of 'don't be silly!' or 'why on earth should I do that?' She was persistent and Miranda knows when her friend is in commanding mood.

Yes, Miranda stripped off her clothes, there and then and continued talking over the phone. No, there was no silly phone sex thing that followed. She told me to go on with cleaning the flat (as if I had even started) but I was not to put my clothes back on. She told me to make dinner too (as if she needed to tell me, I always cook for us when she is away like that). Then she said she wasn't to come home for at least two hours.

It's not that bad being naked in your own flat, really, but when you are cleaning and preparing a dinner it feels a little more strange. And there is this dread that someone will call at the door and you will have to decide whether to disobey your friend or open the door in the nude.

It puts you in a certain mood, I can tell you, cleaning your flat in the buff. Makes you think all sorts of strange thoughts, like you are this meek and naked servant or even a slave or something like that.

Miranda was, as you can imagine, in a very strange mood when red haired girlfriend came home, not two, but three hours later. And if you manage to forget or disregard being naked while you are alone, the enthusiastic smile on partner's face makes you very aware.

I cooked for her but was not allowed any clothings. She sat down in front of the telly like some sheik of the harem and let me do all the work. She even entered the kitchen while I was busy doing something very important cooking and 'accidentally' happened to put her hands on her meek servant.

So Miranda's mood was even stranger as she sat down to eat. It was not easy, really, to concentrate on the food. All sorts of strange thoughts entered her head.

I know what you think! You think that Felicia got out her hairbrush and smacked Miranda's bottom. No such luck. No spanking this evening. But no clothes either for Miranda. And girlfriend's hands had easy access to her and that was both frustrating and very nice.

We had a very nice time later on, I can tell you, though

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Naked Lesbian

Alright, I know my blog has been a little preoccupied with Lewis Hamilton and Formula 1 racing. I will come back to it but there is no race for more than a week so I have to talk about something else. I am not going to apologise for writing about Lewis Hamilton, he can't help being gorgeous.

And he can't help being a man. I wonder, really, why there are no women race drivers? I think it is about time for one to come forward.

You may wonder about the heading of this post. Thing is that I have been called that; 'the naked lesbian.' I find this both hilarious and a little wrong. I am not naked all the time. Although it happens and then, perhaps, the expression is right?

I am ranting. This is because I don't know what to write. There is no race, no breaking of rules that calls for smackings of bottoms. Work is normal, girlfriend is busy – as usual.

And you know that busy Felicia means less time for spontaneous outbursts of smacking activities in our household...sigh. I am not, I repeat, NOT, thinking of spankings all the time. Just one of those things that pops up all the my head.

So, while I try to figure out something remotely interesting to say about what happens in the life of red haired stunner and her naked lesbian friend I will post a lovely picture of a belly button.

Is there anything nicer than a belly button? I think it is the loveliest part of a girl. At least one of the loveliest parts...blushes. Never mind. Look at the nice picture and do something nice! Sun is out today and soon there will be spring and I can go out with skirt and no tights.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

1 - 1

I know, I know...Hamilton didn't win the Malaysian Grand Prix, he finished fifth. We all know what that means. Or to be clear. Me and my girlfriend, the lovely Felicia, have a bet which says that whenever Lewis Hamilton wins a F1 race I get to give her six of the best with implement of my choosing and if he doesn't win, then Felicia gets to whack Miranda's bottom as long as she wants and with what implement she chooses.

Nothing in the bet says anything about knickers but it is assumed, as of last week, that knickers may be removed on the request of the winner of the bet.

Sunday morning, we both dragged ourselves from the bed and stumbled into out living room to fall down in the sofa to watch the race. I knew the chances of Hamilton winning were slim but a girl is allowed to hope...isn't she?

I don't know what was worst, the thought of my upcoming spanking that seemed to be more and more inevitable the longer the race continued or my giggling girlfriend. She really enjoyed this.

Race lost and Miranda was to be smacked. Felicia decided that Miranda was to be smacked immediately. I should have been more grateful for that but at that very moment my thoughts were elsewhere. Anyway, Miranda had to kneel in the sofa and red haired girlfriend eagerly pulled down her pyjama bottom.

It has to be said that Felicia was merciful. She decided to only give me six of the best and with her very own bath brush. I don't know if she was trying to prove a point but there I was, bare bottomed waiting for the brush.

Six of her best is really good...or bad, depending on your perspective. I can tell you it hurt, she has a knack for this, she manages to get some kind of extra sting with each delivery. Miranda's bottom was on fire when the over was over.

I don't know what it is with dirty minded red haired girls but red shining bottoms seem to inspire them. Felicia insisted on treating my bottom with lotion. A girl has to put up with a lot...sigh.

And I can tell you she is very sloppy when it comes to applying the lotion. She missed her target and her hands were all over the place (read, my bottom!). Instead of cooling Miranda down she managed to increase the heat.

