Wednesday, 5 March 2008


England is very cold now. I don't like that. I am cold and miserable. The library is cold and nothing is very much fun. I know what you are thinking; that some bottom warming would be in place but that kind of warmth is no good.

I don't even know if it is very cold, just that it should be more of spring now and that I am tired of winter. I want it to be spring and summer.

When it is warm you can go with skirts and not tights and you don't have to wear a jacket and a scarf. Miranda enjoys summer. I like that, makes me feel happy and naughty.

There is a very special feeling in going out in a skirt without tights for the first time in the year. You fret a lot, imagining it being too cold and too unpleasant but when you finally decide to do it you feel very naked and very embarrassed. But that kind of embarrassment is rather nice. You feel like you are being a little naughty, being a little naked in public but all covered up with a skirt.

And if you are brave you can even take a short skirt. You will not find Miranda in those really tiny skirts that looks like very broad belts, rather than proper skirts. But the kind that go to mid thigh and a little shorter have been seen on said Miranda.

I am being silly now but I am tired of winter and I want it to be spring, real spring with nice and warm weather. Gets you in the mood for spankings, don't you think?


Jim said...

When bluebells tinkle in their woodland ranking, then's the time for outdoor spankings.

Anonymous said...

Bring on spring!!!! Cheer up, it will be beautiful before you know it and then all things will be better.

S. in Dallas

p.s. We had snow in Dallas on Monday!!

Anonymous said...

CMH: You are already going out without tights? You are a very brave girl Miranda but we already knew that. Have a lovely weekend with Felicia and Bananas, but please dress warmly.

Catherine. xxx

Anonymous said...

Never fear Miranda Spring is coming. I know this because today I saw acorns on the ground and the leaves down under are starting to turn as Autumn approaches. We are now winding down to winter so you are definitely heading to the Sun.


Miranda said...

Dear Jim,

When your skirt is up, your bottom bare
you hope that no one stands and stare
Is bad rhyming a spankable offence?

Dear S. in Dallas, no snow where I live but very windy. Let's hope for a nice spring...smiles.

Dear Catherine, don't worry, I wouldn't dream of leaving home without tights this time of year. I didn't actually said I did, just longing for the time when you can do that.

Dear Mina, I am looking forward to spring, very much so. Hope your winter Down Under is not too bad.



Anonymous said...

CMH: Thank you for clearning that up for me Miranda because it has been horrible weather in the Home Counties this week hasn't it. I imagine your tights will be coming down on Sunday after the F1 goes to Coulthard, Webber and THEN Hamilton. Be a brave girl!

Please come soon summer.

Catie. xxx

Miranda said...

Dear Catie, nope, Miranda's tights are intact and there will be some time before they come off...unless mean, redhaired flatmate and dearest decides otherwise. What can an obedient girl do...sigh?



Anonymous said...
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