Well, it comes a point in those circumstances when a girl doesn't regret having her pyjama bottom around her knees any more. So, despite the disastrous outcome of the race, it turned out to be a rather nice morning.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Red Cheeks

Oh, dear! Another race on Sunday and Hamilton will win and Felicia will get another six of the best. But I will have to tell you that this bet does not prevent my dear friend from smacking Miranda's bottom. Far from it. In fact, I got quite a dose of the hairbrush yesterday.

It was an ordinary evening and I think Felicia thought that it had been long enough for Miranda without a spanking so she got the hairbrush and I couldn't say no. You know me.

Felicia is not a vengeful girl so you should not think she was getting back at me for winning our racing bet, last Sunday. I think she just felt for it.

So, there I was, over her knee, knickers down and got myself a real good spanking. She does have a knack for this. Not that she always smacks hard but she has a certain flair in her action. Anyway, it didn't take long for Miranda to feel a certain discomfort. Not that it stopped her dear friend Felicia from smacking away at her bottom.

To be honest, it was quite a lengthy spanking and my bottom was, well, quite hot afterwards. I even shed some tears and when I do that, it means the spanking has been a good one.

She gave me a great big hug, afterwards, the sweetest and softest hug imaginable and I felt, there and then, that it had been a very long time (not for hugs but for spankings). I said she spanked me just because she felt for it, truth is, I think I felt for it too.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Merry Melbourne

We heard it on the radio, already in the morning. Hamilton won the Australian Grand Prix. You know why this may cheer me up so. Felicia was not as chuffed as I was, I can tell you.

Anyway, she suggested we should get it over with as soon as possible but I suggested we should wait until we had watched the race on tv in the afternoon. Felicia had to accept that...grins.

So we sat there and watched the race and saw Hamilton dominate the day from the start till the finish. A great driver, that is what he is and Miranda was pleased she had backed the right horse, if you allow me the expression.

After the race it was time for six of the best for Felicia. I scampered off to get the bathbrush. And to be true, Felicia looked a little concerned when I returned. I almost felt sorry for her. Note that I said 'almost!'

Felicia was quite meek as she knelt on the chair, the dear old chair. This chair has seen Miranda kneel many times to receive some bad spankings. This time it was Felicia's turn.

Felicia pointed out that there was nothing in the bet that said that she had to receive her dose on the bare but Miranda was persistent. She insisted and at last, Felicia, admitted defeat and down came her trousers and down came her knickers.

That bathbrush can really pack a punch. I could see she should I put it...affected. Miranda almost felt mean. She refused to give in to that weakness and embraced the joy of it.

Felicia got her six and when I was done I could see a certain change in colour in her bottom. Six of the best is not that many, one may say but they were fun.

Anyway, there is nothing that would stop Felicia from smacking my bottom everyday this week. That is not part of the bet but she had the decency to avoid any Miranda's bottom smacking Sunday evening.

There is another race on for next weekend, Malaysian Grand Prix. The bet is still on. I am looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Formula One Challenge

Now it is here again, the new season of fast cars, gorgeous drivers and interesting challenges. If any of you by any chance have read my blog you know what the challenge is.

To explain for the one not in the know: Miranda is a fan of Lewis Hamilton, the gorgeous new racing driver. Well, he isn't new any more but he was, last year. Miranda wants Hamilton to win and he almost did last year.

But what is the challenge? To make things more exciting, Miranda and her red haired stunner girlfriend decided that there is a ongoing bet. This means that if Miranda's favourite racing driver doesn't win her friend, Felicia, gets to spank Miranda. Not that Felicia need any excuse to spank me but the bet is like that. In addition to this, and now it is getting exciting, if Lewis Hamilton wins a race, then Miranda gets to smack Felicia's bottom. And this year it will be six of the best with the new bath brush.

We are both looking forward to the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on Sunday. And you can be sure that there will be a very sore red haired girl this weekend because Lewis Hamilton will win.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


England is very cold now. I don't like that. I am cold and miserable. The library is cold and nothing is very much fun. I know what you are thinking; that some bottom warming would be in place but that kind of warmth is no good.

I don't even know if it is very cold, just that it should be more of spring now and that I am tired of winter. I want it to be spring and summer.

When it is warm you can go with skirts and not tights and you don't have to wear a jacket and a scarf. Miranda enjoys summer. I like that, makes me feel happy and naughty.

There is a very special feeling in going out in a skirt without tights for the first time in the year. You fret a lot, imagining it being too cold and too unpleasant but when you finally decide to do it you feel very naked and very embarrassed. But that kind of embarrassment is rather nice. You feel like you are being a little naughty, being a little naked in public but all covered up with a skirt.

And if you are brave you can even take a short skirt. You will not find Miranda in those really tiny skirts that looks like very broad belts, rather than proper skirts. But the kind that go to mid thigh and a little shorter have been seen on said Miranda.

I am being silly now but I am tired of winter and I want it to be spring, real spring with nice and warm weather. Gets you in the mood for spankings, don't you think?